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GGS Learners’ Achievement at 26th Sub-Junior National Netball Championship

The 26th Sub-Junior National Netball Championship Boys and Girls was held on 18th September at the Sports Complex at Bhatha, Surat in which the Gujarat team clinched victory by beating Daman and Diu. The boys’ team won the match by 12 to 3 and the girls’ team by 9 to 1.

Due to the current pandemic, the championship is being held in different states and places to maintain social distance and proper COVID protocol.

The Gujarat boys’ team was led by Mann Patel (Grade-10th) of Gajera Global School.

It must be noted that 7 boys & 3 girls of Gajera Global School played & selected for the National level. The players from Gajera Global School are Meet Patel (Grade-10th), Jemil Vaghela (Grade-10th), Het Jivani (Grade-11th), Tirth Akbari (Grade-9th), Om Sutariya (Grade-9th) and Heet Agheera (Grade-9th). The learners of Gajera Global School played a major role in the victory.

In the girls’ team Raksha Bhargav (Grade-11th), Sumaiya Arab (Grade-10th), Navya Gohil (Grade-9th) played for the Gujarat team.

Mrs. Shweta Parihar, the principal, congratulated the GGS team and coach, Mr. Dhaval Chauhan, on their accomplishment.

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