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28th Founder's Day Celebration

From an Acorn to an Oak

It was 2013. Someone went to an office, signed a few documents and a new entity was born, just as inconspicuously as any other entity. We named it Smt Shantabhen Haribhai Gajera Trust. When we planted the seed, we didn't know that we'd grow into the mammoth organization we've become today. At the moment we are a family of more than fifty-thousand members and that is our happiness, our pride and achievement.

Today we celebrate this day together as Founder’s Day and we compliment everyone who's been a part of our journey. We thank all who have been associated with us as learners, as educators, as guides and also as well-wishers. We thank those who have made our mission and vision a reality.

What warms our hearts is the overwhelming support and cooperation we’ve had in the past few months when the global pandemic threatened to uproot education and jeopardize the future of our children. Near and dear ones left us. Fear gripped us with its cold fingers. Immobility and confinement became the rule. Instead of giving hugs, we were forced to keep distance.

Yet, with everyone's support, we were able to maintain continuity of education. We showed that only our bodies were confined, not the minds. In fact, we went global with international speakers interacting with our learners. We spread one happiness around the world. We didn't let it come between our children and their education.

In that we've succeeded. Together with education, we ramped up our charity efforts seeing to it that no one suffers due to lack of medical care and attention. We did whatever god generously bestowed on us and are indeed humbled by the love everyone showed us.

On Founder’s Day today, we recall all these beautiful times we’ve been together. We believe, our journey will help us scale bigger heights in the future. We invite all our family members to take a resolve to stay strong and healthy for the sake of our well-being.

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