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A Day Amidst Nature

A one-kilometer diversion on the upscale Surat-Dumas Road from the bustling airport transports you to another universe. A big lake, surrounded by the concrete jungle and the hustle-bustle of residential colonies, sits on around seven hectares of land, surrounded on all sides by bushy trees and plants. Welcome to Gavier Lake, a lone wetland in the city and most likely in Gujarat, and a gem of vibrant biodiversity with flora and fauna.

The Gravier lake is now home to about 130 species of birds, 69 butterflies, 26 reptiles, 7 amphibian species, 74 spider species, and 70 insect species.

Learners of Gajera Global School visited the lake on 4th December 2021, an excursion as part of the sensitization of young learners to the need for the conservation of nature. Learners made a report of the visit and researched the migratory birds and the species of animals that have made it a home for themselves. Learners were fascinated by the presence of the large variety of flora and fauna so close to the city. They were able to handle the various binoculars and spotting scopes used for bird-watching.

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