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A Rainbow of Vibrant Cultures @GGS

Though classes are online, learners of GGS couldn't be deterred from celebrating Uttarayan in a unique way today. Learners of 6th through 8th visited their juniors’ classes and showed them the significance of the festival in Indian culture.

They talked about the various traditions associated with the festival, one is them being kite flying. While kite flying has been a tradition among us, it has invited criticism for being dangerous for birds and bikers. Learners drew attention to this burning issue and educated the juniors about it. They showed them how to have fun responsibly.

Prep graders too had a nice time online as they were shown multicolour kites hung in the school's assembly. Their educators showed them how to play with kites safely as the thread and the frames can be sharp. They also learnt about a variety of food items eaten by various cultures in India during the festival. Apart from being a celebration of colours, it's also a celebration of diversity as Uttarayan is celebrated as magh bihu, lohri and maghi purnima in other parts of the country.

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