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Advertisement Enactment Competitions For Prep Learners.

The kindergarten classes were transformed into a tiny MBA school as young children donned costumes inspired by their favorite goods for cosplay. Many other products and services were promoted, such as Maggi noodles, hair oil, Amul, and experts like dentists and doctors. Some of them ran campaigns to limit plastic.

The aim of the game was to instill in children the confidence to speak up in front of others. Agoraphobia is one of the most pervasive phobias that affects everyone. One would rather go fight in a war than speak in public. But with these activities, Gajerians learn the art of public speaking at an early age, giving them the self-assurance to speak up when necessary. They give children an opportunity to experience a real-world situation without the high stakes. Through them, learners get the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills through a healthy competition with peers.

The competition also encouraged learners to let their creative juices flow. Many of them advertised the same product but with a different angle and story. It was their creativity that differentiated them from the competitors.

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