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Awesome Things You Can Do if You Know Coding

Awesome Things You Can Do if You Know Coding

Isn’t it a wonder that a few lines written in English can make a drone or a computer hover, swoop and summersault as you press the button on a small device you’re holding? How cool is that when you can control an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flying over the Sahara desert scattering rain while you’re sitting at your home fiddling with what looks like a joystick and your mom is angry with you for not studying.

Well, they are cool when one reaches that level of expertise in the field. That’s why GGS had introduced coding in its curriculum long before it was made mandatory by NEP 2020 last year. Our learners started experimenting with applications like scratch and the like. To delve deeper into the subject and to make learners realize the limitless possibilities of the field, a five-day online coding camp was organized by the school in collaboration with Robokart. Learners tinkered with codes on an online platform called and created various apps that can help one do sums, track COVID 19 infections, and learn a topic of interest. An exam app was also designed on the fourth day of the camp. The app can be used to send question papers and proctor a test taker, assuring a fair assessment. The quiz app also generated interest as it showed what happens in the backend of software. The calculator app evoked the most enthusiasm as it gave immediate feedback about the app designed.

With the kind of exposure our learners are given, we are certain that by the time they graduate, they will have made a few apps to make our lives easier and better.

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