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Blue Day Celebration

Gajera Global School, always thrives special emphasis on the holistic development of a learner right from the foundation level.We practice highly engaging activities at the pre-primary level to nurture the growth of a child on a strong foundation to bring sustainable learning experience. To celebrate the joy of colours we observe The Colour Day every month.The colour of the July month is 'Blue'.

Blue colour symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth. Prep learners celebrated 'Blue Day' with great enthusiasm.Learners wore the attires in different hues and tints of Blue.They also brought blue objects to learn and identify different shades of Blue.

Colours are indeed the smiles of nature….. The ‘Blue Day’ celebration was a wonderful learning activity reinforcing cognitive skills which helped children to sort and classify objects based on colours.

It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness.

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