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Career Counselling Session at GGS

The fast growth of science and technology coupled with the rising complexity of business and careers have made career planning more imperative than ever before. The earlier learners decide, the more the chances of achieving their aims. With this in mind, GGS invited Mr. Chetan Jariwala to guide learners about their career choice.

The counselling session was specifically organised for the learners of 9th and 10th as these years are the most crucial when they seal their fates as indelibly as lines on stone. Mr. Jariwala laid out an action plan and the various career options available to them

He stressed the importance of choosing a career compatible with their personality types and aptitudes. He said that personality tests are a great tool to assess and know oneself, but for this, a certain amount of self-knowledge is necessary.Another important factor is job

satisfaction because one would spend

eight to nine hours of their days in the job. This can make or mar one's career and happiness. Naturally, financial considerations should also be taken into account because that's what one prepares for the whole life. If these factors are considered carefully, one may land in a job or profession they love.

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