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Carol Singing Competition @GGS

The school corridors reverberated with the beatitude of carols as children praised the glory of Lord Jesus. The little angels in red and white sang their hearts out in a Carol Singing competition.

It saw an enthusiastic response as it went on for about two hours with children caroling Jesus and his greatness.

Judges Mr. Jakir Hussain Gadawala and Ms. Shweta Patel Music mentor of Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam were invited to adjudicate in the competition. Mr. Gadawala is a renowned instrumentalist who has done more than a thousand live shows while Ms. Shweta has also made her mark as a vocalist.

This is the first competition held offline after classes were resumed in November this year after COVID 19 restrictions were lifted. The competition was held exclusively for the learners of grades 1st through 5th. They were quite excited as they got to come together in person in a competition after a long gap. Three prizes were given in each category.

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