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Closing Ceremony: 2022 IIMUN Surat Chapter at Gajera Global School

The three-day IIMUN conference held at Gajera Global School from 22 April came to a close on 24 April with renowned educationists, politicians and experts from various experts in attendance. Hosted by Gajera Trust, the conference encouraged learners to take active interest in politics and the workings of the government.

The host expressed happiness for the fact that an event like this could be held after two long years of moratorium.

Resolutions adopted after two days of extensive deliberations by delegates would be presented to the relevant ministries and departments that have the wherewithal to take proactive actions.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Mrs Shweta Parihar of the host school Gajera Global School said that it is imperative for the young to be politically aware of they want to see the changes they want in the society. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi she said that we need to be the change, instead of waiting for the change.

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