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“Collaboration between parents and educators is the key to unlock a child’s potential.”

At Gajera Global School a Parent Educator Meeting (PEM) is organized every fourth Saturday of a month. It serves as a crucial platform for fostering effective communication and collaboration between parents and educators. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss a learner's progress, address concerns, and establish a strong support system for the child's education.

PEMs play a vital role in enhancing learner’s performance by creating a unified approach to education. Through PEMs, educators can share valuable insights into a learner's academic strengths and weaknesses, enabling parents to actively support their child's learning at home. Educators provided guidance on specific areas that require improvement, recommend resources, and suggest strategies for better academic outcomes.

One of the key advantages of PEMs is to bridge the communication gap between parents and educators. Regular face-to-face interactions allow parents to gain a deeper understanding of their child's educational journey, curriculum, and classroom environment. Similarly, educators can learn about a learner's home environment, personal challenges, and individual learning style. This mutual understanding promotes collaboration and helps tailor the educational approach to meet the learner's unique needs.

Ultimately, Gajera Global School thrives in continuous contribution to create a holistic educational experience that nurtures the learner's potential and promotes their long-term success.

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