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Court in Session

Learners of grades 8th through 10th of GGS were lucky enough to visit the Sessions Court while it was in session for a trial under the watchful eye of Honourable Judge Mr Vimal Keviya. Learners were able to see the actual witness box, how witnesses depose before the judge and how evidence is presented before the bench. Learners were allowed into the courtroom in batches to experience the feel a live trial.

The visit was arranged as part of the lesson included in the syllabus. Learners attended the court of Honorable Judge Mr Vimal Keviya who was presiding over a trial. The live experience gave our learners a first-hand and personal account of the workings of the court. After attending the court in session, learners had interactions with two criminal lawyers who have been practising since 1986. District Registrar Ms HB Patel showed learners how cases are filed and scheduled for trial before judges.

The visit complemented the lessons learnt inside the classroom as part of the curriculum. GGS organises trips like this regularly to give learners the ‘feel’ of the real world beyond the four walls of the classroom. In that respect, today’s visit more than served the purpose.

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