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Design Thinking Webinar @ GGS

What sets the creative from the others is the ability to find a problem. And they find problems because they are not happy with the way things are. They are in a constant search for a better way to do things. It is because of these creative people that the computer and the smartphone have become so ubiquitous and commonplace. It is because of these creative people that the products that we consume have become better and more user-friendly.

To show learners how design thinking can help young learners to become industry leaders and problem solvers, Sunny Kabrawala of Star Insight conducted a webinar for the learners of GGS today. Being an activity and interactive session, learners took an active part in the session and learnt about how their set perspectives prevent them from thinking creatively. The session threw light on how we may break these barriers to thinking and solve problems, be they business or personal ones. An insightful moment for the learners was when they learnt that artistic talent has nothing to do with creativity and innovation.

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