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Development Programmes for Educators @ GGS

Just as the body needs good food and rest, the brain too needs nutrition, and continuous too. It is just like any other muscle in the body. The more we work it out, the more it grows. For us educators, working out this important muscle is more of a necessity than choice because we shape the destiny of generations by showing them the path, by leading them on the right and bright way.

So for a few days, we too learnt and brushed up on our learning and learnt valuable insights from educator trainers for different subjects. Be it English, science, math and the social sciences, we sharpened our wits, learnt a few new tricks of the trade to make learning incidental and unobtrusive. We learnt how activities can make theory look like foreknowledge, how experiences and visualisation can help learners retain more of what is taught in the classroom. We also learnt how to focus more on equipping the learner with relevant skills than giving them knowledge and information. We learnt how to make their learning relevant for the society so that they never have to wonder as to why they have learnt a particular theory.

In essence, we refreshed our memories and developed a different perspective on how to tweak our ways for the betterment of the learner. We hope and believe that these different techniques will make learning even more pleasant for our learners. We cannot wait to put them into use in the new session.

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