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Dispel the Darkness

When Lord Rama returned from Lanka after defeating Ravana, the residents of Ayodhya celebrated his homecoming by lighting a hundred candles, symbolizing the advent of good fortune and happiness in their lives. This celebration later came to be known as Deepawali, which seeks to dispel darkness, literally and figuratively. It seeks to fight amavas, which is compared to misfortune in our culture.

This and many other interesting facts were shared by two learners today in the special assembly held as part of the pre-diwali celebration, while educators talked about the different traditions followed in different states of the country. They also explained how we can make Diwali more eco-friendly and sustainable.

In Gujarat, rangoli and kandli are integral parts of Diwali celebrations. At GGS too, learners and educators decorated the lobby with multicolored rangolis. It must be noted that all the rangolis were made of eco-friendly materials like flour, ground rice, and food colours. To make the celebrations more educative, learners of grades 6th through 12th made a presentation explaining to their younger brothers at school how to be safe while enjoying the festival.

Today all the educators of GGS celebrated diwali by giving away gifts to the support staff at school. We do this every diwali as a tradition and share One Happiness with all. The celebrations started with a cultural programme followed by lunch for all.

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