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Do Svidaniya 2021 (Goodbye 2021)

Finally, the year’s gone. Once again it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, making a new beginning, and rebuilding what’s broken. It is also a time for retrospection, a time to look back and see what we could have done better.

It is also a time for us to say spasibo because we are still in good health, along with our family. It’s time to thank those who turned day into night to find a vaccine to counter one of the greatest scourges of the century. Yes we thank them all and god too. For us as educationists, the year and the one before were drastic and wildly unusual because we were separated from our learners without whom teachers and educational institutes face an existential crisis.

Yes, the past couple of years were tough but we made it to this point where children are coming back to school, bringing light and happiness to the empty school building. There was some semblance of happiness and life at school as other activities went on in full swing. Biggest of all, we hosted a mega event in which about two hundred young children took part in the first ever GGS Inter-Society Knockout Cricket Tournament.

The playground came alive with shouts of children brightening up the evening sky. And today we said goodbye to all this, with a hope that the next one will be easier & happier for our children, our learners and our families. But one thing we’re sure of—we’ll sail through it come what may. Happy New Year.

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