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Doctor’s Day

From the cradle to the grave, there is one person whose expert hands take care of our bodies and encourage us with uplifting words. That person is like a priest who takes care of the temple we call the body. Whenever the temple is desecrated with germs, this expert handler purifies us with concoctions and chemicals known as medicines.

Yes, we’re talking about doctors and their contribution to our well-being and health. In honor and recognition of their priceless services, Gajera Global School celebrated National Doctor’s Day. Apart from recalling their contribution, we pay tribute to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who died on 1 July 1962. Today, we recalled how he helped the needy in times.

Doctors Prerna Gupta, a Dentist, Reena Prashant Vora (BHMS), and Harsha Shah joined us today and gave learners tips on keeping good health and a smart posture. They interacted with the learners and demonstrated how health can help them get good grades. Dr. Prerna Gupta has an experience of twelve years. She talked about how to maintain healthy teeth. Dr. Reena Vohra is a homeopathy practitioner while Dr. Harsha Shah is a practicing physiotherapist.

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