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Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Message From Trustee

" Educating the mind without Educating the heart is no education at all "

Education is a process by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet.

With immense pride and great pleasure, I welcome those few wise men who cherish excellence and are privy to success through novel means. We made a virtue of necessity right from the inception and our institutions have marched forward to spread the light of education and pave the path of academic excellence for every student.

Our school’s objective is to continue being recognized as a torchbearer of leading education methods and an institution that has students defining a future not only for them but for society as well. We have and will continually strive for brighter and more secure prospects for our children.

I believe that the right education helps in developing the right understanding, reasoning, and thinking skills. It also helps to instill a life-long appreciation for learning and foster a sense of moral and ethical behavior. We are committed to the philosophy that each student must have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential that enhances self-esteem and to become a successful part of a demanding and changing world. We all have fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness, generosity, humanity, and many other virtues hidden in the soul of a child.

The effort of every educator should be to unlock the hidden talent in the soul of a child to Educate, Enlighten and Empower. The marvelous performance every year in the past of our students speaks greatly of the excellent quality of education that is being imparted here in the Gajera Group of Schools. Along with imparting well-designed & thought-provoking education Gajera Group of Schools pays due attention to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of their students.

I also thank my prestigious staff without whom any success – big or small – would not be possible. I hope that our website and Blogs will touch hearts enough to uproot frozen mindsets and take a courageous step towards a new dimension of nurturing children with future global potential.

I am sure that our students will excel in every sphere of life and thereby making their parents, school, and the Nation proud.

Message From Principal

Gajera Global School is known for putting a strong emphasis on nature-based learning and green education. The school recognizes the positive impact that young people can have on society if they are adequately trained in this direction. In order to achieve this, the school ensures that all of its activities are nature-based, resulting in increased respect for nature and the environment. We went a step further this month by pledging to protect nature and keep it as pristine as possible by helping to reverse climate change.

We are happy to observe that learners have started taking active interest in the nature integration programmes launched by the school. This is a reflection that our effort are bearing fruit. We hope that a few year later we will see a greener, cooler and more beautiful earth.

The highlight of this month's newsletter is the school's cultural exchange programme, which is open to students in grades 6 through 11. The school's collaboration with Athena Ventures is hoped to point students in the right direction and encourage them to study and work in Korea.

This month's newsletter commemorates another significant milestone in Indian history: the country's Independence on the 15th of this month. After two years of celebrating it online, it was finally celebrated in the presence of Guests, Learners & Parents.

Janmashtami Celebration is another important festival in this part of the country, and the learners at the school prayed to Shree Krishna as well. The festivities came to a close with a garba performed by everyone present.

The installation of bird houses along the school's perimeter is another highlight of this month's newsletter. The dwellings were made using discarded household goods, wood, and other naturally accessible materials, and they can be a lifesaver for our bird companions during the rainy and reproductive season. I'm hoping they'll be useful to them.

Integrated Learning

Date- 1st August to 10th August, 2021

Quarterly Recapitulation for Pre-primary Learners

Purpose: Pre-primary learners put their heads together to look back and see how much they learnt during the first quarter of the current academic year. Creative assessments and activities were designed as part of the evaluation process.

The recapitulation was done to assess and evaluate learners’ progress through the first quarter of the current academic year. It was meant to find the learners’ strengths and help them improve in areas they need more effort.

Date- 17th August, 2021

Learning through Experiments

Purpose- To see an example of an image generated by a mirror, we merely need to go to the nearest mirror. But have we ever wondered about how they form? Learners of grades 10th learnt the way light behaves and the images they form.

As part of the school’s policy of learning by doing, learners of grades 10th had a hands on session on the behavior of images and their formation. They learnt about how reflection and refraction create an illusion of reality.

Date- 18th August, 2021

Learning He-She Group of words

Purpose: Is there a difference between masculine and feminine words in English? In English nouns, there is no distinction between masculine and feminine. However, when referring to people or animals, we sometimes use various words to denote gender.

Leaners of grade 1st discussed it and learnt how to distinguish between the two genders using He-She group of words through an interesting activity. The activity was a part of the regular curriculum in which they build their vocabulary.

Date- 21st August, 2021

Learning Shaping concepts in an integrated manner

Purpose: Students of the 3rd grade participated in an activity called "Build Your Own Shapes". The objective of the activity was to demonstrate and act out the concept of shapes.

Grade 3rd students participated in a "build your own shapes" project to enable them to comprehend the notion of shapes. They were able to learn the target concepts successfully by designing their own forms and comparing them to the target concepts.

Date- 24th August 2021

Installation of Bird Nesting Boxes @GGS

Purpose: Our mantra is reuse and recycle. In keeping with that learners of GGS installed bird houses along the perimeter of the school building to help birds find shelter for themselves and their families. "Installation of Bird Nesting Boxes" is the name we've given to this project.

Learners took part in the activity as part of the school’s nature integration programme. We make it a point to inculcate nature learning in all our pedagogical practice, activities and celebrations.

Life skill Classes @GGS

Purpose: Life Skills lessons are given on a regular basis to help learners develop confidence, self-reliance, and creativity. According to research, children who do chores like this can grow up to be successful adults.

In the Life Skills class, learners of grades 1st and 2nd learned how to make instant cake prepared by bread and cream with beautiful toppings & delectable coconut laddus. While those in grades 3 and 4 learned how to make healthy bean salads. The recipe and instructions were provided ahead of time, and they prepared the dishes without the assistance of adults.

Motor skill Classes @GGS

Purpose: To guide our learners adept in these skills, GGS regularly holds sessions on them. Activities such as pouring water into a container, drawing, colouring, buttoning jackets, and using scissors are regularly arranged to enhance fine motor skills.

A session called “How to Tie Your Shoelaces” & Button stitching has been held to assists learners improve their motor skills. Early childhood is when most children learn basic locomotion abilities like running, jumping, and skipping, as well as object control skills like throwing, catching, and kicking. As they run and jump, children continue to build their gross motor skills.

Inculcating Social & Moral Values

Date- 4th August, 2021

GGS Introduced Neeti Shloka on every Thursday

Purpose: Gajera Global School launched another year-long project for its learners’ overall well-being and mental health. Every Thursday, learners tune into universe through these healing sounds of Sanskrit. The recitation is followed by an explanation in English or Hindi, allowing listeners to ponder over the ideas for the rest of the day.

If incorporated into our daily routine, they produce a calming effect on our mind, helping us become more aware and relaxed. Besides, they have a healing effect on the body too.

Date- 9th August 2021

World Tribal Day Celebration

Purpose: Every year on August 9, the International Day of the World's Indigenous People is observed to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world's indigenous population.

This event also recognizes indigenous peoples' achievements and contributions to global issues such as environmental protection. It was proclaimed for the first time by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1994, on the anniversary of the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in 1982.

Learners of grades 6th through 11th observed World Tribal Day as part of the celebrations all around the world. They learnt about various cultures of indigenous people and how climate change is threatening their survival. A presentation was done on the occasion to imbibe in learners a sense of respect for these indigenous people.

Date- 12th August 2021

Panel Discussion on the occasion of International Youth Day

Purpose: The world is a better place because there are a few people who come up with imaginative solutions to our everyday problems. GGS strives to give its learners opportunities to connect with people who make a difference to make them think, ask and rise.

On the occasion of International Youth Day Learners of GGS had a rare opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. Sunny Kabrawala, TEDx speaker and founder of Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry. He discussed at length how finding solutions and creating value for the customer can lead to a profitable business.

Date- 15th August 2021

Independence Day Celebration for GGS Learners

Purpose- The observance was a part of the schedule to recall the greatness of our brave forefathers who realized their dream of independence to be enjoyed by posterity.

GGS celebrated the 75th Independence Day on 15th August to recall the sacrifice made by a brave men and women. After the customary flag hoisting a cultural show was held attended by chief guests present with us Mr. Nitin Gajera and Mrs. Rashmi Gajera Managing Trustee, Mr. Bhavesh Shah the District Secretary of Rotary International and Mrs. Sonal Shah, member of the Rotary Club, Dr. Avinash Sharma, MD at Civil Hospital, Mr. Girish Patel, retired deputy superintendent of police, Gujarat, and Mr. Chetan Patel, Senior Coach, Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG). GGS Parent Dr. Sachin Verma thanks the efforts of learners, educators and managing staff of Gajera Global School.

Date- 19th August 2021

World Photography Day Celebration

Purpose: World Photography Day is an annual global celebration of photography's art, craft, science, and history. The day was celebrated to create interest in learners for the photography.

On the occasion of World Photography Day, learners of grades 9th through 11th attended a workshop led by Mr. Vinit Sonje. They learned how to use position, light, and shadows to form a composite and aesthetic whole.

Date- 19th August 2021

World Humanitarian Day Celebration

Purpose: The global climate disaster is causing destruction on a scale that people on the front lines and in the humanitarian community are unable to cope with. For the world's most vulnerable people, those who have contributed the least to the global climate disaster but have been affected the worst, time is running short and the millions of others who have already lost their homes, livelihoods, and lives.

Learners of grades 1st through 11th sat together to discuss how they can be more sensitive towards communities that have been brought to the brink of extinction by adverse climate changes. By discussing their plight, GGS hoped to instill a sense of responsibility towards other humans.

Date- 21st August 2021

Onam Celebration for Grade I to V Learners.

Purpose: Onam is a harvest festival celebrated by the Malayalee population around the world as well as the state of Kerala in southern India. The 10-day celebration commemorates Mahabali's homecoming and the birth of Lord Vishnu's fifth incarnation, Vamana.

GGS learners celebrated Onam to spread the message of giving, sharing, loving and celebrating together. It also drew leaners’ attention to the cultural diversity of the country.

Date- 21st August 2021

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Purpose: The day was celebrated as an eco-friendly rakshabandhan to remind learners of the need to be more concerned about the environment and climate change. If the usage of plastic does not come down, we may be headed towards an apocalypse as imagined by environmentalists.

As part of the celebration, grade I to VIII learners made eco-friendly handmade rakhis under the guidance of the art mentor and tied them to plants. Additionally, they took pledge to protect Mother Nature.

Date- 22nd August 2021

World Sanskrit Day Celebration

Purpose: Sanskrit is widely regarded as one of the world's most beautiful languages. It is also the root language of many other languages, including Hindi, Assamese, Telugu, and Malayalam. However, because of its complexity, it has lost some of its former luster.

The Indian government has undertaken a number of efforts in order to restore the grandeur of a beautiful language like Sanskrit. As part of the efforts, GGS celebrated Sanskrit Day online where learners conducted the morning assembly in Sanskrit.

Date- 29th August 2021

National Sports Day Celebration

Purpose: The football match was played to celebrate National Sports Day, which honours the birth of hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

Dhyan Chand Singh was an Indian hockey player who competed in the Olympics three times, winning gold medals in 1928, 1932, and 1936. According to his book, 'Goals,' he scored 570 goals between 1926 and 1949.

On the occasion of National Sports Day GGS learners took part in a football play in the schoolyard. Learners of grades 9 through 11, were invited to participate in the match.

Date- 30th August 2021

Eco-Friendly Janmashtami Celebration

Purpose: Celebrations of festivals are a regular occurrence at GGS because we believe that learners should have a modern education with firm roots in their culture and heritage. We aspire to create a generation of modern yet traditional community.

Learners of GGS celebrated Janmashtami in a unique way by using only organic materials to design the entire stage, the statue, and the other ornamental material used for the celebration. Learners said prayers to Lord Krishna before garba, a traditional Gujarati dancing style. The festivities were capped off with the delivery of panchamrit, a five-ingredient prasad consisting of milk, curd, basil leaves, clarified butter, and honey. A special skit on Shree Krishna's birth was also prepared by learners of higher grades.

Online School Competitions & Celebrations

Date- 13th August 2021

Abhinay (Role Play) Competition

Purpose- The competition was held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the India's independence, which fell on August 15th this year.

Learners of Prep dressed up as their favourite freedom fighters to re-enact India's fight for independence for a competition called Abhinay (Role Play). They filmed the role play and submitted the entries of their act virtually.

Date- 18th August 2021

Design Your School’s Circle Competition

Purpose: The competition was conducted to encourage faculty and learners to participate in the school's history and legacy.

It promoted design thinking among its stakeholders, a talent that is increasingly important in today's environment.

GGS hosted a competition called Design the Circle, in which educators and students could construct their own school's circle, try their hand at architectural design, and show how their ideas were distinctive and unconventional. The Gajera Global Circle is a traffic roundabout on Gaurav Path in Pal to be designed by students and educators.

Date- 19th August 2021

Portfolio Making Competition - "Down Memory Lane"

Purpose: The competition was designed to help students build and revisit the wonderful experiences they had at home and at school. They will look back fondly on memories saved in this manner in the future.

GGS held a portfolio making competition called Down Memory Lane, in which learners of grades 6th through 11th were required to create a video about their successes, childhood experiences, and anything else that defined their personality.

Date- 24th August 2021

Making of Educational Game Competition

Purpose: The competition was created to encourage students to think creatively and imaginatively so that as adults, they would be expert problem solvers.

Learners in grades 1st through 5th competed in an educational game-making competition in which they gamified classroom learning. Gamification reduces the stress of learning, allowing students to learn faster and more effectively. To enter the competition, students uploaded footage of their games in action.

Virtual Educational Excursions

Date- 25th August 2021

Educational Excursion for Pre-primary Learners.

Purpose: Learners are regularly taken on educational excursions to have a firsthand understanding of the courses taught in the classroom.

Learners in the prep grades were taken on an online educational expedition where they studied about the path of food, including how it is farmed and delivered to our plates. They discussed the farm-to-kitchen process and discovered why food should not be wasted.

Date- 25th August 2021

Educational Excursion for Grade I to V Learners.

Purpose: The visit was aimed at showing learners how to harvest rain water to fight water scarcity. The eco-farm was a lesson on using minimal land to farm. They learnt how land is not a constraint for the inventive farmer.

Learners of grades 1st through 5th went on an educational excursion to an eco-farm to learn about rain water harvesting. They learnt in detail how to procure materials, design and install it to collect rain water for later use.

Workshops & Webinars

Date- 26th August 2021

A Webinar on Cultural Exchange Programme with South Korea @GGS

Purpose: GGS organized a webinar on a cultural exchange programme in collaboration with Athena Ventures to give our learners an exclusive overview of the career opportunities and educational facilities available in Korea. It was a part of the school’s efforts to give our learners international exposure.

The session was intended for the learners of grades 6th through 12th who are interested in going abroad to pursue their education. It introduced learners to Korean culture and environment which can help them become culturally more sensitive and understanding.

Learners' Corner

The Hallyu wave

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) refers to the global popularity of South Korea’s cultural economy exporting pop culture, entertainment, music, TV dramas and movies. Hallyu is a Chinese term which, when translated, literally means “Korean Wave”. From the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, South Korean TV dramas and popular music gained great popularity in Asian countries such as China and Japan.

As of November 2020, the Korean wave is led by K-pop with its stand-out acts such as BTS and Blackpink, followed by K-dramas. The Korean culture was widely known particularly after Psy's video for "Gangnam Style" went viral in 2012–13 and was the first YouTube video to reach over a billion views.

Hallyu has been a blessing for Korea, its businesses, culture and country image. Since early 1999, Hallyu has become one of the biggest cultural phenomena across Asia. The Hallyu effect has been tremendous, contributing to 0.2% of Korea’s GDP in 2004, amounting to approximately USD 1.87 billion. More recently in 2019, Hallyu had an estimated USD 12.3 billion boost on the Korean economy.

The success of the Korean wave is, in part, due to the development of social networking services and online video sharing platforms, which attracted the overseas audience. Many people who watch kdramas and kpop have been attracted to Korean fashion, style, food, cafes, clothing and places to visit.

The growth of the Korean Wave over the past 2 decades has been a fascinating one, and it is still unfolding. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how Korea continues to innovate and create quality content to maintain popularity of the Korean Wave and make a way through the heart of global audiences.

-By Saniya Sorathiya

Grade: 11th-Science

Taliban- A Mutated Variant Of The Same Disease

Initially what or who is Taliban and how did it become so powerful? It all started in the 1980s, when things between USA and the Soviet Union were not the best it could have been. At that time the Taliban was just a small Afghan Guerrilla force but it all changed when the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) started funding and supplying weapons to the Taliban so they could fight the Soviets from America’s front. In 1991 when the soviets left, a full-blown civil war started in the country for power. But Taliban emerged as the most power militia in this war and it started getting eyes from around the world, in 1996 the Taliban took over the capital and declared Afghanistan an Islamic emirate and started imposing their own interpretation of Islamic law.

Then in 2001 the 9/11 happened, the US was after Osama Bin Laden who was hiding out in Afghanistan with Taliban’s help and guess what happened next? The Americans invaded and pushed Taliban out of power and formed a new interim government under the presidency of Hamid Karzai.

While this was happening the Taliban regrouped and they wanted the foreigners out of the country which resulted in a conflict between the Taliban and the US Marines, by this time the US had already spent 1 trillion dollars more than the total GDP of Switzerland. But in the Biden administration US stated the total withdrawal of American troops would be completed by 9/11 2021. Due to which the Taliban is once again on the rise and took over the capital again and this time only in a span of 9 days.

Now, if in your brain the question arises why only Islamic organization? Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban then let me tell you about some other religious organizations made by some more stupid people, many Christian organization around the world still follow an anti-minority and anti-black ideology, in the Hindu religion Sati, Child marriage was still practiced until 1829 when it was abolished by Raja Rammohan Roy.

The disease I am talking about here is hate and stupidity. In every religion, organization or community there are going to be a small number of bad and stupid people and truth bad news always gets more attention than good news, I mean you legit don’t care if a billionaire donates half of his/her fortune to poor people but everyone cares when the same person gives the same amount of money to a terrorist organization.

Although I am only a student of class X but I think I know at least this much that no religion was ever created with hate in mind.

-By Sumit Kumar Anand

Grade: X

Educators' Corner

Educators Recreational Activity

"Fun with Fitness"

Purpose: The session is held every Saturday after the students have returned home. Educators take advantage of this time to relax and be themselves.

GGS has developed a Fun with Fitness programme for educators every Saturday to keep them energized and active. They engage in numerous recreational activities such as gaming and other activities after school hours.

Articles By Educators

The New Education Policy

The new National Education Policy appeared on 29 July 2020, subsequent to supplanting the current National Education Policy. The adjustment of schooling strategy is made after a hole of a sum of 34 years. In any case, the change was vital and the requirement for the time ought to have been made before.

The prior arrangement of instruction was fundamentally centered around learning and giving outcomes. This was a unidirectional way to deal with advancement. The new instruction strategy centers around the significance of a multi-disciplinary methodology. It focuses on all-round improvement of the understudy.

New training strategy pictures the development of another educational program and construction of instruction which will help the understudies at their various phases of learning. The change must be done in the current instruction framework to make schooling reach up to all, going from metropolitan to rustic regions. It will be towards meeting supportability by satisfying Goal 4-Quality Education.

The fundamental intention is causing a youngster to learn alongside turning into a gifted one, in whatever field they are intrigued. Along these lines, the students can sort out their point, and their capacities. The students are to be furnished with coordinated learning for example having the information on each discipline. The equivalent is relevant in advanced education as well.

The current schooling framework is the aftereffect of changes made in the current training strategy of 1986. It has been executed to cultivate the student and the country's turn of events. The new schooling strategy centers around the youngster's general turn of events. The arrangement is bound to accomplish its goal by 2030.

-By Ms. Monika Khattar

English Educator

Biodiversity: how our health and happiness depend on a thriving planet.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, a greater amount of us are seeing the assortment of creatures, trees, and blossoms in our back nurseries or nearby park - and how being in touch with nature can impact our joy.

This assortment of life is known as biodiversity and it's fundamental for our wellbeing and prosperity. We rely upon biodiversity in the regular world for the water we drink, the food we eat and the spotless air we relax.

Yet, reports show that it is declining at a phenomenal rate – and that this is probably going to prompt colossal monetary and wellbeing hazards. For instance, cultivating depends on honey bees and butterflies to fertilize plants, which make products of the soil. Losing pollinators will cost the UK horticultural area up to £700 million every year, and would truly influence the country's food supply.

My new exploration study takes a gander at the different ways plants, creatures, creepy crawlies and the microorganisms around us can, in a roundabout way, be valuable to human wellbeing.

The following are the three fundamental action items from my exploration.

Biodiversity is vital to our survival

Nearly 75% of all approved medical drugs come from nature and we rely on the biodiversity of plants and animals to find new medicines. To date only a small fraction of plants, animals and microbial organisms have been studied for their medicinal properties – meaning there could be a huge wealth of untapped potential out there.

But it isn’t just drugs and medicine, all the food we eat comes from the biological diversity of animals and plants — and the work of bees and butterflies that pollinate those plants. Much of the world’s fresh water is provided from forests. The diversity of organisms in forests also clean and filter water.

It additionally enables us recharge:

The pressures of daily life can stretch our capacity to address stress, awareness our attention and clear up troubles, which puts us vulnerable to being harassed and mentally unwell. but studies has proven that biodiverse environments can help us recharge. for example, human beings residing in neighborhoods with more birds record being less harassed. And a study which worried burdened humans looking at meadows proposing a variety of flora discovered that people were most relaxed when searching at meadows with at the least 32 one of a kind species of plant life, compared to just one species. every other look at, looked at the perspectives human beings have from their houses and located that people with views of plenty of different flowers, shrubs and timber had considerably lower ranges of cortisol – one of the primary strain hormones.

Habitat loss and the natural world change threaten this That stated, biodiversity also has the potential to harm us. Seasonal hypersensitive reactions, stinging nettles, ticks and viruses are all examples of the harmful aspect of the herbal global. but more of a situation is the fact that unsustainable control of biodiversity, via habitat loss or the natural world alternate, can growth the danger of interactions with animals that deliver infectious illnesses - and make future pandemics much more likely. This suggests the want for sustainable control of biodiversity – by retaining ecosystems or preventing illegal alternate in wildlife.

Given, then, that one million species are at risk of going extinct and the negative impact that biodiversity loss has on human wellbeing and health, it’s clear that action is required now. This is important because biodiversity loss is a global issue - and for real change to occur, solutions needs to implemented on a national and global scale.

-By Ms. Shivani Vaghasia

Pre-primary Educator

Parents' Corner

Date- 7th August 2021

First quarter review meeting with Focus-group parents

Purpose: The purpose of the Quarterly Reviews is to keep parents informed about the school's rules and future plans for its learners. Parents are one of the most important stakeholders, and their active participation is critical to a school's success.

On the 7th of this month, the principal of GGS met with parents to discuss the first quarter of the current assessment year's accomplishments. She talked to their parents about the school's academic plans and solicited their feedback, ideas, and suggestions.

Date- 28th August 2021

PEM-An Opportunity to share

Purpose: The PEM was held as part of the school’s policy of regularly informing parents about their wards’ and performance.

A Parent-teacher Meet was held at GGS on 28 August to inform parents of their wards’ performance.

An additional matter discussed in the PEM was the reopening of schools after the government’s consent. While students in Gujarat from grades 9 to 12 are already learning in a face-to-face environment, we invited parents of grades 6th to 8th to the PEM to inform them of the safety measures we have put in place. They discussed and compiled the results of their wards' Unit Test 1 performance.

Parents’ Feedback

GGS has done a great job of making learning fun and incidental. Their project-centric and competency-based approach has made learning interesting for learners of all grades. I appreciate their unique teaching-learning pedagogy.

Thank you team GGS.

-By Ms. Gauri Malekar

Mother of Divija Malekar (Grade-I)

Apart from keeping academics going on as usual despite the pandemic, GGS has seen to it that co-curricular activities also go on as usual. Our children now know how to edit videos, write books, publish them, and do presentations like a pro.

Heartly thanking the whole team of GGS for their valuable support.

-By Ms. Bansari Ribadia

Mother of Heer Ribadia (Grade-VI)


Winners at inter school Crack the Code Competition

On World Conservation Day, Gajera Global School held a competition called Crack the Code to encourage pupils to participate in the conservation effort. Learners were given a problem to solve in order to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. The puzzle's solution was an object that they used to make something environmentally friendly. They came up with a bunch of original and imaginative concepts.

Early environmental education is crucial. The earlier a child grasps the need of environmental preservation, the more mindful and informed decisions he will make as an adult.

The competition drew over 250 students, with Yatharth Bharambe of Laxmi International School taking top place for his cardboard dust bin. Jinal Vora, a fifth-grader who crafted a tree out of pistachio shells, finished second. Shahil Prasad, a grade 11 student at Laxmi International School in Sarigam, and Karnav Shroff, a grade 7th student at Gajera Global School, shared third place. While Shahil used cardboard to build a book shelf, Karnav used single-use plastic to create an eco-brick.

Good Reads

Blinded By Science

-By Thomas Dolby

Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories

-By Jeff Kinney


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