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Echo E-Newsletter (February 2022)

Message from Trustee

It’s more than learning. It’s about creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Education is the most powerful weapon one can possess for scaling the heights of tomorrow. It is in the hands of our young minds that we hand over the future of this world. Rest assured, with the best education and training, there is no obstacle they can’t overcome. Having narrated our ideology, we welcome you to the Gajera Group of School.

Our approach is not only to prepare top professionals but to craft a complete human being with a dynamic sense of belonging and responsibility in the realization of humanity, this realization is the ultimate goal of our journey. In this, I must add it is very much necessary to invigorate the inner soul of a child for the righteous cause so that he is able to adjudge the righteous path.

We provide a unique educational experience for children in elementary to senior secondary school by devoting all of our efforts to our strong mission, philosophy, and culture on a daily basis. As you will realize, our goal is to provide our diverse student body with exceptional education, instilling in young people a love of learning, the ability to think independently, and the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals. We offer an extraordinary academic and extracurricular program with high standards; we support each of our students as they work to reach the goals, we set for them. We always believe that for education to be engaging, it must be teamwork involving the child, parents, teachers, and society. We are fortunate to have come across responsive and encouraging parents, guardians, and well-wishers who through constructive criticism and goodwill have helped us to nurture the child. We are geared up to brave all the challenges of the 21st century and are abreast with the latest in technological innovation to enhance learning. We would continue our journey with constant support from each member of the effervescent Gajera family and society.

Message from Principal

A school, such as ours, is much more than a classroom. It's a way of life, a preparation for the life and learning that is to come in future. Every moment spent here includes countless amazing moments that will make us richer and worthier. As I sat down to compose the message for the Newsletter, a plethora of images and memories of the year flashed through me. We committed ourselves, as we do every year, to delivering the greatest possible experiences for the learners in our school.

Being a school devoted to a holistic development of the learner, a wide range of activities and programmes were held at school in February, the most notable of them being the Trustee’s meeting with learners and educators. For two consecutive days, she had an in-depth interaction with the children who poured their hearts out. The discussion ranged from stories of personal sacrifice and growth to NFTs and Web 3.0

Another highlight of the month was the publication of a science fiction novel called Tomorrowland: Beyond the Universe, written by our learners on Amazon. It is available for purchase on the website, while Kindle subscribers can read it for free

Moreover, the podcast that we started on Spotify in June 2020 has reached its thirty-third episode until now. On this series of podcasts, our learners take up an idiom and discuss it in detail on every episode published weekly.

Apart from these milestones, Annual Sports spanning two days was held at school for all the grades. Learners got to give vent to their high energy waiting to burst open. The competition and the fun gave them a much needed boost to their morale when schools resumed after a long break.

Last month we had another achievement we can gloat about— we hosted the Bal Pratibha Shodh competition 2021-22 under, #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav and #fitindia organised by the Government of India. The school premises brimmed with about three hundred learners from fifteen different schools. It was a rangbhumi of warriors fighting to prove themselves as the best. About four hundred footfalls were registered at the school that day.

Apart from these events, talk shows, extempore speech competitions, collage making activities, all went on as usual.

My thanks to the Editorial team for putting together this fantastic issue and allowing us to relive each of these memorable experiences. I hope you find it informative.

Inculcating Social & Moral Values

Vaccination Drive: 2nd dose

Learners of GGS were given the second dose of the covid vaccine today. The SMC organized the vaccination drive for the learners of the age group 15 to 18.

Nukkad Natak: Love Mother Nature

We have long been exploiting nature for our own benefit since time immemorial and she has been taking care of us. Now that the exploitation has gone so far, we'll need to take care of her in return. Now it's our turn. It has been our consistent effort that we rise up to the occasion. To spread awareness about the need to love nature back, our learners staged a nukkad natak on the day of the PEM. The title of the drama was Cut Me Not.

The skit was staged to raise awareness about nature and her needs and how we as thinking beings can help conserve and preserve her.

School Competitions & Celebrations

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day was observed at GGS today to educate learners of the safe being safe online and avoid stalkers and bullies. They were shown how to make strong passwords to keep their accounts safe from malicious hackers. The topics included phishing, which is another way of stealing personal information residing at the receiver’s device.

The session was organised as young children are increasingly exposed to smart devices and computers because of online learning. Knowing how to keep oneself safe in this backdrop has become essential for our children.

Pulses for Power: World Pulses Day @GGS

Learners of GGS celebrated World Pulses Day by discussing the significance of pulses in a vegetarian diet. Learners adopted nicknames for themselves with the names of the pulses and acted out their benefits and nutritional value, prevalence, and their ways of identification.

Every year on February 10th, the United Nations declares World Pulses Day. The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) established the day to highlight the importance of pulses (dry beans, lentils, dry peas, chickpeas, and lupins) as a global food. "Pulses to empower youth in attaining sustainable agri-food systems" is the subject for this year's World Pulses Day.

Vasant Panchami celebration @GGS

In keeping with the tradition at GGS, learners of GGS, particularly grade tenth graders, were blessed by the educators on the occasion of Vasant Panchmi. Learners paid obeisance to Goddess Saraswati on the occasion and offered prayers to the deity of wisdom and knowledge. Symbolizing the happy occasion and season, learners were dressed in yellow.

This ceremony is particularly performed for tenth graders every year in the hopes of better results. Educators at school talked about how Saraswati Puja is celebrated in their home states.

Kala Mahakumbh Competition 2021-22

The Kala Mahakumbh Competition was held under " Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav '' by Surat Municipal Corporation. At the Zone level, the learners of GGS took part under various categories and secured various positions. They qualified for the competition at the district level, which was held on 9th February 2022. The school won the 3rd prize in the fold dance category and the 2nd in group song. The competitions were held a the district level.

Mahanagar Palika Kaksha, Bal Pratibha Shodh competition 2021-22 under, #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav and #fitindia

The Gajera Global premises today brimmed with excitement and activity as the school hosted the bal pratibha spardha organised by the Surat Municipal Corporation. About three hundred learners from fifteen different schools visited the school to show their individual talents and skills. It was a ranghbhumi of warriors fighting to prove themselves as the best. Be it dance, music, elocution and drama, learners proved their mettle in all these various spardhas. About four hundred footfalls were registered at the school today. Have a look.

The Bal Pratibha competition was organized by the SMC. The competition is held every year. We hosted the event this year to give our learners exposure to the competition offered by other schools.

Annual Sports Meet for Grade 1 to 5

Learners of grades 1st to 5th tested their skills on the ground today in the Annual Sports Meet arranged for them. Races of different types, tug of war and obstacle courses were some of the games played in the meet.

An Annual Sport Meet is held every year by the end of the session to give learners a way to vent their pent up energy by jumping, running and chasing in the open field, in the warm sun. This year, it was particularly welcome for them as they had sports day after a span of 2 years.

Annual Sports Meet for Prep Learners

The prep graders too participated in the Annual Sports Meet arranged for them. Parents also attended the meet as it was held after two long years. They had not been able to gather due to the covid restrictions put in place.

Both parents and learners joined the meet with much enthusiasm. This year’s theme for the meet was Army fatigues. Medals and Certificates were given at the end of the event.

Speak Aloud: Advertisement Enacting Competition

The prep grades turned into a mini-MBA school when young children took part in a cosplay impersonating their favorite products. Maggi noodles, Amul and professionals like dentists and doctors were some of the products and services they advertised for.

The objective of the activity was to make children speak confidently in public. Agoraphobia is one of the most common fears that afflict us all. Activities like these are designed to help children deal with it at an early age and give them the courage to speak their minds when needed. Have a look.

Extempore Competition

An extempore competition was held for the learners of grades 9th through 11th. The topics ranged from social issues through information technology to the economy. Learners were given three options out of which they could select one to speak about.

The competition was held to give learners a much-needed exercise on public speaking and communication skills. The exercise forced them to think on their feet which is an essential interview skill.

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day was celebrated at GGS today to explain the fact that languages and multilingualism can facilitate inclusion, help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of leaving no one behind. In line with the theme “Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities,” learners demonstrated how technology can bring back and nurture a language.

The day was celebrated to make learners respectful and open-minded about the differences that exist between different cultures. They talked about the similarities and differences through dress rehearsals and exhibitions of cultural artefacts.

Indoor sport day for grade 6 to 8 learners

For the learners of grades 6th through 8th, an indoor sports meet was held at school. Chess, badminton, carrom and table tennis were the games played on the meet. The meet was held as a stress reliever. Learners had been hoping for an outlet to their energy as they had been attending classes online for two long years. It came as a welcome break for them.

Workshops and Webinars

Webinar on Spiritual Science

GGS invited Ms Kruti Vajir online for a session on self-awareness for our learners. Know thyself, as they say, is the foundation of understanding human nature and others. With this in mind, we organised this special session for our learners. She discussed how learners may fight stress and fear of any kind by calming their nerves. She demonstrated a few techniques that can be useful in mitigating daily stress.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Session @ GGS on the Occasion of World Cancer Day

Cancer is one of the scourges plaguing modern society. The entire medical community is engaged in battling it. With some awareness, it can be managed. To know how to manage it, GGS invited Ms Dr Purvi Patel, Consultant Obstetrician and gynecologist working in Surat. The session was intended for educators and parents of learners studying in the school.

Inspirational, Interactive Session with Trustee

Ms Kinjal Gajera

The seventh graders of GGS had an interactive season with Trustee Ms Kinjal Gajera. The topics of discussion veered from career to movies to hobbies and NFTs, the latest financial tool that is creating ripples all over the world. She shared her experience as a young woman who surprised everyone by disclosing how she worked as a diamond cutter, a server in Australia and a pizza delivery girl. Meetings between the Trustee and learners are regularly organized to offer learners a chance to speak their minds and exchange ideas. The trustee does it to encourage learners to communicate effectively.

Talk show with RJ Mihir @ GGS on World Radio Day

Learners of GGS met with RJ Mihir today when he attended the talk show hosted in the studio at our school. He talked about the flexibility and requirements of being in his profession. The talk show was held as part of our regular talk shows that are arranged at the school. Learners meet with industry professionals and leaders to discuss topics ranging from AI to aviation to agriculture.

Learner's Corner

Catch the Cat: A Game developed by Aditanan Bhagat of grade 6th

Aditanan Bhagat of grade 6th developed a game called Catch the Flying Cat using scratch programming. Learners of GGS work on projects like this from time to time to develop their IT skills. The project was undertaken to help learners familiarise themselves with the basics of coding. Seeing that AI is going to dominate the future, it is imperative that they learn coding at an early age.

Survey on Waste Management

Survey on Waste Management by GGS green leader Dhyan Kabrawala from Grade 3.

Inculcating Environmental Awareness among future citizens through Green Education is one of the prime visions of the school. In this process green leader of GGS, Dhyan Kabrawala had done a survey on waste management in his neighbourhood and interviewed Dr Ajit Bhatt Deputy health officer, Surat Municipal Corporation.

“Trees are the Lifeline”

Trees are a very important element of the earth. It can be said that trees are the lifeline of every living being because every living being, be it humans, animals, reptiles or any other organism; everyone is dependent on the trees. Trees are like the lungs of the earth. They are the assets that keep mother earth healthy. We get medicines, timber, wood, gum, fiber, rubber, latex, and so many other things from trees. They offer shadow and shelter not only to humans, but also give habitat to wildlife.

But nowadays, lots of trees are cut down and numbers of jungles are being cleaned just to fulfill the greed of human beings. As a result, there have been various threats that have affected the ecosystem and environment of the earth.

By observing all these issues and problems, We as learners should follow a few rules to save trees.

  • We can save trees from being cut down by using less paper.

  • Make space for reusable paper.

  • Use scrap paper for coloring, drawing, sketching, etc.

  • Use both sides of the paper.

  • Use cloth napkins.

  • Choose a reusable lunch box instead of a paper bag, complete with reusable containers, metal utensils, a cloth napkin and a reusable water bottle.

  • We can borrow the books from our elders, who had already read that book. We can even donate books in the library or to needy kids.

  • Do not present flower bouquets to your friends. Instead of that, give a potted plant and encourage them to grow plants.

  • Window boxes can be used to grow small flowering plants which also add to the beauty of your apartment.

  • It is our duty to plant more and more trees, and prevent trees from getting cut.

Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem and the survival of many living creatures depends on trees. We can engage ourselves in planting just one sapling and taking care of it. One tree, one learner can create a huge difference in saving our nature. If you see trees being cut down on the street, report them immediately to the concerned authorities.

-By Anwesha Anil Nirmal (Grade IV)

Educator's Corner

Web 3.0

Big tech's hegemony over internet use and control over personal data has prompted calls for the internet to be decentralised.

  • The third version of the internet, known as Web3, will be defined by open-source technology and will be trustless and permissionless, thanks to blockchain technology.

  • Web3 is still in its infancy, and there are many unanswered questions.

As the internet has grown in popularity, it has had a significant impact on our lives, influencing everything from what we read to what we buy, what we watch on TV, and how we interact. It appears to know all there is to know about us, including our likes and dislikes, friends, shopping patterns, even favourite cat videos.

This deep understanding could be construed in either a positive or negative light. Advertisements for things you didn't know you wanted and news stories you didn't know you wanted to read can be targeted at you. This customisation might be useful, but it can also be intrusive.

There are numerous issues about who has access to and management over this personal data. Big tech has been increasingly chastised for its usage and potential abuse of personal data, as well as their disproportionate influence over the internet due to their market dominance. As of 2019, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Meta (formerly Facebook), Netflix, Microsoft, and Apple account for 43 percent of all net traffic.

This hegemony is further more pronounced in their key categories, with Google owning about 87 percent of the worldwide search industry and Meta reaching 3.6 billion unique users across its four major platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram).

Taking back control of huge tech

Web3 is a new internet iteration that uses blockchain to "decentralise" management, limiting the power of large firms like Google and Meta and making it more democratic. It is defined by open-source software, is trustless (i.e., it does not require the assistance of a trusted third party), and is permissionless (it has no governing body).

The third iteration of the internet is referred to as Web3. The internet's original incarnation consisted of read-only, static web pages (view a BBC homepage from August 2000 as an example). Web 2.0 enabled users to engage with and create content, allowing for activities like social media, online banking, and shopping.

Web3 is a notion that has been around for over a decade, having been coined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood in 2014. The growth of blockchain technologies, rising NFT marketplaces, venture capital investments, and continued calls to reign in the dominance of big tech helped it gain traction in 2021.


Dipankar Basumatary (English Educator)

Parents' Corner

Secrets to Encourage Responsible Use of the Internet

Children are increasingly using the Internet for schoolwork, research, communicating through e-mail and live chat, and downloading information like music files and streamlining video. As technology progresses and children find even more need to use the Internet, parents must develop clear-cut and consistent rules while children are online.

Establishing these rules can be quite a challenge for many parents. Since most children over the age of 10 or 11 probably know more about the Internet than mom or dad, it's imperative that parents continue to absorb what's available to children and communicate and teach responsibility while spending time online.

Many parents want to rely solely on content filtering software or kid-safe Web sites, but many times this is just not enough. As children grow with the ever-changing online landscape, parents must make sure children are prepared to handle the content increasingly available to them.

Here are five secrets parents can use to encourage safe and responsible use of the Internet:

Place your family's computer in a room in the house that is centrally located and easy for parents to walk by to monitor or participate in what a child is viewing. It is recommended not to let a child have a computer in his/her room or behind closed doors. This will only contribute to a child's false sense of security while on-line and hinder parents' efforts to stay involved in what children are doing while using the computer.

Limit the amount of time a child spends on-line. Like any other activity, using the Internet should be done in moderation and not interfere with other healthy activities for children. Once a child chooses to spend time on-line rather than interacting with other children face-to-face, or his/her other interests seem to always come second to the computer, then it may be time to review with the child how important is to show moderation while enjoying the Internet.

Spend time with children online. Get involved with a child's interests on the Internet. If a child is chatting with friends, e-mailing jokes back and forth, or playing on-line games, a parent must keep up to date on the various goings on. Sit down next to the child and observe what they are using the computer for. Parents need to help children explore the vast resources of the Internet, and educate them (and themselves) on what the Internet has to offer. Surfing the Internet with a child or establishing a joint e-mail account between parent and child will also help parents stay in touch.

Monitor what your children are doing and where they are going while online. This can be the trickiest of challenges for parents, but it is so vital to make sure children do not stray into areas of the Internet that contain inappropriate (even harmful) material. If a child strays from pre-designated safe Web sites, parents should use healthy parenting skills such as reinforcing agreed upon parameters (even taking away online privileges as a consequence of not following rules).

Set up a "responsible use contract" between parents and children. Using e-mail, surfing the Web and downloading flies are all activities that children will be using while connected to the Internet and parents need to make agreements with children on responsible behavior. By establishing the rules of responsible use early, there should be no confusion as to what is considered responsible and safe use of the Internet.

- Shefali Jariwala

Mother of Rachit Jariwala Grade XI


The Silent Thaw (Warriors: The Broken Code, #2):

When Bramblestar, the ThunderClan leader, begins to act strangely after losing one of his nine lives, suspicion spreads quickly across Clan lines. After a bizarre apparition causes disturbance in both SkyClan and ShadowClan, each warrior must choose between their Clan and the warrior code itself.

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good:

Here is Loki's diary as a disgruntled eleven-year-old, complete with sketches and cartoons—and, to make matters worse, the obnoxious thunder god Thor is also present.

A Walk in the Words:

Hudson Talbott used to like drawing as a child, and it came easy to him. But what about reading? Certainly not! Words weren't an issue one at a time, but long phrases were a challenge. He kept his slow reading a secret as his friends moved on to thicker novels. But it became more difficult with each passing year. In a world of too many words, he felt alone, disoriented, and terrified.

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party:

Pete thinks this as he heaps his favourite topping—pepperoni—on top of the pie. His pals, on the other hand, arrive and add their own toppings to the pizza. Is Pete's perfect pizza in jeopardy? It's only a matter of time before you find out!

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives:

Flippy, Molly, Li'l Petey, and twenty-one baby frogs have all spoken their opinions. Naomi and Melvin are at odds, while Poppy sees the world in a different way than her siblings. Will the tiny frogs learn to collaborate and value one another's perspectives both inside and beyond the classroom?

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