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Updated: Aug 6, 2021


Message From Trustee

Education is a passion-driven journey. The excellence in the teaching and learning experience is achieved by people who are internally motivated to give direction to the lives of several people. Education traditionally was not only meant to be the preparation of life but it was supposed to be life itself.

It enriches, both the teacher and taught with dignity, respect, equality, love, affection, and ample skills to have an enriching life. The final aim of education, however, is social reconstruction, reforming, keeping abreast with the times of the society. Our school believes in the all-round development of children and inculcate in the minds of the young ones the values of human dignity, equality, and a sense of brotherhood, which are the three icons of our democratic country.

The world of the 21st century places enormous demands on our young people and we are committed to giving them a breadth of learning and the range of skills that they will need to take their place as the leaders of tomorrow.

Our expectations are high, not only from our pupils but from our staff as well. Each one must recognize the value of a caring and motivational atmosphere and be aware of the need to work in partnership with parents for the future success of the students as they prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.

A school plays a central role in nurturing and developing the unique talent of every child as well as in shaping their character. In a fast-changing world, driven by technological innovations, the way children learn today and the way they will work tomorrow are redefining the contours of teaching and learning everywhere.

At Gajera Group of Schools, we are always guided by our foundational philosophy of providing children happy learning experiences, while continuously incorporating the distinct features of a school of the future to foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Children’s holistic development and well-being are always at the heart of everything we do at our school. Our constant endeavor is to identify children’s interests early on and develop them into their passion. Our educational approach gives opportunities to children to explore new frontiers of digital learning and prepare them to be lifelong learners.

Our educators are our pillars of strength. They teach our children not just with their minds but with their hearts, making learning enjoyable and rewarding, and instilling in them sound values. They inspire our children to believe in themselves and think big. Our educational programs are complemented by state-of-the-art facilities and excellent resources, and we offer numerous opportunities to children to engage and excel in sports and co-curricular activities.

Any educational experience for the child gets consolidated with the strong bond of the nurturers, the parent, and the school. For we firmly believe that teachers are trained parents, enriched with the experience of hundreds of students. Together we can form a relationship that is mutually beneficial and supportive for the child.

Message From Principal

I am delighted to inform you that we have already reopened the school for higher grades, with due permission from the government. Though I should be talking about the newsletter, I couldn’t wait to break the news here. Learning is back on track, and we will be able to interact again at a personal and human level.

June has been a busy month as learners took the first examination of the current assessment year, the PEM for which was held on 31 July. As usual, we arranged virtual workshops and live shows for the improvement of learners in all aspects. Talk shows, a coding camp that takes a peek into future possibilities, and flipped classrooms dominated the month’s activities.

Apart from going through the regular updates, please take a look at the Good Reads section that can take our children to flights of fancy and at the same time, improve vocabulary and language skills. Finally, the feedback given by parents motivates and inspires us to do even better for our learners.

Integrated Learning

5th July to 10th July 2021- Unit Test-I

Purpose- The test was held to assess learners’ performance over the period. This was the first examination held in this academic session.

As per schedule, Unit Test 1 for grades 1st through 10th was held from 5 July to 10 July 2021. Learners took the test online like the previous year, as the SOP prevents children from coming to school due to the pandemic.

8th July 2021- Learning Disaster Management through activity

Purpose- Disasters cannot be predicted but disaster preparedness can certainly help us manage trauma and remain strong in the face of adversity. The activity was designed to train learners how to react in a situation like a fire break out in an apartment or a house.

Learners of Jr. Kg. made a poster on how to put a fire out in case of an emergency. They learned the need for courage, confidence, and calmness to be able to face disasters like a fire breakout in an apartment building.

9th July 2021- Learning Feelings & Emotions with Emojis

Purpose- Through this activity, they became more aware of their emotions as well as others’ making them more emotionally receptive and alert.

Learners of the nursery learned about different emotions through an activity in which they portrayed their feelings by drawing emojis. Dry pasta was used in the activity to make it more impactful.

10th July, 17th July & 24th July 2021- Life-skill Classes

Purpose- Life skill classes make learners independent, creative and solution seekers, skills that can help them succeed in their careers. Research suggests that children who do chores like this can grow to be successful as adults.

In the Life Skill class learners of grades 3rd & 4th learned how to make Dahi-papdi chat. The recipe along with instructions was given beforehand using which they made the dishes without any help from adults. Learners of grade 1st & 2nd made a khakhra pizza with cheese, paneer and mayonnaise toppings. Learners also made a salad with sprouts full of protein and fiber for sprouting their health. They added spices and flavours to turn it into a healthy as well as a tasty snack. They also learned how to make Dahi puri.

14th July 2021- Learning maths with fun

Purpose- The activity was designed to make addition easier to learn. It gave this abstract concept a concrete shape, thereby helping learners to grasp it easily.

Jr.Kg. learners learned counting by using ice-cream sticks and beads to bring in an element of fun into learning. This activity turned an otherwise purely intellectual activity into a game helping the concept sink in permanently. Place values became as easy as placing one bead by another.

17th July 2021- Motor skills Development

Purpose- The activity was done to train learners how to do something safely. Apart from developing their motor and coordination skills, the activity also taught them safety measures to be observed while performing an activity. These activities were done to improve motor skills and coordination between the mind and the body.

Young learners of GGS learned how to sew a button using a needle & how to keep their clothes properly by folding them.

22nd July 2021- The Genesis launched

Purpose- The podcast aims to improve the listening skills and vocabulary of learners as well as the general public who wants to improve their English language skills. Idioms, when properly used, can make one sound natural and native. It is hoped that English language learners will benefit from it.

Learners of Gajera Global School have started a podcast on Sunita’s Makerspace, Spotify, Facebook & Instagram discussing different topics of interest ranging from English idioms to proverbs, politics, history and the society in general. Our learners discuss the origins of idioms and phrases in the podcasts apart from telling you their meanings and how to use them. Watch out for us to listen to the podcast every Wednesday.

The links to access

1. Spotify-

2. Facebook-

3. Instagram-

24th July 2021- Club Activities @GGS

Purpose- Clubs periods are an opportunity for learners to explore their interests and improve themselves in those areas. Every Saturday, they engage on this platform to learn and practice their own skills.

In the clubs learners get to do what they most like and naturally, they look forward to them every Saturday. Learners learned how podcasts are recorded and uploaded; a mathematical formula can be represented with squares and triangles; how beat and rhythm dictate the melody of a musical piece; and how a slight variation of a step can create an entirely new dance form.

26th July 2021- Reopening of School

Purpose- Due to COVID 19 restrictions, education has suffered in a major way. With the number of infections waning, reopening will bring it back on track and learners will be able to reverse the loss.

For the learners of grades 9th through 12th, GGS opened up its doors after a gap of about six months due to COVID 19 restrictions. In person classes were held along with the online mode of learning.

Inculcating Social & Moral Values

1st July 2021- Doctor’s Day Celebration

Purpose- The day was celebrated to show our gratitude to doctors who risked their life and limb to keep us safe and sound during the pandemic. We also remembered Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, in whose memory the day is celebrated.

July began with a note of gratitude to doctors when GGS celebrated Doctors' Day at school. Doctors were invited at the school to participate in a talk show in our studio. Learners asked them how they coped up with the risks and the prolonged separation from near and dear ones. They even motivated the audience to get themselves vaccinated to fight against COVID-19. Dr. Purvi Patel and Dr. Smita Patel were invited as the guest of honor for the event.

3rd July 2021- International Plastic Bag Free Day Celebration

Purpose- The day was celebrated to remind ourselves that the health of the earth is in our hands only. It is us who need to nurture it to keep it safe for ourselves and the countless other species that inhabit the earth.

GGS celebrated International Plastic Day on 3 July 2021 to raise awareness among learners about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. They came up with ways to minimize the use of plastic to save the environment. A plastic audit was done by our Green Educator along with the learners and we came up with various measures to reduce the usage of plastic not only in our school campus but also at our homes in our daily life.

5th July 2021- Student’s Day Celebration

Purpose- The day is celebrated to motivate learners to do better and excel in their quest for knowledge and excellence.

Every year, 5 July is traditionally celebrated as Student’s Day which coincides with Trustee Shri Chunibhai H. Gajera’s birthday. Learners made videos and digital cards to wish the trustee. They shared complements with one another on the occasion.

7th July 2021- Global Forgiveness Day Celebration

Purpose- The day was celebrated to show how forgiving can heal people, how it can help them find peace and acceptance. It is one of the most needed acts that can bring peace to all.

Learners of grades 1st to 5th celebrated Global Forgiveness Day to know the importance of forgiving. They learned that forgiveness is for their own well-being, not for the receiver.

12th July 2021- Founder’s Day Celebration

Purpose- Founder’s Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the day when the Trust was set up. It recalls the humble beginning after which it scaled the heights in the field of education.

GGS celebrated Founder’s Day on 12 July by lighting lamps and praying for the general wellbeing of everyone in the world. The day is celebrated to remember the founders of the trust who have been instrumental in imparting education to thousands of students. This July, the trust turned 28.

14th July 2021- National French day celebration

Purpose- Learners learned how France influenced contemporary history and politics of the world since World War I. They learned about its culture, language and its importance in world politics.

Learners of grades 6th through 8th celebrated National French Day and learned about its history and its prominence in the pre-war era. They learned about the French revolution, the birth of the concepts of liberty, equality and universal brotherhood.

16th July 2021- Emoji Day Celebration

Purpose- Through this activity, they became more aware of their emotions as well as others’ making them more emotionally receptive and alert. This kind of exercise can raise emotional quotient and awareness among the learners related to the various emotions that we as human beings facing during our day-to-day life.

Prep learners learned about different emotions through an activity in which they portrayed their feelings through emojis.

24th July 2021- Guru Purnima Celebration

Purpose- The day is customarily observed in GGS to show our respect to those men and women who edify and enlighten countless generations that may become leaders one day.

India is traditionally known to hold teachers in high esteem as evident in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. They are revered as Gods and placed above parents as they enlighten and educate. Learners of GGS paid their obeisance to their teachers in a tilak ceremony followed by lunch. Learners of grade Nursery through 8th celebrated the event virtually while Grade 9 to 11th attended the ceremony physically by participating in the event very actively. India is well known for the high esteem it holds for the teachers.

26th July 2021- Kargil Vijay Diwas

Purpose- The day is observed to recall the courage and sacrifice of soldiers in the Indian Army who reclaimed land encroached into by terrorists. It also recalled how the Indian government showed its commitment to international peace and amity nu granting safe passage to the infiltrators.

Learners of grades 6th to 11th observed Kargil Vijay Divas, remembering those soldiers who braved all odd to deter terrorists from infiltrating into the mainland. This day is observed on 26 July every year to commemorate the victory Indian soldiers gained in 1999 on a mountain called Kargil in Kashmir.

28th July 2021- World Conservation Day Celebration

Purpose- The show was organized to create awareness among young learners about the need to conserve nature to avoid future climatic catastrophes, like desertification and consequently, extinction of species. GGS Learners took part in the conversation to learn more about the issue.

Doctors Mrs. Keyuri Shah and Mr. Paresh Shah took part in a talk show discussing conservation issues affecting the earth and its climate at present. They interacted with our learners and gave us effective tips that contribute to the conservation of nature.

29th July 2021- Rainy Day Celebration

Purpose- The day was celebrated to make learners aware of the various topics and vocabulary related to weather and climate. They also learned how to keep safe during a thunderstorm or a gale.

Prep learners of the school celebrated Rainy Day, having snacks and dancing in the rain. They dressed up in attire used for protection in the rain to learn about associated vocabulary.

30th July 2021- Friendship Day Celebration

Purpose- The day was celebrated to make learners aware of the importance of friends in our lives. They are like an extended family with whom we may share our deepest secrets and feelings without the fear of ridicule.

Learners of the prep grades celebrated Friendship Day and recalled the two icons that epitomize friendship—Krishna and Sudama. Learners complimented one another virtually and exchanged virtual gifts to show their love for their friends.

Online School Competitions & Celebrations

22nd July & 29th July 2021- Mind Blogger Competition for I to V Grade learners

Purpose- The quiz competition was held to help learners improve their knowledge and curiosity about various topics of interest. Most questions were based on general knowledge while some others focused on current affairs and history.

The first round of an online quiz competition called Mind Blogger was held for the learners of grades 1st through 5th on 22 July. Winners were selected for the final round. The final round of the competition for learners was held on 29 July & then the results were declared.

23rd July 2021- Rhymes Competition for Pre-Primary learners

Purpose- The activity was done to create awareness about the surroundings and the environment in which we live. The hectic lifestyle in cities has taken us away from nature. The activity was done to help learners reconnect with nature.

Prep graders of GGS recited rhymes online about monsoons and frogs on 23 July. It was a fun activity that educated learners about monsoons and the animals that can be found in this season.

Virtual Educational Excursions

15th July 2021- Educational Excursion to Rain-forest for Pre-primary learners

Purpose- The trip was organized as part of our regular schedule according to which learners are given lessons on topics of interest. It was also meant to promote green education which has become imperative in view of the climate disturbances plaguing the earth.

Learners of the prep grades went on a virtual trip to a rainforest, to learn the importance of forests, insects and other plants and animals for the well-being of the earth. The trip familiarized them with a new concept called biodiversity, which promotes our own survival on the earth.

19th July 2021- Educational Excursion to Gurukulam for I to V Grade learners

Purpose- Learners of grades 1st to 5th went on an online trip to a Gurukul to learn about how education was imparted under the tol (pathshala) system. Learners of the Gurukul could be seen working independently without any adult supervision.

The excursion was organized to show our students how tradition, spirituality and technology can go hand in hand. They also learned the value of independence and self-reliance.

22nd July 2021- Educational Excursion to Recycling center for VI to X Grade learners

Purpose- Though recycling takes effort and money, it is worth it because it helps reverse the damage done to the environment. Instead of letting refuse diminish the soil’s quality, we can use them to keep the harm to the environment to the minimum.

Learners of grades 6th through 10th were taken on an online visit to a recycling plant where they learned how waste is recycled and usable products are made from them.

Workshops & Webinars

20th July to 24th July 2021- Online App Coding Camp

Purpose- The camp was organized to give our learners a strong foundation on how codes work automating certain jobs. They were delighted when lines of codes made the machine behave in the way they wanted.

A five-day online coding camp was organized from 24 June to 29 June, 2021 in collaboration with Robokart, Mumbai for the learners of GSS from grades 6th and up. Learners designed games and apps that help minimize human involvement automating repetitive jobs. The exam and the quiz app were a couple of highlights of the camp.

Learners' Corner

Together We Learn

It has been a year since all of us have been incarcerated in our houses. But how could you even think that our teachers will tell us to stop studying and let us do whatever we want at home? They have come up with new and better solutions every time we got stuck in a problem. So, the solution was online classes and I personally like online classes pretty much. Just think about the extra hard work the teachers have to put in their work to continue our education in a fun manner. They show us interactive videos and teach us just like they used to teach us in school. We also celebrate special occasions in online classes like Hindi Diwas, Independence Day, Teacher’s day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc. And we don't just study the daily subjects in online classes, we have co-curricular activity sessions too like music, PE and art. We have tests and exams too. In fact, our school management has even made an app for conducting tests for us. There are two more things that I personally feel are the major plus points of online classes. First is- there is no back seat in online classes, every student is in the front row and the second one is- the children who have some medical issues were not able to attend the regular classes in the school but now they can attend the online one in their own houses.

I am really very grateful to all my teachers for thinking so much about us and taking so much effort during this pandemic for our education.

-By Vedant Jimuliya (Grade-XI)

My School, My Strength

School is a temple of knowledge. My school has made me an inquisitive learner. I enjoy taking part in the morning assembly as each student is given a fair chance to show his or her talent. We celebrate all the festivals in schools right from Uttrayan to Christmas. Various competitions and activities are conducted which help us to develop. Our teachers always support and guide us.

The current pandemic situation was a speed breaker but we found out the way of learning. It is rightly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It was not an easy task but we stood strong against it and made it successful. I am really proud to be a student of Gajera Global School. It is the best thing to be learning in such a wonderful school.

-By Saniya Sorathiya (Grade-XI)

Educators' Corner

19th July 2021- 1st Quarter Review meeting with Trustee

Purpose- The quarterly review was done as a means of finding ways and means to improve learners’ performance and to explore better and more engaging ways of imparting lessons.

The first quarter review on the academic and general performance of the learners was done with Trustee Ms. Kinjal Chunibhai Gajera on 19 July to explore areas of improvement and formulate a plan for the future. Academics, activities, and most particularly, the performance in UT 1 were discussed at length.

Articles By Educators


"Tough times and difficult days never last forever, what last is how strong you are in your mind"

Life is not always easy. We face many challenges every day. On some days we think nothing is happening in our favour. It’s like the whole universe has turned against us. In such situations, it’s difficult to stay positive. For a short time we are not able to see the full glass. We start losing our mental peace which is okay. But we cannot give up. Life is tough darling but so are us! We have to put a stop to our fear and regain the strength to overcome the difficult situation. No matter how difficult it may seem, resolving it starts by recognizing that these difficult moments won’t last forever

Remember sun shines brighter after the storm. We need to look at the positive side of every situation. No one wants to struggle in life, but each time when we endure a difficult time we build a stronger character. And this character will give us strength when next time we face such a tough situation in life.

Bad time is nothing but a phase that will end eventually. We cannot control it but what we can is our mind.

When we cannot change the situation, change the attitude towards that situation Accept the things rather than regretting why they occurred. What’s done is done, that cannot be changed. Acceptance will relax our minds and take away all the tension from it. Identify the root cause of our problem. There might be some ways to reduce anxiety and make us feel better. Sometimes we only are the obstacles in our problem. For the thing we can’t change, don’t waste time thinking about them, invest time in better things. Problems become less when we share them with our loved ones. Every problem cannot be solved solely, sometimes we need someone to listen and suggest ideas to come out of that problem. It’s okay to share our problems with people we cherish. Asking for help never makes us weak.

We all only have one life on Earth, let’s make it count. We don’t want to live a life of regrets of wasted time and missed opportunities. But a life full of happy and joyful memories. Happiness cannot be bought from a supermarket. It comes from within. Do more of what makes us happy, it can be listening to a song, sketching, cooking, gardening or reading a novel. Make a list of things that bring immense joy in life and then indulge in them. This won’t overcome your problem but keep us positive and calm.

Just remember “Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”

-By Ichchha Tiwari

English Educator @GGS

Three Steps to a High IELTS Score

So you’ve decided to register for IELTS by paying ₹ 14,700 for the Computer-delivered IELTS but are worried about not making a 7 in the first attempt. You’re right about your apprehensions because the website (2019 data) says that test-takers from India make an overall Academic mean performance of only 6.1. A whopping 89 % fails to make a 7 and only 6% gets an overall band score of 7.5.

So the odds are really stacked against you.

What to do then?

Here are 3 steps you may take for a high IELTS score.

1. Know your verb: Verbs happen to be the most troublesome topic for IELTS test-takers from India. They have the habit of using the present continuous form for all the tenses regardless of when an action was performed. Please remember to use the right form as per the need. How do you know what is right and what is wrong? For that, you may need to brush up your knowledge of the Present Continuous tense in English. Please remember that it is very different from the Present Simple tense, both in structure and in use. Just adding or removing some insignificant-looking letters can ruin your grammar and drag you down by one or two bands. For example, if you say something like this, He like cake very much, you will be marked as a modest user with frequent errors who has difficulties with complex language. You will be slapped with a lowly 5 band score. So beware, not the Ides of March, but the English verb.

2. Complex Language: A 7 band score is for one who ‘can use complex language quite well and understands detailed argumentation quite well’. He/she ‘uses complex language quite well in most situations. So remember to use ‘complex language’. But what exactly is complex language?

Take the following two sentences for example:

a. Let’s now talk about the topic in detail.

b. Let’s now delve into the details of the topic.

So which one has a more complex vocabulary. If you’re making for the dictionary, to look up its meaning, you know it already. Want more examples? Here you go:

a. It can very well prevent people from driving fast.

b. It can effectively deter people from speeding.

Which one has a formal ring to it? The second one, right? Use them when you take the IELTS.

3. Fluency and coherence: In 2019, as per, the academic mean performance by test takers from India was 6 in the speaking band score. What does it say about our fluency and coherence, or for that matter lexical resource, grammar range and accuracy or pronunciation? Note that each of these marking criteria carries an equal weightage of 25%. What do these mean? You need the ability to talk with normal levels of continuity, rate and effort and to link ideas and language together to form coherent, connected speech.

If you pause and hesitate frequently with fillers like ‘uh’, ‘um’, ‘er’ etc. you’ll lose a band or two, blowing a hole in your pocket.

I hope these tips will help you a little bit to get a 7 or up in IELTS. But remember, learning a language for non-natives involves considerable unlearning and relearning. Give yourself some time before you finally book that IELTS test.

-By Mr. Dipankar Basumatary

English Educator @GGS

Parents' Corner

31st July 2021- Parent-Educator Meet

Purpose- The PEM focused on the reopening of the school after a gap of about six months due to COVID 19 restrictions placed by the government. The meeting was held as per schedule in the school planner.

A PEM was held for the learners of grades 1st through 11th today to inform parents of their wards’ performance in Unit Test 1 held in June. They were also informed of the school’s decision to reopen in view of the waning cases of COVID infection.

Parents’ Feedback

We as parents of Siddhi Verma & Siddharth Verma appreciates the initiative taken by the school to develop learners reading skills, the efforts of educators taken in the completion of notebooks of the learners, the teaching pedagogy adopted by the educators, the theme of the year i.e. Nature Integrated learning & the CRACK THE CODE competition organized on World Conservation day. We are thankful to all the educators for their efforts.

-By Dr. Sachin Verma & Mrs. Sanjana Verma

Parents of Siddhi Verma (Grade-V) & Siddharth Verma (Grade-IX)

I Father of Hridaya Nair appreciates the new initiative which is done in the assembly pattern of choosing any one personality and giving information on them followed by the evaluation of the explanation in the form of a quiz. The concept of introducing NEETI SHLOKA in the assembly with the explanation every Thursday is really very nice.

-By Mr. Senit Nair

Father of Hridaya Nair (Grade-IX)

Article By Parents

Get Better, Not Bitter!

A teacher asked her students to bring some tomatoes in a plastic bag to school. Each tomato was to be given the name of a person whom that child hates. So, the number of tomatoes would be equal to the number of persons they hate.

On a pre-determined day, All the children brought their tomatoes well addressed. Some had two, some had three and some had five, some even had 20 tomatoes in accordance with the number of people they hated.

The teacher then told them they had to carry the tomatoes with them everywhere they go for two weeks. As the days passed the children started to complain about the decay and smell of the tomatoes. The students who had many tomatoes complained it was very heavy to carry and the smell was too much.

After a week, the teacher asked the students “How did you feel this week?”

The children complained of the awful smell and heavy weight of the tomatoes, especially those who carried several tomatoes.

The teacher said, “This is very similar to what you carry in your heart when you don’t like some people. Hatred makes the heart unhealthy and you carry that hatred everywhere.

If you can’t bear the smell of spoilt tomatoes for a week, imagine the impact of bitterness on your heart as you carry it daily.

The heart is a beautiful garden that needs regular cleaning of unwanted weeds. Forgive those who have angered you. This makes room for storing good things.

Get Better, Not Bitter!

-By Mrs. Shefali Jariwala

Parent of Rachit Jariwala (Grade XI-Science)


Winners at Inter Gajerian Debate Competition

The competition was held to help learners work on their communication and public speaking skills. Two learners of GGS made us proud by winning a couple of prestigious positions in the Inter Gajera Debate Competition in which learners from all the schools under the aegis of the Gajera Trust participated.

In the senior category for grades 9th through 12th, Sumitkumar Anand of grade 10th of GGS won the best debater prize while Aditi Basumatary of grade 7th grabbed the best orator award in the junior category.

Heartiest Congratulations to Grade-X Achievers

The 10th and the 12 board results were out this month and we are delighted to announce that this year too we have been able to achieve a 100% success rate. All our learners graduated from the school as expected. GGS congratulates all the learners and wishes them luck for the future.

Good Reads


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