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Echo E-newsletter June (2023)


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Education is like the seed on fertile soil – given the right amount of sunlight, water, and soil it will grow to be a big tree that can give fresh fruits and shelter with clean air. Education builds the character of a person. Having the right kind of education will lead you to the right path to achieve the goal you have set.

My unflinching belief has always been that those who find pleasure in diligent, dedicated, and disciplined life reap a bountiful harvest in the form of divine satisfaction. It is with this motto of my life, I have started the Gajera Group of Schools, and it has been my constant endeavor to steer my educators and learners in this direction which I find most rewarding. My emphasis is on this holistic development of a child by fostering a synergic blend between scholastic and co-scholastic achievements and a host of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which find a rightful place in the curriculum.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our dedicated educators and staff members. Your commitment to our student's education and well-being is truly commendable. Your passion and creativity have made a lasting impact on the lives of our students, and we are grateful for your unwavering support.

Finally, I want to express my utmost appreciation to the parents and guardians for your unwavering support and partnership throughout the year. Your involvement in your child's education is invaluable, and it plays a vital role in their success. Thank you for entrusting us with your children's education and for being active participants in their learning journey.


“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” 

-James Madison

We, at Global Gajera School have set out on an elevating and stimulative journey with the aim of providing our learners an exclusive learning experience by teaching them to march ahead with positive attitude, skill, confidence, sensitivity and responsibility. It is rightly said that “The whole purpose of education is to teach the child to think and not what to think”. We at GGS believe that this is the fundamental truth and it has always been the endeavor of the school to instill right values in its learners so that they develop a holistic personality and are ready to take on the challenges head on once they step out of the gates of the school. The unmatched and impressive heights of glory at which our school stands today bears testimony to the fact the school is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in all the fields, be it in academia, sports, ethics or aesthetics. In this contemporary world where cut throat competition has become a part and parcel of life, it is of supreme importance that we teach our learners to be competent enough to stand tall amongst others with their extraordinary skills and come out victorious from the realms of this challenging labyrinth.

We emanate and sprinkle an atmosphere where each learner receives love, dignity and acceptance. The trust here is to blend thoroughly the modern and traditional approach which is conducive for learners. Children here learn through exploration and experimentation with a plethora of co-curricular activities, the students gain optimum exposure and acquire confidence. We are focused to achieve our aim by providing an exemplary infrastructure to work upon a child’s physical, mental and artistic faculties. Thank you for your continued support and leadership. Together, let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, confident in our ability to shape a brighter future.

Mrs. Shweta Parihar


Environment Week Celebration

#ECO FEST-2023#

A week-long celebration was organized at GGS. Different workshops, visits and competitions were arranged for learners and Educators for promoting worldwide awareness to defend our environment.

World Environment Day

When learners came back after the summer-break they had to collect an entry pass by depositing the different waste at school gate. Later they participated in creating ‘Best out of Waste’ activity from the waste they had brought.

WED celebration commenced with performing Agnihotra Yagna to teach learners a holistic value and understand the need of reducing air pollution and anxiety from the atmosphere. Learners were informed that when cow dung and pure ghee burn together how the smoke produced from them help purify the environment.

Beat the Plastic

On Tuesday grade 9 to 12 learners from all the branches of Gajera Schools were ready with their presentation on Solution to plastic pollution. The Participants had searched and researched about the hazardous effects of plastic, government involvement and came up with the innovative solutions that could be adopted in day to day life.

Blind School Visit for Seed Ball Activity

Learners from grade 3 to 5 visited the blind school to take an initiative for ecosystem restoration with learners of blind school. Together they performed seed ball making and plantation activity. Learners have learnt a new method for dispersing seeds that has both artistic and historical value.

Visit to Vatsalyadham

Learners from grade 6 to 8 visited the Vatsalya Dham to spent a day with sustainable lifestyle. They learnt the importance of prioritizing the use of renewable resources instead of depleting environmental resources. The effective and wonderful workshop was planned by the learners of Vatsalyadham.

Green Open Mic

To encourage the green literature festival Open Mic Activity was organized for GGS learners and Educators. Learners came up with interesting poems, speeches and songs. It was fun to appreciate nature and make the world aware about its sustainable development. A week long fun ended on a green note.

World Ocean Day

The Ocean: ‘Life and Livelihoods’ is the theme for World Oceans Day 2023. To explain the learners, the life under oceans and the various resources which are available from ocean excursion to Dumas beach was planned. The declaration of intentions that launches a decade of challenges to get the Sustainable Development, Goal 14, “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources”, was explained. Learners had campaigned to clean the part of a Dumas beach and spread a message to keep the ocean clean. They had recreational Jamming activity along with the campaign.

Our Gajerian toddlers had experienced life under water by visiting the ocean room created by Art Educators. They had fun involved experience of learning about life under water.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn occasion where all the young students are prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. The ceremony began with a welcome note and Lamp Lightning Ceremony. It followed by the introduction and felicitation of Guests Mr. D J Chudasama (PI Athwa Branch) and Mr. Haren Gandhi (Ex Air force Officer & Kargil Vetran). Honourable trustee Shree Chunnibhai Gajera presided over the ceremony. The motivational and inspiring speech was addressed by the principal ma’am Mrs. Shweta Parihar, who emphasized the importance of leadership and the role that the leaders play in shaping the school's culture.

National Reading Day

As National Reading Day is observed to honour the father of the Library Movement the late P.N. Panicker. During Book Club, book review session for the learners was conducted to create the importance of reading among them. Students were guided and motivated to cultivate the habit of reading.

Father’s Day

"Father’s Day is usually celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June every year. The significance of this day is paramount in everyone’s life. GGS celebrates this day with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. From registering the parents to practice session and final day celebrations goes on flawlessly. Such activities strengthen the bond of a child and father. The happy daddys were enthral with different sports and activities arranged for them. Daddy’s daughters’ enchanting performances overwhelmed everyone present in the event. The winners were applauded and were present with the trophies.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the numerous benefits of practicing yoga and promoting its holistic approach to health and well-being. This year, the theme for International Yoga Day 2023 is ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ effectively encapsulating our collective aspiration for ‘One Earth, One Family, and One Future’. 3 days activities were planned to mark this significant day. On 19 June parents, learners and educators performed Samuhik Surya-Namaskar and its benefits were explained by. On 20 June young learners visited Old age home and performed Yoga with the elders and received their blessings. It was only fun experience for our learners but they also developed a sense of empathy towards elderly people. On 21 June GGS Learners and Educators became a part of the historic moment of creating world record in Surat. All gathered at Vesu road for performing Yoga. Later on a special Yoga Session for parents, learners and educators was organized.

World Music Day

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”. To cherish the World Music Day GGS learners has arranged for special assembly where they shared the life story of the legends of Music. They even filled the air with their melodious musical performances.

Educational Excursions

Prep- Section

Visit to Botanical Garden

Visiting a Botanical Garden was an educational experience for our learners. As they walked around the garden, they ask many questions, such as what they are, where they’re from, what they eat, and so on. This gave them exposure to new vocabulary, which will help boost their language skills.

Visit to Eco Farm

Grade I-V

A visit to an eco farm offered young gajerians the opportunity to develop environmental awareness. They were engaged in experiential learning, understood food systems, connected with nature, learnt about sustainability, engaged with the community, and enhanced critical thinking skills. These benefits contribute to a holistic education that empowers learners to become responsible and environmentally conscious citizens.

Competition @ GGS

Prep Section

Origami/Puppet Making Competition

A puppet-making competition offered a range of benefits, including fostering creativity, developing fine motor skills, enhancing problem-solving abilities, promoting teamwork, building confidence, fostering cultural appreciation, and provided an enjoyable and fulfilling experience to learners. They did not inky per an the art of making puppet but also learnt about its history, origin and importance.

Grade I to V

Roll-up the sleeves (Upcycling Clothes)

Enthusiastic Young learners participated in roll-up the sleeves competition. The used clothes were upcycled creatively by young learners. The importance of reuse and reduce was inculcate in them. Such actions help environment from overflowing landfills, and creating resources for those who need.

Grade VI to XII

Elocution Competition

Elocution is the art of effective public speaking. In this competition participants were judged on their oratory skills, presentation skills, clarity of thought and confidence. The participants shared their view points regarding G20 and its theme. Such competition boost-up the morale of the learners and give them confidence.

Parent Educator Meet

PEMs contribute to create a holistic educational experience that nurtures the student's potential and promotes their long-term success. To keep a track a learners GGS Has developed a system of monthly meetings. The parents and educators come together and discuss. the progress of a learner. This continuous evaluation not only help the educators but also the parent to help a child for his holistic development. During PEMs the monthly project of the children were displayed and GGS Bazar was organized by the higher grades learners. Such display help learners to be more confident and perform better. GGS Bazar helped the learners to understand the process of business. At GGS PEMs are not just a formality but an event.


Sustainable Development

The environment plays a crucial role in our lives, and its importance cannot be overstated. It provides us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the resources we need for our survival. The environment also supports diverse ecosystems and a variety of plant and animal species, contributing to the balance and beauty of our planet. Moreover, a healthy environment is essential for our physical and mental well-being. It offers opportunities for recreation, inspiration, and relaxation. Protecting and preserving the environment is not only our responsibility but also essential for the sustainability of future generations. By recognizing the importance of the environment, we can work towards creating a better, healthier, and more sustainable world for all.

Sustainable Development has become a controversial topic in today’s world. If we take the example of India, its relevance can be seen surrounded by big dams and mega projects related to the growth and development of the country. Environmental degeneration is exponentially increasing due to all these activities clubbed with exercises such as over-grazing, global warming, deforestation, forest fire, etc. Thus shifting to sustainable development methods and technologies has become a need of the hour.

Sustainable Development is “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. One major thing to understand here is that sustainable development does not talk about shifting to the pre-industrial era, but promotes alternative ways of working that preserve the environment. The environment was earlier treated as a source of law material by various industries and businesses. But restoring a balance between development and conservation of surroundings can help in the reduction of global climatic changes like ozone depletion, water crises, population, species loss and deforestation. Strict Environment laws have been created by the countries which are now being implemented across the globe with the help of state and volunteers. NGOs play an important role in reducing this number to a great extent.

Ipshita Singh

11th Science

A Wish……

As I am a child, I want to grow up,

To be tall and strong and brave.

I have a dream of the future and all it would hold,

And the adventures that I would have.

I want to travel the world and see new things,

To explore and learn and grow.

I want to be a hero, to save the day,

And make the world a better place to know.

But now that I’m growing

I see things differently,

And I know that life is not always fair.

But I still hold on to that childlike wonder,

And the hope that someday,

I’ll get there.

Dhruvi Patel

Grade IX


Let’s go Hand in Hand

In a world of green and blue,

Where life's miracles come into view,

We must unite, hand in hand,

To save our home, this precious land.

From towering trees to sparkling streams,

Nature's beauty, beyond our dreams,

Let's nurture every living creature,

Preserve their habitats, each and every feature.

Recycle, reduce, and reuse,

Embrace sustainable ways we choose,

For every plastic bottle we decline,

A cleaner future we shall define.

Plant a seed, watch it grow,

A symbol of hope, let it show,

Together we can heal the Earth,

A shared responsibility, our greatest worth.

Let the air breathe with purity,

The oceans dance in tranquility,

The birds soar high in the sky,

Let's ensure their freedom will never die.

For the environment, let's be its voice,

Making the conscious choice,

To cherish and protect with all our might,

For in harmony, we shall find our truest light.

So let us join hands, for a greener sphere,

Where nature's symphony will always cheer,

In this poem's plea, let's take a stand,

To save our environment, hand in hand.

Binny Shahi

Science Educator

मैं नमक स्वादानुसार हूं

मैं झूठ पर प्रहार हूं,

मैं सत्य का बाज़ार हूं।

चाटुकारिता की भीड़ में ,

मैं निर्भीक कलाकार हूं।।

तीखे शब्दो की वजह से मेरे,

में देशद्रोही करार हूं।

एक दो तालियां नही मैं गालियां हजार हूं।

होना जरूरी है मेरा भी यहा,

इस मक्खन की टिकिया में,

मैं नमक स्वादानुसार हूं।।

अवनी कवासवाला

Green Educator

How will it make studying more convenient?

Educational applications strengthen the educational system by allowing students to study and remember information for a longer period of time.

Compared to books and lectures that students attend in class, it is easier to grasp and utilize.

How will apps help people save time?

This will save your time because you will not have to go through a whole book to solve your problem, and you will be able to complete any assignments more quickly.

You can devote more time to your family by using applications to save time.


Mendeley, the reference manager, can support you at every step of university life. Mendeley allows users to cite, annotate, organize and access your papers across multiple devices.


Evernote allows you to organise and sync all of your work across multiple platforms. The app also allows you to find everything you need really quickly. You can also organise your thoughts in multiple ways and share them. These thoughts as well as overall projects can easily be tracked and shared with the rest of your team.


Freedom won’t give you freedom from deadlines or important meetings, but it may help you prepare for them. Freedom allows you to block specific websites and apps for a specific period of time. So say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whilst you’re studying, and say hello to focused academic productivity.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a simple way to keep track of everything that occurs throughout the daily life of a student. Users can easily create class and exam calendars, to-do lists, tasks and revision lists all with a weighted percentage and you can set reminders. All of this can easily be accomplished via this user-friendly app.


Strides is a habit tracker. It’s a good way to remind yourself to read, exercise, drink water and eat. You can create and track any habit you like, it even allows you to create and monitor your bad habits too. Whilst the app is not directly involved with academia, it certainly can help you to maintain a healthy work-life-study balance.


Wunderlist is a discontinued cloud-based task management application. It allowed users to create lists to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet, computer and smart-watch. Wunderlist was free; additional collaboration features were available in a paid version known as Wunderlist Pro.

Jency P. Mevawala

English Educator




The Ruby in the Smoke: A Sally Lockhart Mystery

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

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