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Echo E-newsletter November (2022)


With a solid foundation of cultural and moral principles, Gajera Global School has worked to give its learners the greatest instruction, research innovations, and overall growth. It has developed a platform that offers top-notch education and moral principles that support India's development and global recognition. We have established ourselves as a shining oyster in the educational ocean, and via a variety of extracurricular activities, our learners have lifted the bar for others who are beyond our means and even unable to provide for their fundamental needs.

For those young people who wish to explore the unmatched avenues of the expanding society and get a glimpse of the ideal future, this would be a fantastic opportunity. Join us and speak your unspoken dreams. At GGS, we evaluate the value of education in the same way that we evaluate the value of real estate or stock market shares. We offer instruction that will help the learner learn more.

At Gajera Global School, we believe that education should serve as a national building block rather than just a means of acquiring literacy. Gajera Global School was formed with the same goal. GGS, a magnificent temple of learning, invites you to join it by giving yourself the knowledge to handle regional and global issues, regardless of where you live or what you are doing at the same time at work.


We had a short month as we resumed school after the diwali vacation. Though it was short we had quite a few notable events and activities, the notable among them being the visit to the court while it was in session. Our learners went there and witnessed a trial in progress. They saw witnesses depose before a judge and how evidence is presented to the judge in detail.

The other noteworthy event was the GGS masterchef competition held for all the learners over two days. In spite of the limitation that learners could not cook using any device, electronic or otherwise, they still came out with dishes with interesting twists, in taste, look and also presentation.

As usual, we had a four-day training session and a competition for educators after the resumption of work after the diwali break. Educators recapped and revised the pedagogy they use in the classroom, keeping the present needs in view.

One of this month’s interesting books, I think is How to Eat a Book which children and young adults will love. So go ahead and give it a read. We have exciting plans for December. See you then.




Continuous professional development for educators has become essential if they are to stay up to speed to handle this smart generation of AI-savvy students. Gajera Global School provides teacher training programmes on-site every six months in order to address this. The training programmes cover everything from financial literacy and information technology to communication through art integration and green education. The training session, which took place from November 7 to 10, helped teachers review, reassess, and rethink how they have been teaching in order to move the emphasis from the lesson to the child's acquisition of knowledge and skills. We can provide our kids a safe and sustainable future with ongoing educational programmes like these.


The school reopened after the diwali holidays with with a Kidathon for young learners between the ages of 2 and 9. The Kidathon was organised as part of the Children’s Day celebrations. Learners covered a distance of 1.5 km starting from the new ground at GGS via Monarch Road and back.

The event started early in the morning, in presence of a 500 strong crowd. Notable among those present were Trustees Shri Chunni Bhai Gajera and Ms Kinjal Gajera. Top officials from the local government and sports authorities were present at the event.


Learners of grades 8th through 10th of GGS paid a visit the Sessions Court while it was in session for a trial under the chairmanship of Honourable Judge Mr Vimal Keviya. Learners were able to see the actual witness box, how witnesses depose before the judge and how evidence is presented before the bench. Learners were allowed into the courtroom in batches to experience the feel a live trial. The visit was arranged as part of the lesson included in the syllabus. The live experience gave our learners a first-hand and personal account of the workings of the court.


All the learners of grades prep through 12th participated in an activity to experience the need for gratitude by simple acts like saying ‘thank you’ and sharing gifts to the janitorial and the kitchen support staff at the school. Learners of the higher grades counted the number of blessings they have received to feel grateful, while those in grades 1st through 5th presented a mime act to explain Thanksgiving.


Learners of grades 6th through 12th observed Constitution Day by discussing how this crucial document protects and rights of citizens and keeps authoritarian governments from abusing power. They discussed how and the law and the third estate work together as guardians of law and democracy. The celebrations included a satire that poked fun at the spineless media and greedy politicians.


Parents and learners of all the grades took stock of their ward’s progress the second time in the Parent-Teacher Meet held today after the half yearly examination concluded in September. As usual, we witnessed quite a healthy footfall as eager parents thronged the school premises since morning. They were shown the progress reports and the feedback after evaluation. Apart from the PEM, parents were also informed of the rifle shooting range we are starting from 1 December. Parents were also informed of the throwball and the cricket tournament to be held in December. A separate training session also had been planned for the mothers who would take part in the competition. This PEM was particularly devoted to informing parents of the upcoming Periodic 2 examination.


A session on menstrual hygiene was held at GGS for all the female staff and learners of 6th through 12th to increase awareness about using safe and environmentally friendly products for menstrual health. Speakers Ms Bhagyashree Soni and and Ms Nandini Sultanyia talked about the need for openness and understanding to remove the stigma around this natural phenomenon.


On the last day of the continuous education programme, educators of GGS engaged in a battle of the minds in two different competitions held at the Wisdom Hall. The first competition was held for the prep educators who competed against one another not with swords but with stories told with a twist. The second competition was held for educators who teach grades 3 to 12. They had the challenging task to integrate their subjects other disciplines and do a micro- teaching session.


On the last day of the continuous education programme, educators of GGS engaged in a battle of the minds in two different competitions held at the Wisdom Hall. The first competition was held for the prep educators who competed against one another not with swords but with stories told with a twist. The second competition was held for educators who teach grades 3 to 12. They had the challenging task to integrate their subjects other disciplines and do a micro- teaching session.


The prep grades turned into a mini MBA school when young children took part in a cosplay impersonating their favourite products. Maggi noodles, Amul and professionals like dentists and doctors were some of the products and services they advertised for. The objective of the activity was to make embolden children to speak confidently in public. Agoraphobia is one the most common fears that afflicts us all. Activities like these are designed to help children deal with it at an early age and give them the courage to speak their minds when needed. Have a look.


A flameless cooking competition called Master Chef GGS 2022 was held today for the learners of grades 1st through 12th to encourage learners to acquire life skills like cooking. Skills of any kind make us better humans by making us self- reliant and confident. Confidence in life skills such as cooking can spill over to other aras of our lives. A person who cooks will is no less than an artist, the only difference being that a cook creates magic in the kitchen with food. This kind of activities make learning stay with learners forever, turning them into self-reliant individuals who can take decisions for themselves, think creatively and solve problems. Learners presented their dishes in unique ways with creative names. Sweets, spicy dishes, pizzas and drinks filled the tables while filling the hearts and bellies of judges and visitors.



Every fresh morning

with our hearts filled with joy,

we climb towards our goal

with the people we devote.

Wisdom is what we need,

so we..


Cause the views of the mind

can never be denied!


Cause the answer we need

is hidden inside!


Cause this is how

the future will arise!



"My Mother"

Years ago

I saw her sitting beside me

Empty as the glass

Yet filled with electric love

She had a story to tell

Just like everyone

I just wasn't listening

That's why I need her

Right by my side

Time slowing and I can feel her again

So my blessing I seek to find

Original as it may seem

I see the same angel Living in me

By-Chaitsi Desai (Computer Educator)


Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowel

Here is Loki's diary from when he was an annoying eleven-year-old and was imprisoned on Earth. To make matters worse, the obnoxious thunder god Thor was also present.

Trickster deity Loki has been exiled to Earth to live as a child after pulling too many practical jokes. He can go back to Asgard if he demonstrates moral growth within a month. if he is unable? In an enraged snake pit for all time. Rude! King Odin, a bossy poo poo head, gives Loki this magical journal to keep track of his progress. In it, Loki is compelled to tell the truth, even if it is as hideous as a naked mole rat. The fact that an eleven-year-old Thor is accompanying them and making Loki look bad only serves to make things worse. Loki is not even permitted to make use of his amazing divine abilities! Piqued! Read the book to know what happened to Loki.

Frizzy by Claribel A. Ortega and illustrated by Rose Bousamra

A middle school graphic story about Marlene, a little girl who accepts her natural curls rather than straightening her hair.

Marlene enjoys three things: reading, spending time with her cool T'a Ruby, and socialising with her best friend Camila. Paola, her mother, asserts that the only things she should concentrate on are academics and "growing up." Thus, she would have to straighten her hair every weekend in order to look "presentable" and "nice."

Marlene, meanwhile, despises going to the salon and finds it perplexing that other people don't find her curls attractive. She gradually begins a journey to learn to enjoy and proudly wear her curly hair after some setbacks, a dash of shame, and the much-needed assistance of Camila and Tia Ruby.

A Rover's Story by Jasmine Warga

A book for young adults that follows the adventures of a fictional Mars rover. A Mars rover named Resilience is adamant about living up to his name.

Res was created to investigate Mars. He wasn't made to experience human emotions. But as he picks up new knowledge from the NASA scientists who put him together, he starts to exhibit human-like emotions. Perhaps there's a glitch in his programming.

Whether or not Res experiences human emotions, the day of launch arrives, and she and Fly, a helpful drone helicopter, take off towards Mars. But Res finds out fast that Mars is a perilous planet full of cliffs and dust storms. Res is put to the test in ways that go beyond space travel as he manoeuvres over the challenging terrain of Mars. Will Res have the tenacity, bravery, and resilience to succeed... and survive? Will millions of people on Earth be watching his progress?

Ocean's World: An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure Carlos PenaVega, Alexa PenaVega, Kiersten Eagan (Illustrator)

Ocean's World is a children's action and adventure book where you can explore oceans, find island volcanoes, and learn intriguing marine facts.

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, a famous couple best known for their leading roles in the films Big Time Rush and Spy Kids, respectively, release their first picture book. Ocean, their firstborn son, and their Hawaii home served as the inspiration for the book. Follow Ocean and his younger brother Kingston as they search for a dawn shell on the lovely island of Maui. Will they manage to locate this unique shell before the island volcano explodes and lava floods the beach?

You'll run into a tonne of interesting and enlightening discoveries as Ocean and Kingston's quest progresses!

How to Eat a Book by Mrs. and Mr. MacLeod

“Sheila sat down to eat her first book and the strangest thing happened…The book ate HER.”

Sheila, Gerald, and Geraldine are devoured one by one by their books. They are dispersed far and wide by this odd turn of events. Gerald braves the wonder of experiencing the world up close while Sheila completely flees its weight. And Geraldine, well, Geraldine does her absolute worst to be nasty.

Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod create a whimsical, contemporary celebration of books that features elements of Edward Gorey and Shel Silverstein. Each page features stunning cutout illustrations created with dipped pen and ink, which were digitally coloured after being photographed in a stage diorama. The end effect is a captivating world that is brimming with charm and personality.


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