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ECHO E-NEWSLETTER (November & December 2021-22)

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Message From Trustee

The most valuable skill that you can sell is your knowledge and good education is a prerequisite for it. So I would say to all children to be good learners and be focused, ambitious and be the best of whatever you are.

I feel for each sensitive educator learning is a journey that is joyful, stress-free, and that engages the mutual learners (the student and the educator) wholly in its steady evolution. Along with academic excellence and vast sports opportunities, we provide our learners with exposure to the realities of the world. We sculpt them into competitive, empathetic, optimistic individuals who strive to succeed in every challenge they are faced with. We aim at ensuring that our comprehensive development programs provide students with an international learning experience while preserving our core Indian values. Thus we inspired, lead to an honest inquiry on the path of education and the deeper concepts of teaching and learning. The educational system in ancient India, the system that great sages used in their ashrams, was such that met the demand both of the intellect and the soul.

Each moment is a golden opportunity- an opportunity to learn, to give, to help, to love, and to live fully. Education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. All-round efforts are being made to provide qualitative, value-based, and activity-oriented education here. The unstinted support of parents, learners, educators has been an incentive to compete against the odds and reach a platform where we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted and result- delivering schools in Surat and can further explore new horizons.

Children need to be exposed to and participate in interactive activities and scenarios that will harness their curiosity and motivate and inspire them to investigate the world around them. We aim at providing young people with continuous opportunities to develop their talents and demonstrate what they know and can learn. Each child’s untapped potential is waiting to be unleashed.

I would request all the parents to inculcate self-discipline in their children and spend some quality time with them, to support them in independent decision making and help them identify their innate skills and talents.

I would expect my educators and faculty to prepare students to be creative thinkers who are able to reason, solve problems and create new knowledge to enable them to follow any path they might choose as they become tomorrow’s citizens.

Message From Principal

Finally, the year’s gone. Once again it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, making a new beginning, and rebuilding what’s broken. . It’s time to thank those who turned day into night to find a vaccine to counter one of the greatest scourges of the century. Yes we thank them all and god too.

For us as educationists, the year and the one before were drastic and wildly unusual because we were separated from our learners without whom teachers and educational institutes face an existential crisis. If they are not with us at school, then for whom do we exist? Yes, the past couple of years were tough but we made it to this point where children are coming back to school, bringing light and happiness to the empty school building. There was some semblance of happiness and life at school as other activities went on in full swing.

Biggest of all, we hosted a mega event in which about two hundred young children took part in the first ever GGS Inter-Society Knockout Cricket Tournament. The school ground brimmed with joyful cries and happy smiles of the players. About twenty teams participated in the two-day knockout event. Along with the other activities, the second periodic assessment started for all the grades except grade 10th that just had their CBSE board examination.

The unit test ended on the 31st of December so did year 2021. What a turbulent year it was! Online, offline, hybrid—all these words have become a part of our parlance now. In spite of all the ups and downs as a result of COVID, we have been able to continue imparting education. I hope that the next year will be better and full of new opportunities. Scientists and Researchers are optimistic of the coming year. So am I.

Let’s say goodbye to all the passing year, with a hope that the next one will be easier for our children, our learners and our families. But one thing we’re sure of—we’ll sail through it come what may.

Happy New Year to all my dear Learners, Parents & Educators !!

Integrated Learning

1st to 21st November 2021

Diwali Vacation Activities

Purpose- The Homework is given as part of the pedagogical practice followed at school. Here, emphasis is laid more on finding ways to solve a problem rather than regurgitating memorized theories.

Every vacation, GGG gives its learners a unique activity based homework which seeks to develop their creativity, problem solving and innovation. This Diwali also was no exception. Learners were given a unique problem for which they were required to find a solution. The HW is so designed that learners get to use all the skills taught at school. They performed activities such as lend mother a hand, feed stray animals, making educational tools, making new friends and designing a cartoon avatar for oneself. Shape art was another area they explored.

15th November 2021

Pre-Board Assessment for Grade X leaners

Purpose- Evaluation aids in the development of educational programmes, the assessment of their accomplishments, and the improvement of their effectiveness. It acts as a built-in monitor within the system, allowing you to check on your learning progress at any moment. It also provides useful input on the efficacy of the pedagogical methods used.

The 2nd pre board examination for grade 10th was held in November to help prepare 10th grade learners for the first term examination held by the CBSE. Two pre board examinations are held every year before the final board examination held by the CBSE.

23rd November 2021

Learn With Fun Resumes @GGS

Purpose- With due permission from the Government of Gujarat to start school for learners of 1st through 5th grades, Gajera Global School at Pal resumed in person classes today after a gap of about two years.

Learners were accorded a warm welcome with drumbeats, tilaks, flowers and performers dressed as their favorite cartoon characters. It was noted that learners were happy to have come back to school and so were educators. Being the first day, they were acquainted with the do's and don’ts of COVID protocols.

26th November 2021

School Exploration Activity

Purpose- The tour was organized as part of Exploration based learning. Exploration-based learning is an active learning approach which helps learners learn through curiosity and inquiry through direct , hands-on experiences.

Learners of grades 1st to 5th had been away from school for a long period because of COVID restrictions. To help them come back to the study mode, GGS organized a school tour for 1st grade learners.

29th November 2021

Nature Integrated Learning

Purpose- As part of their nature integrated learning curriculum, learners spotted and researched about the two varieties of snails living in the school aquarium. The aquarium has been made as part of the nature integrated curriculum at school.

They learnt how to identify different types of snails, their sex and feeding habits.

30th November 2021

Experiential Learning

Purpose- As per CBSE norms, experiential learning is to be stressed more to give learners a first-hand experience of the topic at hand. Laboratory work can play an important role in developing Learners' understanding of the process of scientific inquiry, their intellectual and practical skills.

As part of the curriculum, learners attended laboratory sessions to experience the knowledge gained inside the classroom. They learnt how different compounds, in presence of a catalyst can create other compounds and molecules. To this end, they attended a practical session in the school laboratory.

27th to 31st December 2021

Second Periodic Assessment

Purpose- Periodic assessment of learners is a part academic pedagogy in any school. The examinations were held to help them find areas of improvement.

GGS conducted the second periodic assessment for I to XI graders as part of the evaluation process within the session to promote & develop their thinking, logical & decision-making skills and knowledge. Except for grade 10th all the learners appeared in the pen-paper test.

Club Activities @GGS

Purpose- The club period is a part and parcel of GGS pedagogy. In these clubs, learners sharpen their individual talents apart from the regular curriculum. These activities prepare learners for better performance in competitions held outside of school.

Club activities were held on this Saturday too as part of the regular schedule. In the club activity period, learners practice skills such as public speaking, debating, painting, and using math to measure distances without any equipment etc.

Inculcating Social & Moral Values

14th November 2021

Children's Day Celebration

Purpose- The day is celebrated at school as part of the National Children’s Day. The day coincides with the birthday of the first Prime Minister of Independent India.

Educators of GGS made learners feel special by doing a dance performance for their learners on 14 November on the occasion of Children’s Day. They put together a dance on video and surprised their learners by being children.

25th November 2021

International Thanks Giving Day

Purpose- All the learners of GGS observed Thanksgiving Day on 25 November. They learnt about the history of the celebration and thanked the Principal and the Vice Principals of the school along with the housekeeping staff.

Learners designed greeting cards and presented them to the educators & janitorial staff as a sign of gratitude.

26th November 2021

World Constitution Day @GGS

Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: Our Aspirations

Purpose- As part of the Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, the Government of India observed 26 November as the Constitution Day. Learners of grades 6th through 9th and 11th took part in the live online reading of the preamble.

The session was held to help learners understand the basic tenets of the Indian Constitution which the Republic of India set down as its guiding principles.

2nd December 2021

World Computer Literacy Day

Purpose- World Computer Literacy Day was observed at GGS with learners discussing how to use the Internet safely, without compromising personal and financial details.

The observation was meant to raise awareness about cyber bullying and means to avoid them. Learners learnt how to check the strength of their passwords online. They learnt how to set strong passwords to protect themselves from hackers.

4th December 2021

Indian Navy Day Celebration

Purpose- Indian Navy Day was celebrated at school to recall the sacrifices and valour of soldiers and sailors protecting the country at sea. It was on this day in 1971 that the Indian Navy dealt a crushing blow to the Pakistan Navy.

Since then, the day has been celebrated as Navy Day. Children recalled the bravery of these soldiers and vowed to emulate them.

22nd December 2021

National Mathematics Day Celebration @GGS

Purpose- Numbers rule our lives, from the cradle to the grave. To inculcate a love for the subject, GGS celebrates Mathematics Day every year. Entire program was lead by grade 9 learners.

The assembly ground turned into an active zone today with learners experimenting with mathematical models, projects and numbers. They participated in the activities as part of National Mathematics Day to celebrate Ramanujan’s birthday.

24th December 2021

Kisan Diwas Celebration

Purpose- The day reminded us how we may help India become a developed nation with food security. The educators explained various procedure of agriculture like ploughing, sowing, harvesting, etc. to the learners.

Prep learners celebrated Kiwan Diwas to recall the contribution made by farmers to nation building. India being an agricultural economy, the contribution of farmers becomes all the more relevant.

24th December 2021

Christmas Carnival @GGS

Purpose- Christmas is celebrated at school every year as part of inclusivity and pluralism. It is held in respect to the ideals set by the Indian Constitution.

The grounds at GGS today lit up with little red angels singing Christmas carols and hymns as part of the Winter Carnival and Christmas celebrations. Celebrating Christmas has been a long standing tradition, and learners today joined together to continue the tradition.

31st December 2021

Do Svidaniya 2021 (Goodbye 2021)

Purpose- The day is celebrated every year to bid adieu to the passing year. This year too was no exception. Once again it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, making a new beginning, and rebuilding what’s broken. It is also a time for retrospection, a time to look back and see what we could have done better.

All the learners at GGS welcomed the New Year with great enthusiasm as another turbulent year has gone by. This and the previous year were particularly turbulent and topsy-turvy as many drastic changes came about in all spheres of life and business.

School Competitions & Celebrations

11th & 12th December 2021

Inter Society Tennis Cricket Tournament

Purpose- The tournament was held to bring the community together as it had been isolated by the Covid scourge. For about two years, no such gathering was possible. The event brought us back together, and sang the glory of the human spirit.

The grounds at GGS brimmed with life and energy when about two hundred cricketers gathered to win the 1st Inter-Society GGS Cricket Cup. It was held over two days with twenty teams participating in it. Parents, coaches, and cricketers all gave their fullest effort to win in the competition.

17th December 2021

Christmas tree Decoration Competition for Pre-primary Learners

Purpose- The competition was held to give learners a much needed fun time. They have been attending classes online. To break the monotony, the competition was held.

Learners of the prep grade at GGS competed against one another in a Christmas tree decoration competition today. Being young, they let out their best imagination and made each and every one of them stand out.

23rd December 2021

Carol Singing Competition for 1st to 5th Grade Learners

Purpose- This kind of competitions are held to build sensitivity and develop tolerance to others. It was a tribute to India’s diversity of cultures and the secular ideals upheld by the constitution. It was the first offline competition held after a long time at school for 1 to 5 Grade learners.

Learners of grades 1st to 5th joined in a Carol singing competition held at school. The competition was held as part of Christmas celebrations.

Educational Excursions

4th December 2021

A Day Amidst Nature- Gavier lake Visit by Learners

Purpose- Learners visited the lake to understand how small ecosystems like the lake- can help conserve nature and natural resources. They learnt how they can contribute towards conservation.

As part of the programme to integrate nature with the curriculum, GGS organises excursions from time to time, because it believes that sensitizing learners to the impact of human actions on the environment can bring about a change in future. This Saturday, they paid a visit to Gavier Lake near Dumas and learnt about the vast ecosystem contained in a small area. They spotted migratory birds in the lake.

10th December 2021

Virtual Educational Excursion to Marine Life for Grade I to V Learners

Purpose- Learners of grades 1st through 5th learnt about Marine Ecology in a PPT to understand how Bio diverse nature is and how biodiversity can keep the ecology in balance.

They were shown the PPT to make them see how all the flora and fauna in the earth are interdependent. The entire system may collapse if only one species or class goes missing.

12th to 18th December 2021

Winter Adventure Camp

In Touch with Nature @Tamia, Madhya Pradesh.

Purpose- The trip was organized to help learners learn skills that are deemed necessary for success. Most importantly, they learnt how to be responsible for themselves and others. Listening was another crucial skill they picked up while at camp.

Learners of GGS with went on a week-long excursion to Tamia, Madhya Pradesh as part of the school’s policy of inculcating life skills in learners. The trip was organized in collaboration with Learners learnt discipline, conservation and other crucial survival skills at the camp.

29th December 2021

Educational Excursion for Young Learners

Purpose- Learners of the prep grades learnt how we travel in different modes via Air, Water and Land. They learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of all the modes.

The activity was done to show how these modes of travel have developed over the decades. Educators prepared a setup of the various modes of transportation to explain the concept to the learners properly.

Workshops & Webinars

16th to 18th December 2021

Self Defence Workshop for Women

Purpose- The workshop was organised to make women feel the need for physical fitness and readiness to defend themselves.

A three-day Self defence workshop for women was held at school to help them prepare for any danger they may face in the street or in a bye lane. The workshop was mentored by Mr. Jignesh Parekh the school’s Martial Art Mentor.

20th December 2021

Prayas Planet Us: Awareness session for Uttarayan festival

Purpose- The seminar was hoped to inculcate the right values and attitudes in young learners. While they are sensitive to the issue, they may not know how to react. The seminar showed them concrete ways on how to help birds in need.

Learners of grades 6th through 11th attended a session on responsible entertainment as they attended a seminar on how to avoid hurting birds while flying kites in Uttarayan. The workshop was conducted by Prayas, an organization dedicated to saving birds and small animals.

23rd December 2021

An Orientation Session on IIMUN

Purpose- The session was held to encourage learners to participate in the coming MUN. MUN sessions are held every year to give learners a platform to improve their public speaking and leadership skills, which are some of the crucial skills for the current century.

An orientation session by the Surat Chapter of the IIMUN was held on 23 November for the learners of GGS to inform them about the coming IIMUN session, a part of which will be hosted by GGS itself. Learners were informed of the committees in which they may take part as a representative of a Country.

Learners' Corner

Captain Vikram Batra

- By Ipshita Singh (Grade-9)

“Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure”.

Personal Life-

Captain Vikram Batra, PVC was an Indian Army officer who served from September 9, 1974, until July 7, 1999. For his services during the 1999 Kargil War, during which he conducted one of the most challenging mountain combat operations in Indian military history, he was posthumously given the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest and most prestigious honour for valour.

Batra was born in a tiny hamlet in Himachal Pradesh called Palampur on September 9, 1974. Girdhari Lal Batra, a government school administrator, and Kamal Kanta Batra, a school teacher, had him as their third child. He was the older of twin twins, born fourteen minutes before his younger brother, Vishal.

Batra acquired his elementary education from his mother when he was a small child. He subsequently went to the D.A.V. Public School in Palampur, where he completed his secondary education. He attended Central School in Palampur for his senior secondary studies.

Apart from his academic achievements, Batra participated in sports and represented his school at the national level at the Delhi Youth Parliamentary events.

After that, he earned the NCC's 'C' qualification and rose through the ranks of his NCC unit to Senior Under Officer. He was then picked as an NCC cadet for the Republic Day parade in 1994, and when he returned home, he told his parents that he wanted to join the Army. His maternal grandfather served in the Indian Army as well. He was chosen for the merchant navy by a shipping company based in Hong Kong in 1995 while still in college, but he later changed his mind, telling his mother that "money is not everything in life; I have to do something bigger in life, something great, something extraordinary, which may bring fame to my country." In the same year, he graduated from Chandigarh's DAV College with a bachelor's degree.

Following the completion of his bachelor's degree in 1995, he enrolled in the MA English programme at Punjab University in Chandigarh in order to prepare for the "Combined Defence Services" (CDS) Examination.

He cleared the CDS test in 1996 and was called for an interview at the Services Selection Board (SSB) in Allahabad, where he was chosen. In the Order of Merit, he was one of the top 35 applicants. [19] He left the University after a year (session 1995—96) to enter the Indian Military Academy, where he earned an MA in English.

About the war-

Captain Vikram Batra, Commander Delta Company, was entrusted with attacking Point 5140 during 'Operation Vijay' on the 20th of June, 1999. Captain Batra and his troops approached the feature from the east, keeping the enemy off guard. Captain Batra rearranged his column and rallied his troops to attack the enemy's positions physically. He jumped on the enemy and killed four of them in a hand-to-hand struggle while leading from the front. His company was instructed to clear a small feature with steep cuts on each side and well constructed enemy defences that covered the sole approach to it on July 7, 1999, in another operation in the region Pt 4875. Captain Batra rushed the enemy position up a narrow ridge and fought the enemy in a furious hand-to-hand combat, killing five enemy troops at point blank range, in order to complete the mission quickly. Despite being severely injured, he crawled towards the enemy and flung grenades at them, oblivious to his own safety. Leading from the front, he rallied his soldiers and pushed on the charge, completing a near impossible military job in the face of intense enemy fire. However, the cop died as a result of his injuries. His men, inspired by his courageous conduct, wreaked havoc on the enemy, annihilating them and capturing Point 4875.

His achievements-

On the 52nd anniversary of India's independence, Vikram Batra was given the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest military honour. G.L. Batra, his father, was given the award.

Captain Vikram Batra, in the face of the enemy, demonstrated the most remarkable personal courage and leadership of the highest order, and gave the greatest sacrifice in the Indian Army's finest traditions.

What is Courage

- By Aditi Basumatary (Grade-7)

Bravery has always been instilled in us. Even before we take our first steps, we are taught to have courage and not to be scared of falling. We fight our worries with every breath, and sometimes we succeed, and other times we fail. Fighting is in our nature, regardless of the outcome. To defend ourselves, our families, our country, and our beliefs. I believe that when the sun sets, we are all fighting the same battle: the end. We all do it in our own unique ways, but we all do it. We want to accomplish something, prove our worth to the world, leave a mark, be loved, and a million other things before we depart this planet.

And fighting for oneself is one thing; fighting for others, I believe, is even more difficult. Being on a battlefield, with death hovering around every corner, seems to me, a terrifying experience. To say the least, the bravery and loyalty of so many warriors is inspiring. To put one's life on the line for people you've never met, to swear to safeguard an entire nation, feels like a whole new world of responsibilities.

But, I imagine, it will eventually seem like I'm battling for my family. After all, getting up early every day to train, eat, and work with fellow soldiers will seem like having a large family.

And I would be proud if I were a gallantry award winner who was brave and proudly fought for our country. I would try to encourage individuals to conquer their anxieties and make a difference in the world. I especially want to inspire young girls, such as me, to pursue their aspirations and prove to themselves that they are valuable. I want them to make their mark in the world.

Educators' Corner

17th to 20th December, 2021

Educator’s Development Programme

Purpose- After the Diwali vacation, GGS organized a series of Educator’s Development Programmes from 17 to 20 November.

17th November 2021: Educators went on an educational trip to Auro University for exchange of ideas about the best practices that may be used in the classroom.

18th November 2021: Prep educators of the school attended a session by Ms. Anshu Dua who explained how to keep learners engaged and interested in the classroom. She showed them creative methods that can make the learning process more interactive.

19th November 2021: To encourage peer-to-peer learning, GGS organized an Idea Sharing Meet by the winners of the Gyanam Competition held as part of Maker’s Day in October this year. Educators enriched themselves by exchanging ideas with one another.

20th November 2021: GGS has a state of the art recording studio to record video and audio lessons for its learners. To accelerate the post recording process, a training session on video editing was held at the school.

Articles By Educators


“when you read once, you get the understanding ; when you read twice, you get the second understanding. Don’t just read, read!”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Educators as Learning Specialists ;

We view teaching as a knowledge - rich profession with educators as ‘learning specialists.’ As professionals in their field, teachers can be expected to process and evaluate new knowledge relevant for their core professional practice and to regularly update their knowledge base to improve their practice and to meet new teaching demands. By investigating the knowledge underlying effective teaching and learning, we are studying how to improve teacher quality. In fact, the main motive for investigating educator knowledge is to improve learner outcomes. On the other hand, to improve educator quality, it is crucial to understand what teacher professionalism involves. In other words, the two main themes underlying the study of educator knowledge are improving learner outcomes and teacher professionalism.


New knowledge needs to be linked to concepts learned earlier and different parts of the lesson should be linked to each other, to knowledge learned earlier and to the curriculum. Subject ideas should not be taught in isolation; a strong focus should be put on the relationship between ideas. This will enable learners to be better able to retrieve knowledge from memory and to understand how the learning in one lesson links to learning in others. These linkages must be explicitly taught. Teachers can also use questions that ask a learner to relate a newly taught concept to a previously learned idea.

This means that educators must themselves be aware of the connections between different aspects of their subject and the use and application of the subject in different areas of the curriculum. This highlights the importance of good educator subject knowledge , understanding– about both the subject itself and its contribution to other aspects of learning across the curriculum. Conceptualizing teacher knowledge is a complex issue that involves understanding key underlying phenomena such as the process of teaching and learning , the concept of knowledge, as well as the way educators’ knowledge is put into action in the classroom.

- By Dipankar Basumatary

English Educator @GGS

The Power of an Idea

The machine age in which we live, and from which we are just emerging, has taken the soul out of men. Its leaders have driven men as though they were pieces of cold machinery; they were forced to do so by the employees who have bargained, at the expense of all concerned, to get and not to give.

The watchword of the future will be HUMAN HAPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT, and when this state of mind shall have been attained, the production will take care of itself, more effectively than anything that has ever been accomplished where men did not, and could not mix FAITH and individual interest with their labor. Because of the need for faith and cooperation in operating business and industry, it will be both interesting and profitable to analyze an event which provides an excellent understanding of the method by which industrialists and business men accumulate great fortunes, by giving before they try to get.

The event chosen for this illustration dates back to 1900, when the United States Steel Corporation was being formed. As you read the blog , keep in mind these fundamental facts and you will understand how IDEAS have been converted into huge fortunes.

First, the huge United States Steel Corporation was born in the mind of Charles M. Schwab, in the form of an IDEA he created through his IMAGINATION!

Second, he mixed FAITH with his IDEA.

Third, he formulated a PLAN for the transformation of his IDEA into physical and financial reality.

Fourth, he put his plan into action with his famous speech at the University Club.

Fifth, he applied, and followed-through on his PLAN with PERSISTENCE, and backed it with firm DECISION until it had been fully carried out.

Sixth, he prepared the way for success by a BURNING DESIRE for success. If you are one of those who have often wondered how great fortunes are accumulated, this article about the creation of the United States Steel Corporation will be enlightening. If you have any doubt that men can THINK AND GROW RICH, this story should dispel that doubt, because you can plainly see in the story of the United States Steel, the application of a major portion of the principles are described.

- By Ankit Singhvi

Accounts & Economics Educator @GGS

Parents' Corner

11th December, 2021

PEM- An Opportunity to Share

Purpose- The PEM was held to keep parents in the loop, for which parents attended the PEM.

Articles by Parents

Art of Parenting

For all parents who force their children to study. Is life just dangling in future alone?? A extract from writer Sujatha’s biography. A must read. Good one. I recently got an E-mail. It’s from a worried father of two sons. He is a successful central government employee. Starting his career as a fresher and completed his whole career as a senior officer before retiring. He has two sons. Both of them well settled with their family.

One is living in America, and the another one living in Australia. He is living along with his wife, in his native city, Trichy. His only problem is severe depression from loneliness. His wife is suffering from arthritis, and he has Asthma and they can’t settle in colder countries with their sons. Their sons rarely visit them. Even for two years, they wouldn’t visit once. Even if they do, they would stay hardly for 5 days and that too, would hardly spend 5 hours with them.

My second son likes to read a lot of your books. He buys them when he visits India. If you could write an email to him, explaining our state, he might understand us. He requested. I generally don’t get into other’s family problem. But when he insisted, I just forwarded his mail to his son. After a week’s delay, there was response from his son. A lengthy email that made me think a lot about present education and its psychological effects. His son’s mail read as, “I lived in Trichy for 22 whole years. But I don’t have any bonding with my native town. For , I have been with my parents. But I don’t have any sweet memories of them. My father, has always planned to make me an Engineer. He even planned it right before my LKG.

Every day, he would sit along and teach lessons. After that my mother would. Studying in the school, than studying in the home, it’s all the only memories of my childhood that I carry around. Even during leaves, even on summer holidays, its English Grammar and Maths Algebra. Even for festivals like Pongal, and Diwali, there’s nothing for me to celebrate, just studying. Sometimes, I would lie down and think. If I have anything to remember from my childhood. Anywhere, any happy occasion. Nothing. At least If I got any bad occasion, to remember. Nothing. Its just plain studying, studying, studying.

My school is worse than that. It’s a private school. It is ranked best for squeezing my childhood into marks. People would stand in queues even to get admission. There were teachers to assist us the moment we enter the school and would stay with us till we leave the campus. There’s no way, they would let me laugh or play. It’s just study, study, study.

Even in that, study, I have nothing to amuse myself. I didn’t learn anything out of the box from that education. None introduced me to novels or art. Only thing they taught me is to Xerox the whole text with just my memory and write on the exam papers. After finishing my graduation in the same way, and getting employed in America, I just figured out on my own, how happy life can be. Travelling, meeting friends, reading novels, hearing music, were all making me very happy. Our mind, just remembers the place, where it is very happy. It assumes that, that place is our native.

That’s, how I love the cities in America more than Trichy. Now Trichy is like a strange city to me. I can’t stay for more than a day in it. I have respect for my parents. I am grateful to them. I understand them. But I can’t talk for more than half an hour with them. For 22 years, they hid this world and made me study. Nothing more I can think about them. If I am to love them, I should have understood them. I just see them as strangers.

For the 22years, I have been with them, we never had any general discussions. They only frighten me with their fears, studies, and my future. Even If I force myself to speak with them, I have nothing to talk. Even now, they frighten me with questions, like, how much I earn and what are my savings plan. They ask me not to travel, and not to buy books. They are asking me to live their life.

Now tell me, How do you expect me to talk with, when we don’t even have common interests to discuss even for ½ hour. Even if I try artificially, I can’t. How do you expect me to stay in a city that has long become strange for me. I can force myself for 5 days, for the gratitude and respect. What can I do after that.” I forwarded that mail as such to his father. His father just read that mail and didn’t understand a bit. Out of his own frustration, he replied, that his son is disrespectful and irresponsible. After a month, he just mailed, me saying, If I could call his son for Diwali.

Diwali is a celebration for children. Children like it a lot. When we grow up, we celebrate less and just carry the happy memories of the childhood celebrations. Your son says, he doesn’t have any such memories. You have taken away all his enjoyment and colorfulness from his life. I replied. He never wrote back any mail. Life is not a struggle for securing the future. It is to make every minute memorable with colors. It is for that same reason, we have festivals and celebrations. It is what our ancestors framed for us.

Tomorrow is important. But today is more important.

- By Sima Jimuliya

Parent of Vedant Jimuliya (Grade XI)

Parents’ Feedback

Parents' Feedback on Children's Day video By Educators

This is what our parents think about our efforts: fantastic, awesome, fabulous, very very nice, and wow. Who wouldn't feel awesome while getting this kind of motivation and feedback? Our educators went all in on Children's Day to make them feel special. They danced, sang and even played like children. After all, what better way to appreciate someone than be them.


Mr. Jignesh Parekh, Martial Art Mentor @GGS, Pal brought us laurels by winning the bronze medal in the 1st Gujarat State level Taekwondo Championship held on 9 and 10 October in Ahmedabad. He plays in the in the 64 to 68 kilo category. A holder of a 3rd degree black belt, Mr. Parekh beat Mr. Hardik Gohil, a 2nd degree black belt.

Roll Ball Gujarat Cup - 2021-22

Master Pruvil Dethaliya of grade 9th has been selected for 14th Junior National Roll Ball Championship; organized by Roll Ball Association of Gujarat. GGS wishes him all the best for Nationals, which is to be held from 26th to 29th December 2021, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Nitya Bajpai of Grade-6th made GGS proud by acquiring grade A1 in the National Level Exam called Concours Roman Rolland 2021-22. She obtained an aggregate of 90% in the competition. The examination was held by Prayatna Educational Society, India in collaboration with Francaise de Rouen-Normandie, France. GGS congratulates her for her achievement.

Ms. Sangeet Chaudhury Science Educator of GGS took part in an International Education Exchange Programme for primary and secondary school teachers organised by Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO. The programme was held from 12 to 19 December 2021 for the international exchange and teachers idea sharing. Mrs. Chaudhury successfully completed all the activities done as part of the International Educational Exchange Programme.

Appreciation for Gajera Global School in Global sustainability awards 2020-2021, GSA (2021), for its concerted efforts towards environmental awareness in young children. The school has been recognized for making Nature based education a part of the core curriculum.

Good Reads

Stacey’s Extraordinary Words

-By Stacey Abrams

Wings of Fire

-By Tui T Sutherland

Cat Kid

-By Dav Pilkey


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