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ECHO E-NEWSLETTER (October 2021-22)

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Message From Trustee

Let me welcome you to our Fold!

As we welcome you, the future leaders and productive citizens of the world, I would like to stress our mission statement of grooming young minds and hearts as the pillar of advancement of a nation and hope of the future. A vision that has never faltered, a tenacity to face challenges head-on, an inert vitality to soar higher and empower young minds to take on the world, sums up the essence of Gajera Group of Schools.

As the chairman of this institution, I anticipate the full participation and cooperation of the learners and parents to make it possible for us to transform those dreams into reality. Our school’s objective is to continue being recognized as a torchbearer of leading education methods and an institution that has students defining a future not only for them but for the world as well. We have and will continually strive for brighter and more secure prospects for our learners. We maintain an utmost academic standard, incorporated with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving a remarkable and excellent percentage of results. We firmly believe that education is the key to a nation's progress with us, we will take it as our bounded duty to provide the best academic training a student can get. The institution's endeavors to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to become truly successful in the chosen field. In whatever career a student may choose to take, hard work and discipline are the sure roads towards success. And as your educational institution, we will support students in achieving those golden ambitions and also ensure that their stay in the college is meaningful and fruitful as well.

Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on teamwork, and a high level of responsibility. This visionary culture allows and emphasizes our wards not only to adopt the present-day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large. My sincere thanks to the school Principals, educators, and other staff members without whom these successes – big and small – would not be possible. They not only teach the children the subjects but also inculcate values of commitment, zealousness, and pride in everything they do.

Wishing you all a happy, safe and blessed Diwali.

Message From Principal

Dear Parents and Learners,

Our best compliments to you all for Diwali!

We are grateful that we have been able to end the first half of the session 2021-22 successfully, without the slightest hitch. So, heartiest congratulations to all of us and best wishes for the coming Diwali and the New Year. May the light of good fortune dispel the darkness from our lives.

We understand that there was a learning gap due to the long absence from offline school, but with our joint efforts, we will surmount any difficulty that life throws at us. With the joint efforts of our dedicated educators, enthusiastic learners, and supportive parents we’ll overcome all challenges, and will come out better and brighter. With a steady goal in sight, we are confident of achieving them.

In line with our policy of activity based homework, we are giving you integrated project work as Diwali homework which will leave you with ample time to enjoy the festival to the fullest but without affecting your learning. I would advice grade 10th and 12th learners to be very focused as they will be appearing for their first term board exam after Diwali Vacation.

We’d like to inform you that a new ID tracking system for parents through GEMS app has been initiated by the Trust for all the schools it manages. This has been done keeping in view of your child’s safety and security. From now on, to gain entry into the school premises, you need to scan the bar-coded ID card on the scanner at the gate.

Once again, wish you a happy Diwali. We’ll meet after the vacation with renewed zest and zeal, ready to take on the world.

Thank you.

Integrated Learning

8th October 2021

Inspirational interactive session with the youngest female commercial Pilot

Ms. Maitri Patel

Purpose- The session was held to show our learners how having a goal is important for future success. It gives us a direction to go and helps us remain focused, two essential ingredients for success. After the session learners discussed their goals.

On the occasion of Indian Air force day, Ms Maitri Patel, was invited to interact with the learners. She shared her story about how she became a pilot at the young age of 17. After the talk show, learners of grades 6th through 12th interacted with her. She also stressed that everyone could do it. What is needed is only a fire in the belly.

12th October 2021

Sunita’s Makerspace- A Passion Driven Place to Explore

Purpose- The 12th of October is a Red Letter Day for all Gajerians, because it is on this day that Late Trustee Mrs. Sunita Chunibhai Gajera was born. Every year, her birthday is celebrated as Maker’s Day to celebrate innovation, creativity and collaboration in arts, culture, business and sports. This year, to commemorate her birthday, our learners took part in an activity and produced works of art on the spot using scrap materials. In the learner’s hands, induced by creativity, scrap materials collected as entry fee as part of Maker’s Day celebrations on 7 October, came to life.

Learners brainstormed on the spot and put shape and matter to their ideas in about an hour. Waste paper became dolls and roses; discarded CDs became flowers; caps of disposable bottles became logos; lids of bottles became a drum set. Proving the belief that creativity works in strange ways, some of our learners converted keys of thrown-away keyboards to leaves of a tree showing the limitless uses of one object. They showed that we are limited only by our creativity or the lack of it. Though it was not a competition, learners went the whole nine yards to show that one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

13th October 2021

Dream High & Strive Hard to Achieve Your Goals

Purpose- Motivation and a determination of purpose are the foundation of a successful career and the earlier we find our purpose and the better the chances of achieving our goals. Without a purpose, one would drift like a rudderless boat.

To encourage our learners to find their goals at an early age, the Principal and educators consulted with the learners of 6th to 11th graders. The consultation induced them to reflect on their choices and refine their goals according to their skills and competence. Many of them talked about unconventional career options, which have become popular in view of the current popularity of YouTube and other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

18th to 29th October 2021

Creative assessment for Pre-primary Learners

Purpose- Pre-primary learners put their heads together to look back and see how much they learnt in the current academic year. Creative assessments and activities were designed as part of the evaluation process. The assessment was held as per schedule.

Evaluation of what has been learnt plays a crucial part in internalizing the knowledge learnt at school. To assess and help prep learners, the creative assessment was conducted virtually. As part of the process, learners applied their skills in the activities designed as problems.

Life Skills @GGS

Purpose- Life Skills lessons are given on a regular basis to help learners develop confidence, self-reliance, and creativity. According to research, children who do chores like this can grow up to be successful adults.

In the life skill class, learners of grades 1st and 2nd learnt how to make a banana milkshake. Bananas are some of the healthiest fruits, it loads protein in them. If taken regularly they can make one strong. Added with milk, they become even better as a healthy food.

Inculcating Social & Moral Values

1st October 2021

Grandparent’s Day Celebration

Purpose- The get-together brought back beautiful memories and the important role the relationship plays in personality development.

Prep learners spend some quality time with their doting parents on the occasion of Grandparents’ Day today. A highlight of the session was the way they connected. They shared time together online and grandparents from as far as West Bengal and Rajkot were able to join their grandchildren on the occasion.

1st October 2021

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Purpose- In a world torn by violence and intolerance, perhaps Gandhi’s teachings carry more weight today than yesterday. To recall the need for love and tolerance, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated by all the learners from grades 1st through 11th.

They did a presentation on his struggles, life and teachings as a freedom fighter. They recalled how non-violence needs strength of character.

7th October 2021

Auspicious Nine: Navaratri Ghatasthapana @GGS

Purpose- The ghatasthapana marks the start of a nine-day celebration. According to Hindu panchang, the Shardiya Navaratri 2021 auspicious moment for navratri kalash sthapana, also known as ghatasthapana, began at 06:17 AM on Thursday, October 7, 2021. The nine-day festival of navaratri is dedicated to nine forms of goddess Durga, namely Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri.

As per tradition, GGS has been celebrating Navaratri and this year, it coincided with Maker’s Day 2021. Auspicious as it is, the confluence of the two events may be called a harbinger good fortune to come.

14th October 2021

Navaratri: The Penultimate Day

Purpose- Like every year Navratri is celebrated with nine days of Aarti (prayer) of nine forms of Goddess Durga. As part of the tradition, educators contributed to the Prasadam, which were served to the learners after the Havan. The Havan was done in the hope of gaining blessings from the goddess.

All the learners of the school took part in the garbha to celebrate Navratri on the 9th day of the festival, bidding adieu to the goddess who visit us every year to remind us of our responsibilities to nurture good and destroy evil. While the celebration was in progress, judges went around and looked for the best khelaiya among them. The learners in best attire & best khelaiya were awarded the certificates.

After the Navaratri, Dussherra had followed with the symbolic decimation of evil.

30th October 2021

One Happiness in Diwali

Purpose- The celebrations marked the beginning of the Diwali season and vacation to begin from 1 November.

Diwali is round the corner and GGS learners & educators had a nice time together welcoming the festival of lights. Learners of all the grades from 1st through 11th enjoyed the last day of school before the Diwali vacation with a high-spirited celebration. Before the festivities, they gave away gifts to the janitorial staff of the school. The assembly was followed by Dabba party and sports for all the learners from grades 6th through 11th.

Online School Competitions & Celebrations

2nd to 6th October 2021

Gearing up for the Mega Event of Maker's Day

Purpose - We celebrate Maker’s Day every year to celebrate Late Trustee Mrs. Sunita C Gajera as it was her idea to create a space for young thinker, makers and innovators. Her brainchild Sunita’s Makerspace has been crucial in organizing the event every year.

Learners of the school could be seen rolling up their sleeves for the mega event called Maker’s Day from 2nd October, just after the examination had ended. They could be seen planning and preparing models, projects, creatives, and the overall decoration of the school.

7th & 10th October 2021

Maker’s Day Celebration & Prize distribution Ceremony

Purpose- Maker’s Day is held every year to honour creativity, sensitivity, innovation and collaboration under the aegis of Sunita’s Makerspace. This year, the motif of the event was Mother Nature, because we believe that sensitivity to nature is one of the hallmarks of a responsible person. Considering the drastic changes the climate is going through, creating awareness about the environment has become all the more crucial.

The event marks the culmination of the celebration after which the prize distribution ceremony was held to give the prizes. Educators also were awarded for Gyanam, a competition held for them to make videos integrating art, science and nature in their lessons. The distribution of prizes to the winners of Maker’s Day competitions was held at the Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium on 10 October. The occasion was graced by the presence of dignitaries.

19th October 2021

Prize distribution Ceremony for Young Makers

Purpose- To celebrate our learners' innovative spirits, we organise Maker’s Day every year. On this day, our learners enter their projects and ideas in all the four categories--- Innovation, Creativity, Social and Synergy the prizes of which were declared today.

Prize distribution ceremony was exclusively for the learners of Prep to Grade 5th. All entries were submitted online, from the comfort and safety of home. Our young makers visited the school premises with their parents to receive the prizes. It was after about two years that the school reverberated with the sound of happiness, of applause and laughter. The prize distribution ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Imran A.K. Surti, HOD English department, Vanita Vishram Women's University, Dr. Bhavnaben J. Champaneri, Principal at MTB Arts College and Dr. Meghna Dangi, Senior Professor, AURO University. The event came to an end with the vote of thanks by the Vice-Principal.

29th October 2021

Eco-friendly Rangoli Making Competition

Purpose- The competition was held to mark the beginning of the Diwali celebrations when beautiful rangolis adorn the doorsteps of people, to welcome light and happiness into their homes with the return of Shree Ram to Ayodhya.

Parents with the learners at school took part in an Eco-friendly Rangoli making competition in which they drew eye-catching floral patterns, highlighting the need of going green. A hallmark of the competition were the eco-friendly colours use to make the rangolis. Only natural hues made of wheat, flour, rice, turmeric, lentils, flowers and barks of trees were used in the competition. The resultant designs took left everyone wondering how every day ingredients can bring out the colour in those beautiful floral designs.

Workshops & Webinars

27th October 2021

Role of Educators in New Normal

Purpose- The workshop was organized to help educators adapt themselves to the new working conditions in a post-COVID 19 workspace, online tools and skills for better delivery of lessons.

Prof Dr. Meghna Dangi of Auro University, Surat conducted a workshop on the topic Role of Educators in the New Normal, attended by educators of various schools under management of the Gajera Trust. Dr. Dangi is a Fellow Chartered Accountant in the AICMA.

28th October 2021

Healthy Baking Workshop @GGS

Purpose- The workshop was held as part of the preparation for the coming Diwali vacation, when guests will visit relatives.

We invited Mrs. Nidhi Mahajan, a parent of Mst. Atraiu Mahajan studing in Grade 1 to conduct a workshop for other moms related to baking mouth-watering items. She gave them some little known tips and tricks that can make a big difference, like using hot water instead of cold, using a few drops of oil to grease the pan or using ground toffees for essence. These tips will definitely come in handy when you bake something. What motivated the attendees is that Mrs. Mahajan made baking a piece of cake. The confidence in the air was palpable. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal.

Learners' Corner

'The Season'

In the winter comes the snow,

Makes your feet and fingers glow.

Early spring brings the rain,

Thaws the frozen ponds again.

Then come breezes, loud and shrill.

They stir the dancing daffodil,

Soon flowers the primrose sweet,

Daisies scatter at our feet.

See the flocks of pretty lambs,

Skipping by their fleecy dams!

Summer brings tulips, lilies, roses;

Fills the children’s hands and posies.

Then it brings us cooling showers,

Strawberries and gilly-flowers.

Then sun ripens sheaves of corn,

Then the harvest home is borne.

In the autumn comes the pheasant;

Then to gather nuts is pleasant;

But all too soon come icy blasts,

Then the leaves are falling fast.

In the winter comes the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

- By Hiya Makwana (Grade-5)

Poem On Success

Does success blind the man completely?

Not wait and go for its show immediately?

If he is earthly man then will slowly digest,

Means and ways set first and then suggest.

Only clever and seasoned will be enjoying,

All of sudden success may lead to annoying,

Way of living may bring tremendous change,

Confidence enhanced and disorderly manage.

Somebody may diversify to honorable living,

Purchase of luxurious cars and self driving,

Honest may prefer and turn to charity reviving,

Rest may go for sight seeing and sea diving.

It brings dramatic change in way of thinking,

Sudden urge and change some time lead to sinking,

Arrogance and power blind a person,

As sudden change you may find with season.

You look towards fellow brothers as inferior creature,

Their hello and address bite you as vulture,

You feel their company danger for future,

Ill feeling and distrust in mind nurture.

This all takes away from main stream,

Success story makes you to believe as dream,

You feel as if you had God given chance,

Forget the past and visit the club for dance.

Drink, drug and smacks are natural ally,

Money in hand doesn’t look silly,

Pushed to the dark as time go on,

No way to come back, not even soon.

It will be nightmare or bad dream,

Success may blind but not allow to scream,

You will be completely cut off from friends,

Down to earth when success story ends.

Success has another story to tell,

People have learnt how to remain well,

Act as humble and good ideas sell,

Where does then bad or descend the hell.

- By Siddhi Verma (Grade-5)

Educators' Corner

Education is the only tool to transform the nation

Every alternate government experiments with the education system. Presently, there is lot of hue and cry about skill development and vocational education. Thank God, off late but authorities rose from slumber. Perhaps, it is a boomerang. I wonder why to make the system so perplexed that everyone associated with this industry is baffled. This reminds me of ancient pre-historic time education system of Gurukuls. If we run down our memory lane, the primitive education system of India was unparalleled. Go back to the period of Kings Dynasty, where every child willing to study including royal kids were sent to gurukuls to seek education.

Purpose of education was to transform the personality of a child with sole emphasis on harmonious development. Education imparted was absolutely skill oriented. Focus was on training of mind, soul, senses and spirit. Real life preparation through training of warheads, spiritual knowledge, lessons on economics, physical endurance and astronomy in boundary less classrooms without any discrimination. The character and competency of teachers was unchangeable. Modern education system is contrast to our conventional teaching system. Educational institutions are mushrooming up with mammoth infrastructure providing world class facilities but the irony is there is dearth of eminent teachers. The only objective is to strive and survive.

There is a buzz about Blooms Taxonomy but creativity of a child is crushed by making them pen pushers. Our promotion system is rotten which incentives the crammers and recognizes the number cruncher. In this technology driven era of big data, robotics, analytics, AI, we are still busy with testing the memory driven retention. Instead of projects and internship we still conduct outmoded and biased practicals as internal assessment, which is merely eyewash. Children are overburdened with the monotonous curriculum which no ways contribute to their thinking skills, logical reasoning, decision making and cognitive development. Innovation, global competitiveness, entrepreneurship, leadership and preparation for future seem to be unrealistic distant dreams under the prevailing scheme of education. It is gargantuan task for the educators to kindle the flame of curiosity within 21st century kids.

Only remedy to prevent our ailing education system to succumb to annihilation is revolutionary progressive amendments without further dissections. For an instance, isn’t value education equivalent to spiritual education, isn’t algorithm equal to astronomy, today’s HPE is what it was physical activities in the past, learning in laps of nature is similar to open theaters, MBA & Economics is same as Chanakya Niti, nowadays diversified campus were Gurukuls in the past, visual-performing arts-music and vocational education are not new skills they were the professions of our great grandfathers during past years. Nevertheless, I leave young to ponder upon where is the innovation and novelty. Ultimately we are back to basics.

- By Ichchha Tiwari

English Educator @GGS

Librarian is what a book makes it

If someone ask why librarian wants to be librarian, it would be rather silly to say that one loves book and that is the only reason for every individual. It is not very difficult to express the reason. Let us find the reason for it.

Books are not just a collection of pages or a write-up, characters or anecdotes but it’s a book that makes us. It is chromosomes that become part of our DNA. Just like if you don’t have dinner you feel something is missing, librarian feels the same way. Books have the capacity to fill your emotions, become your companion and leave you with feeling of wanting more. It is very true that food is for your sustainability but books are for living and our growth. Books satisfy our cravings but it is the book that satisfies our hunger to grow.

Food definitely has nutrients to nurture our biological upbringing but it is the book which has lessons, truth and makes us travel around the globe. Food is stuff that we need every four to five hours to keep us going but book feed us for lifetime. Hence it is not wrong to say that food add to body weight but books add value to personality, knowledge and give us purpose to our life.

- By Jyoti Mishra

Librarian @GGS

Parents' Corner

16th October 2021

PEM- An Opportunity to Share

Purpose- The PEM was held to keep parents in the loop. Prep graders gearing up for the first creative assessment to start from 18th October, for which parents attended the PEM.

They were apprised of the steps taken to prepare them for the examination. They were given worksheets which were shared with parents for a better understanding and prepare for the assessment. Parents of prep graders thronged the school to discuss their wards’ academic performance in the past session. They talked about ways to do better as online teaching for them is still going on. Accolades were given out to boost the learner's spirits, and new bonds were made with the parents of new enrollees, transforming the meeting into a springboard for the learner's development.

23rd October 2021 First Term Open House

Purpose- After the half yearly assessment, parents visited the school to discuss their wards' performance and discussed what could be done for an even better performance. Today’s open house was conducted for grades 1st through 9th and 11th.

As always, the meeting showed a healthy attendance as parents. For overall development, the involvement of parents plays a crucial part. It is their involvement that makes the triangle complete, giving it a solid base. Which is why the healthy discussion today will encourage us to work harder to deliver on our promise of preparing our learners for the future workspace. With your support, that is a perfectly achievable goal. The meeting ended with a positive note with parents expressing their appreciation for our efforts.

Parents’ Feedback

I would like to thank the principal and the VPs the efforts they have put for my daughter. I'm happy because they pay personal attention to my ward. Their active involvement makes this kind of events successful at school. I would love to participate in events like these in future. It is a great place to interact with other parents, learners and educators, which adds to our learning and experience. Thanks for inviting us and including us as partners.

- By Shailesh Syal

Parents of Devika Syal (Grade-10)

Maker's day is the day for those who want to be innovative. It's a great platform to showcase your inherent talent. The team of Gajerians makes it possible in a creative way. The categories are unique and the theme of mother earth is appropriate to the time. We are delighted that we as parents too can participate in events like this. I'm glad to be a part of this team. Thank you so much.

- By Megha Patel

Parent of Ahaan Patel (Grade-1)


School Games Federation Of India (SGFI) organized a district level UNDER-19 FOOTBALL selection trail for girls in which learner of Gajera Global School Hridaya Nair, Dhruti Bodarya, Rutu Khunt, Janvi Patel of grade lX participated and got selected for State level competition.

Raksha Bhargav (Grade-XI) of Gajera Global School secured 1st Position (gold) in discuss throw event at District level Tournament in School Games U-19 Athletics Girls/Boys held at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University.

School Games Federation Of India (SGFI) organized a district level UNDER-19 FOOTBALL selection trail for boys in which Mayank Purohit of grade-XI of Gajera Global School participated and got selected for State level.

Nachiket Patel (Grade-VI) participated in 18th Surat District Yoga Championship 2021 and showed a remarkable performance in the competition.

Dhanya Balachander (Grade-V) won honors in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the sub junior category of the state level competition organized by the Surat District Gymnastic Association.

Nitya Bajpai (Grade-VI) successfully cleared French Word Power examination conducted by Prayatna Educational Society. She also secured the 3rd position in the Sugam Sangeet competition at the district level.

Jemil Vaghela (Grade-X) secured the 3rd Position in the Mono Acting Competition at the district level in the Jila Yuva Utsav-2021.

Good Reads


- By Katherine Applegate

Room to Dream

- By Kelly Yang


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