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Echo E-newsletter October (2022)


“We want that education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet”

– Swami Vivekananda

A vision that has never faltered, a tenacity to face challenges head-on, and an inert vitality to soar higher and empower young minds to take on the world, sum up the essence of the Gajera Group of Schools. We always believe that for education to be engaging, it must be teamwork involving the child, parents, teachers, and society. We are fortunate to have come across responsive and encouraging parents, guardians, and well-wishers who through constructive criticism and goodwill have helped us to nurture the child. We are geared up to brave all the challenges of the 21st century and are abreast with the latest in technological innovation to enhance learning. We would continue our journey with constant support from each member of the effervescent Gajerian family and society. We are passing through a world of cut-throat competitions. Technologies and sources of knowledge are changing at a breath pace. Education is essential for individuals and society to survive and exist. We need to encourage young learners to think critically and be vibrant in modern society. We ought to make them aware of the social issues and involve them in decision-making, inculcating moral values welcoming diversity, and respecting fellow beings and Motherland.

Today, we feel proud and privileged to be acknowledged as one of the leading institutes in the region. Since its inception, the Gajerian ethos has been to believe in the latent talent and curiosity of each child and nurture them to become conscientious citizens of the world. The Gajera Group of Schools offers a dynamic learning environment, characterized by change, activity, and progress; an effective learner-centered pedagogy that meets students’ needs for personalized learning while challenging them to enhance their current skills and build on new opportunities.

We educate our learners to change the world through peace, empathy, and fraternity and place great emphasis on inner values.


October is one of the busiest months in the academic year as Maker’s Day is held in the month. Apart from Maker’s Day, we also had examinations, paper grading, and PEMs to follow. Along with these important events, we had diwali and navratri celebrations to boot.

This year’s Maker’s Day was held a bit differently as it was held on 8 October

This time, the preliminary rounds were held online, in which more than three

thousand videos were uploaded. The theme being Make Your Space this time, the participation was quite encouraging. We saw across different disciplines, such as cooking, information technology, installation art and even artificial intelligence. The competition began in August and continued until the end of September.

On 8 October, the participants came together at Gajera Global School and performed in front of an expert panel of judges. Out of the three thousand online entries, only forty-five made it to the finals, and out of these forty-five finalists, fifteen were awarded handsome amounts in prizes. From the low number of winners you can imagine how difficult the competition was.

Apart from Maker’s Day we had diwali celebrations at school. As part of the celebrations,

various competitions were held for parents as well as learners. To stress our commitment to sustainability, and green education, we made all the celebrations eco-friendly. Parents used only organic materials in their rangolis and diyas that they made as part of the celebrations. Only clay and food grade materials were used for the competitions.

In academics, the parent-teacher meet after the half-yearly examination was held this month. Parents took stock of their wards’ performance and collected their report cards.

Finally, I offer my thanks to the editorial team for compiling the newsletter on time.



Along with freeing India from foreign tyranny, Gandhi stressed on hygiene and cleanliness. Because no enterprise can succeed without health, he emphasised the need of hygiene and good health.

Learners at GGS remembered Gandhi's teachings on his birthday, October 2, and participated in a cleaning campaign. Students tidied up some of the Pal Lake Garden and demonstrated to visitors how it can be kept tidy and clean with a little effort and initiaive. Visitors helped out as students worked to clean up the park, demonstrating how all it takes is one small move to start a chain reaction that will make our efforts successful and satisfying.


Touch & Feel Program: On World Animal Day learners of GGS got an opportunity to get up close to the animals to promote an improved understanding of animals. They got to pet and touch the exotic animals, which provided them with a unique opportunity to study them.

Learners met with the animals and had a one of a kind experience by placing the Iguana on their shoulders. It was the biggest attraction of the petting session. The other two interests were the Guinea pig and the two tortoises that visited the school.


Grandparents Day was held at school today by GGS to provide students a chance to demonstrate how much they cherish their grandmothers and grandfathers. They participated in a variety of games and activities, including garba, guessing the music, singing a song using a word drawn at random from a bowl, and dancing. Their radiant smiles conveyed just how pleased they were to be together.


Bestselling author and productivity expert Sagar Amlani captivated the learners of GGS with innovative and effective methods for developing the habit of reading. He demonstrated practical, yet effective, methods for developing the habit and remaining life-long learners. The activities carried out during the session inspired learners to take small steps that will stay with them forever. The session was held for all the learners of grades 6th through 8th.


Every member of the Gajera family thought fondly of the late trustee Mrs. Sunita Chunibhai Gajera, whose birthday was on October 12. Remembered for her kind words and smile, she was a mother to all and was well known for her simplicity and practical outlook on life. Her blessings constantly inspired us to work more and accomplish better in all we did. Sunita's Makerspace, dedicated to educating and training the 21st-century student, was founded as a result of her innovation-loving spirit and ingen


Gajera Global School received the prestigious Extraordinary Leadership Award for the fourth place at the national level at the Education World India School Grand Jury Ranking 2022-23 Awards ceremony on October 12 at the Hotel Leela Ambience in Gurugram. This honour was given in recognition of the school's efforts to provide high-quality education and educational leadership.


Learners at Gajera Global School made breakfast on a flameless burner as part of the celebrations for World Food Day on 14 October. The celebrations were intended to make them aware of the value of a nutritious meal. It also drew their attention to the fact that millions of people worldwide still cannot afford healthy food that puts them at risk for hunger and food insecurity.

The goal. of the activity was to teach a love and respect for food as well as to raise awareness of the great poverty that exists in rural places all over the world, where many people rely on agricultural and natural resources for a living


Following the conclusion of the midterm exam in September, a parent-teacher meeting was held on 15 October to allow parents and students of all grades to assess their wards' development. Parents discussed their wards’ performance and collected the report cards as usual.

Simultaneously with the PEM, GGS Bazaar was organized to sell merchandise sourced by the learners themselves. The GGS Bazaar is an initiative taken up by the learners of the department of commerce in the school.


Gajera Global School held a lesson on "Safe & Unsafe Touch" on 17 October, especially for those under the age of six, as they are particularly susceptible to predators due to their small size. They learned during the seminar how to react if they are sexual assault victims. They were instructed on how to spot offensive touches and call out the offender. They also learned how to anticipate such incidents and take the appropriate safety measures.


All the learners along with the educators celebrated diwali at school with a special assembly in which they learnt how the festival of light is celebrated in different parts of the country. While the junior learnt about the beginnings of the festival, the seniors discussed how to make it safer and more eco-friendly. They not only talked about our safety but also about the safety of animals that suffer becasue of the loud noise created by fire crackers. Building sensitivity to nature and the environment has been the school’s continuous endeavour to build a sustainable society.

Diwali brings happiness and new year when everyone celebrates by welcoming the goddess of wealth by lighting lamps. These lamps are believed to dispel darkness and replace it with joy. To spread this message of joy all the educators and support staff of the school exchanged gifts.


TiE and Sunita's Makerspace collaborated to host a workshop on entrepreneurship and business at Gajera Global School. Finding a lucrative niche was demonstrated throughout the seminar.

Trustee Ms. Kinjal Gajera, president of the TiE branch in Surat, served as the workshop's facilitator. In addition to serving as the CSR Head of Laxmi Diamond, Ms. Gajera is the founder and CEO of CSK Ventures. She holds Sunita's Makerspace dear to her heart because it was founded as a result of her desire to recognise children's innate talent.

Also present were Mr. Jay Krushna Lilawala, the founder and CEO of Opicxo, Dr. Nitin Dumasia, CEO, Growlity Inc. and Miss Bhagyashree Soni, Founder CEO, VB Wellness Pvt Ltd.



In order to give learners experiential learning and motivate and enlighten them about the significant contribution that firefighters make to society and life, prep-grade children were taken on an educational field trip to the Pal fire station. They learned how important a part these organizations play in preserving our ongoing safety and security.

The journey was also meant to help in achieving UNSDG number 16, which calls on nations to set up powerful institutions to defend the weak. The police, fire department, and health departments all fall under the emergency services, and they are all required to be powerful and independent in order to be able to assist anyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, or religion. Our students learned how they may contribute to the revolution in creating powerful institutions for justice and peace.



The finals and the prize distribution ceremony of Maker’s Day 2022 was held at the premises of GGS on 8 October after a month long competition held online. More than 3000 entries were uploaded on to out of which only 45 entries made it to the finals of the tough competition. This year the theme of the competition was Make Your Space, which allowed contestants to choose their fields of expertise.


On the eve of diwali, GGS celebrated the festival by inviting parents to take part in a rangoli and diya making competition on the theme Eco-friendly diwali. All the materials used in the competition were organic and bio degradable. The diyas were made of clay and dung which dissolve with the soil without harming it. Along with parents, learners also participated in the competition to help them.


'The Season'

In the winter comes the snow,

Makes your feet and fingers glow.

Early spring brings the rain,

Thaws the frozen ponds again.

Then come breezes, loud and shrill.

They stir the dancing daffodil,

Soon flowers the primrose sweet,

Daisies scatter at our feet.

See the flocks of pretty lambs,

Skipping by their fleecy dams!

Summer brings tulips, lilies, roses;

Fills the children’s hands and posies.

Then it brings us cooling showers,

Strawberries and gilly-flowers.

Then sun ripens sheaves of corn,

Then the harvest home is borne.

In the autumn comes the pheasant;

Then to gather nuts is pleasant;

But all too soon come icy blasts,

Then the leaves are falling fast.

In the winter comes the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

- By Hiya Makwana (Grade-5)


The New Education Policy

The new National Education Policy appeared on 29 July 2020, subsequent to supplanting the current National Education Policy. The adjustment of schooling strategy is made after a hole of a sum of 34 years. In any case, the change was vital and the requirement for the time ought to have been made before.

The prior arrangement of instruction was fundamentally centered around learning and giving outcomes. This was a unidirectional way to deal with advancement. The new instruction strategy centers around the significance of a multi-disciplinary methodology. It focuses on all-round improvement of the understudy.

New training strategy pictures the development of another educational program and construction of instruction which will help the understudies at their various phases of learning. The change must be done in the current instruction framework to make schooling reach up to all, going from metropolitan to rustic regions. It will be towards meeting supportability by satisfying Goal 4-Quality Education.

The fundamental intention is causing a youngster to learn alongside turning into a gifted one, in whatever field they are intrigued. Along these lines, the students can sort out their point, and their capacities. The students are to be furnished with coordinated learning for example having the information on each discipline. The equivalent is relevant in advanced education as well.

The current schooling framework is the aftereffect of changes made in the current training strategy of 1986. It has been executed to cultivate the student and the country's turn of events. The new schooling strategy centers around the youngster's general turn of events. The arrangement is bound to accomplish its goal by 2030.

-By Ms. Monika Khattar

English Educator


1.Ravenvall by Kalyn Josephson

Two children with special abilities, a magical inn, and a prehistoric Celtic beast attempting to destroy their planet by Halloween night…

In this chilling middle-grade series from the well-known author of the Storm Crow duology, Halloweentown and Supernatural collide! Annabella Ballinkay, 13, has never been normal, not even by the standards of her psychic family. Every generation contributes their skills to the management of the Ravenfall Inn, a large, magical bed and breakfast situated at the nexus of the real world and the Otherworld. However, it's challenging to contribute when your only ability is to predict death.

2.The Girl in White, Lindsay Currie

Sweet Molly once lived in Eastport

Sweet Molly once loved the sea

Sweet Molly lost Liam to the shadows

Now Sweet Molly is coming for ye …

Mallory is still getting used to living in her new community of Eastport. It might be due to everyone's obsession with maintaining the town's reputation as one of the most spooky tourist destinations.

Mallory is having trouble falling asleep as a result of the nightmares she has been having since arriving. She's concerned that perhaps the ghost stories she's been quick to dismiss might possibly be true, along with the unnerving feeling of being watched and missing significant amounts of time.

3.Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson

One magical inn, two kids with supernatural powers, and an ancient Celtic creature trying to destroy their world by Halloween night...

Halloweentown meets Supernatural in this spooky middle-grade series from the acclaimed author of the Storm Crow duology!

Thirteen-year-old Annabella Ballinkay has never been normal, even by her psychic family's standards. Every generation uses their abilities to help run the Ravenfall Inn, a sprawling, magical B&B at the crossroads of the human world and the Otherworld. But it's hard to contribute when your only power is foreseeing death.

4.The Gingerbread Witch by Alexandra Overy

A magical story that is full of heart." —Anne Ursu, whose book The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy was longlisted for a National Book Award.

Maud was raised in a gingerbread mansion and aspired to be a witch much like Mother Agatha. But if anything ever happens to Agatha, Maud will crumble to dust, exactly like all of Agatha's gingerbread creations—from the magical mansion to the chocolate mousse squirrel.

This seems unimaginable...until a pair of witch hunters, Hansel and Gretel, shove Agatha into the cottage's oven.

5.The Vanquishers by Kalynn Bayron

Vampires were extinct in the Vanquishers' universe up to this point.

The Vanquishers, a band of valiant vampire hunters who exterminated the last horde of the undead decades ago, have long been idols of Malika "Boog" Wilson and her closest pals. The days of wearing garlic wreaths and having early curfews are long gone; but, much to Boog's shame, her parents still adhere to the previous customs.

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