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Echo E-newsletter September (2022)


To promote international understanding through education and to make this education relevant to the global needs of our time Gajera Group of Schools aims to encourage the development of intellectual abilities which will enable the students to fulfill their potential for successful and challenging careers and to become “lifelong learners”. The most important part is that learners at school should be encouraged to take an active interest in the welfare of the local and global environment and to seek to influence attitudes and decisions relating to environmental challenges in society. Gajera Group of Schools is an

institution that is hard work of my team, the faith of parents and by God’s grace, we shall bring as one of the most prominent educational institutions in the World.

For you, as a parent, your child is the most valuable in your life. Your whole life you have worked so hard. Only so that you can provide the best to them and you always dream that grow up to be successful and respected citizens of the Country. At Gajera Group of Schools, we understand this for we have the same dream as you for each one of our learners. Our whole Gajerian family will consistently work to provide the best academic input and the most hi-tech learning environment coupled with a deep respect for our Value system to groom each one of our learners to become a success story so that they

not only make us and you proud but the whole country on being an Indian.

I would stress that it is quite essential that the education system be designed in such a manner that the experimental altitude and attitude of a child are provided enough opportunity.

At last, we can only say, that we must give the message through action and deed, not alone by word. Word must be conjoined with the deed.

          “We invite you and your child to come and share the joys of learning with us”


The past month was full of activities, examinations and competitions as Maker’s Day 2022 was being held online. Added to that was the half-yearly examination which evaluated the learners’ skills and learning over the past few months since April this year. Secondly, it was Navratri and the school took part in the celebrations with characteristic pomp and gaiety.

Among all the competitions held this month, Maker’s Day was the most notable as it was held pan India this time. Makers from all over the country uploaded their works onto Sunita’s Makerspace platform. More than two thousand makers registered themselves for the mega competition with about six hundred entries until the close on 21 September.

The online round was only the first round. The second and the final round will be held on 8 October 2022 in the in-person mode. Panels of judges will evaluate the many works and finally give away the prizes.

Apart from the almost month-long Maker’s Day event, we celebrated Navratri throughout its nine days as special assemblies. Learners came dressed in traditional attire according to the governing deity of the day.

Lastly, half-yearly examinations. The fifteen-day examination put to test the learners’ efforts, learning and knowledge over the past few months since April. The results will be out shortly for which the parent-educator meeting will be held in October.

Before I end, let me appreciate the team in the editorial board who made it possible to upload the Newsletter on time.



Learners had practically observe and watch the growth of Bleeding Heart vines flowers and identify the parts of Flower anatomy


The half-yearly examination started on the 12th of September culminating on the 23rd of September. The examination tested the learners’ skills and knowledge, a necessary evaluation that leads to a better career.



Learners of grades 6 to 12 went on an excursion to the Sandesh Press today to obtain first-hand experience of how newspapers are printed and finally sent for sale. The visit showed how businesses can also function for public good as the local daily does not run profitably as assumed. Learners learnt how a combination of only four colours—cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) — produces multicolour pictures.


Learners of grades … to … paid a visit to the fire station and had a close examination of all the equipment used in fire fighting. They learnt how fire hydrants and fire extinguishers can help us save lives in case of an emergency. Learners found the fireproof vests the most interesting of all the equipment used by fire fighters.

The excursion was organized to give learners a first hand experience of this immensely important profession. They learnt how hundreds of fire fighters made the extreme sacrifice after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers.



Fifth September, as always, was celebration time for teachers as it is a day dedicated to them. Learners played their teachers’ roles and understood their influence in our lives. By playing their roles, they came to know about the many pressures and responsibilities of the teacher.

A special programme was arranged in which learners took over the proceedings and teachers became participants and students. They took part in games and activities organized and conceived by learners.


On the occasion of Teacher’ Day, Trustee Mr Chuni Bhai Gajera paid a visit to the school and had a lengthy discussion with the educators. He shared his views on education and how activity-based learning can bring about a sea change in education and consequently in the lives of children. He also answered questions posed by educators.

The session with educators was preceded by one with the children. He exhorted them to do their best without caring about grades. He added that we should focus so much that we become the focus.


Learners of grades 6th to 12th attended a session on the benefits of eye donation and how it can bring light to someone's eyes. The speaker informed the learners of the organization that's currently working towards helping the visually impaired. He also distributed spectacles after a checkup.

The camp encouraged learners to donate not only eyes but bodies also.


As per tradition, the boy God Ganesha, popularly known as bal Ganesh was immersed in water after the festivities came to an end. This years statue had a special significance as it was made entirely of alum, a substance that completely dissolves in water without polluting it. The visarjan was marked by the customary lazim and drumbeats.


The first step towards enlightenment is knowing how to express oneself through speaking followed by reading and writing. Without the ability to read and write one becomes a nun in a cloister, shut out from the enlightening knowledge and information from around the world. It is education and literacy that will remove social inequality.

To understand all these and in conjunction with goal number … of the UNSDGs, GGS celebrated world literacy day. Learners read and told stories to one another while trying to make sense of the written word from books meant for adults as an activity. The activity showed how the inability to understand can hamper growth.


Learners discussed different branches of engineering on Engineer’s Day and learnt about the different career prospects in the stream. From skyscrapers to cable bridges, from underground metro to vast sewage systems that keep the city clean, engineers make it possible for us to live an efficient life.

On the occasion, engineer parents were invited to school to talk about how they came to choose their respective branches as a career. Parents were invited to the occasion because meeting an engineer in-person has better effects than merely talking about being an engineer.


On the occasion of International Day of Peace, learners of all the grades discussed how it came to be celebrated since 1954 when the Peace Bell was donated by the United Nations Association of Japan in June, 1954. This year’s theme was End Racism. Build Peace.

Uncomfortable though it may sound, racism and such other prejudices are the root causes of conflict and violence in the world. Realizing its strong influence on people’s minds and attitudes, the United Nations chose this theme for International Peace Day 2022.


Learners of GGS had a long Navratri that lasted from 26 October to 4 October. For all the nine days of the long celebration, learners organized special assemblies in which they paid obeisane to all the nine goddesses that we worship during Navratri.



Like every year, this year too Maker’s Day was celebrated for learners. This year, the competition was held in two rounds, the first one being online. The online competitions started on 21 August with uploading of entries. The online entries closed on 27 September.

This year’s theme was Make My Space, giving makers a free reign to choose whatever skill they are good at. They were only required to show a healthy dose of imagination and innovation. More than three thousand videos were uploaded to the platform.


Follow Your Passion

At my school, our teachers always motivate us to follow our passion but it is just as important that we take care of our passions outside of the classroom. This will make us better humans or global citizens. First think - What Are You Passionate About?

Are you into reading? Or how about movies? Do you love to spend time in nature camping and hiking, or is the weekend at an all-inclusive resort? Regardless of what you are passionate about, foster that passion, and allow it to grow.

For me, my passions are reading, lying very still while binge watching tv, doing drama, and all things travel. All of these passions take time, so I have to pick and choose when I am able to follow them, but I always make sure it happens. In fact, I choose to go in administrative services and I am reading books. It might seem counterintuitive, but it has a way of working itself out. I think that everybody should have a schedule to read. It can be amazing. You can read whatever you feel at the moment. Sometimes it is a magazine, other times a novel, and sometimes you can even wind up reading a newspaper article. All of these help you to relax and enjoy life just a tiny bit more.

Dolly Yadav



My Nation, My Pride

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back more than 4,000 years. During this time, many rituals and traditions have come together, reflecting the country's rich history and legacy.

The country's history provides a window into the magnitude of its transformation, which took place over the course of 150 years, from a country struggling under colonialism to one of the world's top economies. More than anything else, the people's patriotic pride is what contributed to the completion of such a development. This section is a modest attempt to maintain the national pride that this transformation of the country has instilled in every Indian both inside and outside of the country.

We take pride in being citizens of a country that has provided asylum to those who have been persecuted and refugees from all walks of life.

By Jinal Parikh

Maths Educator


1.Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, Brandon Sanderson, Janci Patterson, Hayley Lazo (Illustrator)

  • The explosive conclusion to the Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians story, Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, is the work of #1 New York Times bestselling authors Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson.

  • I, Bastille, pledged to defend the Smedry family from the Evil Librarians as a Knight of Crystallia. (And trust me, messes like them require ongoing defence.) I arrived too late, and Alcatraz Smedry's father stood in for him when he was bound to an altar of old encyclopaedias to be sacrificed to the dark gods.

2.The Girl in White, Lindsay Currie

  • Sweet Molly once lived in Eastport

  • Sweet Molly once loved the sea

  • Sweet Molly lost Liam to the shadows

  • Now Sweet Molly is coming for ye …

  • Mallory is still getting used to living in her new community of Eastport. It might be due to everyone's obsession with maintaining the town's reputation as one of the most spooky tourist destinations.

  • Mallory is having trouble falling asleep as a result of the nightmares she has been having since arriving. She's concerned that perhaps the ghost stories she's been quick to dismiss might possibly be true, along with the unnerving feeling of being watched and missing significant amounts of time.

3.Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson

  • One magical inn, two kids with supernatural powers, and an ancient Celtic creature trying to destroy their world by Halloween night...

  • Halloweentown meets Supernatural in this spooky middle-grade series from the acclaimed author of the Storm Crow duology!

  • Thirteen-year-old Annabella Ballinkay has never been normal, even by her psychic family's standards. Every generation uses their abilities to help run the Ravenfall Inn, a sprawling, magical B&B at the crossroads of the human world and the Otherworld. But it's hard to contribute when your only power is foreseeing death.

  • The Gingerbread Witch by Alexandra Overy

4.The Gingerbread Witch by Alexandra Overy

  • A magical story that is full of heart." —Anne Ursu, whose book The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy was longlisted for a National Book Award.

  • Maud was raised in a gingerbread mansion and aspired to be a witch much like Mother Agatha. But if anything ever happens to Agatha, Maud will crumble to dust, exactly like all of Agatha's gingerbread creations—from the magical mansion to the chocolate mousse squirrel.

  • This seems unimaginable...

  • until a pair of witch hunters, Hansel and Gretel, shove Agatha into the cottage's oven.

5.The Vanquishers by Kalynn Bayron

  • Vampires were extinct in the Vanquishers' universe up to this point.

  • The Vanquishers, a band of valiant vampire hunters who exterminated the last horde of the undead decades ago, have long been idols of Malika "Boog" Wilson and her closest pals. The days of wearing garlic wreaths and having early curfews are long gone; but, much to Boog's shame, her parents still adhere to the previous customs.

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