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Eco Fest Day-3 Eco System Restoration & Plantation Drive @GGS

Small Steps Matter

Imagine a ladder with the rungs three feet apart. Would you be able to climb it ? No, right? That's why they’re put close together, to make climbing easier, to help you climb up. It makes a whole lot of difference.

In the same way, no matter what your age or place, everyone can make a big difference by taking a small step like planting a tiny seed or sapling today. You know the giant oak starts with an acorn. This acorn that you plant today will take about ten to twenty years. So if ten-year olds plant seeds today, they'll be about thirty when the seeds mature into trees. Imagine yourself and your family enjoying the shade or the fruits of your labour and nature’s bounty.

There are about 2.2 billion children in the world today. If only one-tenth of them plants a tree and nurture it to its maturity, we’ll have two billion trees. Wouldn't that be awesome ?

The rest of the population is adults. If only ten per cent of them plants trees, we’ll have another four billion trees. And that's a huge number, enough to make the earth cooler and greener and of course more beautiful.

That is the impact of small steps taken by children. That's the reason they're being involved through green education at GGS. The Eco-art competition 22 is an attempt to involve them in the massive and crucial drive to make everyone sit up and take notice. Children all over the world, including those of GGS will become a part of this campaign by creating awareness and by infusing love and respect for nature. If our efforts add to the contribution, we’ll have successfully involved them in reviving nature.

We started another eco drive as part of which our learners have taken a pledge to nurture a tree to its maturity. We promote activities like this to inculcate a love and respect for nature. When seeds of love are planted young, they will definitely impact the future in a big way. Along with children taking a pledge, our educators also laid the foundation by planting saplings in the school garden. Small steps, but sure ones.

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