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Eco Fest Day-4 Workshop on "Grow Your Herbs" By GGS VII Grade Learners

Workshop on "Grow Your Herbs" By GGS Grade VII Learners 
Nirjara Jain and Devashree Deshpande

Grow Your Herbs

When children come forward and ask us how they can do their bit for the environment, we as educators feel that our efforts to involve them in this project have been successful. That's how we felt when two of our learners approached us and expressed their willingness create awareness about sustainable development and green education through an online workshop.

Learners Nirjara Jain and Devashree Deshpande of grade VII showed their peers and juniors how to start and sustain an herb garden on their balconies and terraces. Herbs like mint, basil, wheat grass have been traditionally used in India for medicinal purposes. These herbs are both economical and sustainable and can help prevent illnesses. Even the aroma can act as a natural deterrent to flies and other harmful insects. Learners from Katargam branch also joined the session and enjoyed by sharing their experience.

When young children understand the need of the hour, our race against the climate clock is half won. We'll be achieve health and wellness in a sustainable way.

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