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Eco Fest Day-5 A Webinar on Green Education- Now and Future

A Webinar by Dr. Hitesh Thummar, Mr. Pratik Thakore and Dr. Paresh Shah

Green Education

When we started green education, we got curious looks and questions. People asked why another subject. Many thought it wasn't as necessary. Many even went to the extent of saying it was boring. But then we went ahead and took the leap of faith. We showed how education cannot be devoid of a sense of responsibility towards the earth where we live, from where we draw our sustenance, on which our children will make their abode.

To speak the truth, the seeds of green education were planted as late as 1992 when the impact of human activities on the earth was realized. We realized the need of educating children about the earth as a living organism. Along with the realization came the need to set up green schools where learners learn amidst nature and develops respect towards her at a young age. This natural respect consequently leads to concrete actions for conservation of the environment.

To show how young learners can be involved in the process, GGS invited conservationist and environmentalists Dr. Hitesh Thummar, Mr. Pratik Thakore, and Dr. Paresh Shah, surgeon and President, SETU cooperatives joined us today in a webinar. Eminent speakers and movers, they showed our learners how young children like themselves may bring about massive changes in the attitudes and activities of people to save the earth. Learners of grade 9th and 10th from GGS and Katargam joined the session to learn how they too can make a difference for protecting environment.

Even alone, we may make a big difference. Just look at Jadav Payeng of Assam, popularly known as the Forest Man of India, who single-handedly planted 550 acres of forest, or Dashrath Manjhi of Bihar, who carved out a road through a mountain, alone. If they can do it, children together can make individual efforts which can lead to great changes.

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