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Eco Fest Day-6 Visit to a Terrace Food Forest with GGS Learners

Paradise on Terrace

Global warming has become a cause of concern. Antarctica is melting, glaciers are retreating, Alaska had a thinner layer of ice last year and the permafrost in Siberia is melting. We know a big challenge is facing us.

But how at the individual level can we help? Every one of us may help bring about a change, one such solution being trace farming. If we're lucky enough to have a terrace to ourselves, let's contribute to making the earth greener and reverse the damage we've caused by planting vegetables and fruits by starting a garden on the terrace.

We at GGS have taken it upon ourselves to help this cause, and we're doing it by involving our young learners.

To show them how we may make a difference, we paid a visit to a terrace food forest at terrace forest. The owner of the garden amazed our learners by showing them the diverse variety of foods and fruits he grows. We believe that through exposure to individual efforts like this, we can do our bit - show our children how they may help and reverse global warming.

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