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Eco Fest @GGS - Day 1

Know Your Greens

Have you ever heard of mustard greens, tomato greens, wheat grass and barley. I’m sure that many of you already know what basil is. What about the others ? Did you know that these herbs have been traditionally used in India for their medicinal properties ? With these herbs around, first aid and preventive care is always close at hand.

For example a mixture of basil leaves, honey and ginger can be used as a cough shot. If you want a glowing skin, add some mustard greens to your diet. Having a glass of wheat grass juice can prevent your black hair from greying while tomato greens can prolong your youth.

Ms. Lulua Hussain, Green Educator with Gajera Global School, on a webinar today showed how to grow these microgreens comprising herbs like basils, mustard greens, tomato greens, wheat grass and barley on your balconies and terraces. Apart from the aroma they effuse, they will also act as heat insulators. The webinar was a part of the 6-day Eco-fest starting on 1 June 2021.

So go get some tubs, roll your sleeves and plant some microgreens. It all of you do it, we may succeed in keeping our environs cool. While it may not be possible for us to have green giants, but we may fill our surroundings with these micro greens. If every one of us fills our surroundings small plants like herbs and spices, we’ll have created enough greenery to fill ourselves with well-being and goodness.

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