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Eco Fest @GGS - Day 2

Organic Fruit Farming

When you hear someone say ‘live and let live’ what do you understand? Are we talking about letting only humans live? Or only animals? What about plants and in general, the earth, the soil, and the air? We think if we extend this philosophy to every organism, micro or macro, the earth will be a greener, cooler and more beautiful place to live, not only for humans but also for every other organism.

This is the fundamental premise of organic farming.

For nature to thrive, we need all the pests, weeds, and worms living on the soil, in the air and in water. We as intelligent beings, need to understand that we have a responsibility towards the home where we live in, towards all the flora and fauna that depend on the earth. We cannot think only of our food, our profit and our needs. When the population was low, the pressure on resources was low. Consequently, species other than humans thrived well. But then the growth rate exploded, and we needed more food to sustain ourselves. Pesticides and fertilizers came in at that point. We needed to increase production by any means, which included killing weeds and insects.

But now, we have come to our senses. We have realized that by increasing the use of fertilisers and pesticides, we cannot increase production. We need to stop using them in order for the soil to regain its nutrients so that we achieve food security. When this reaslisation came, organic farming started thriving. In fact, it was the early twentieth century when the shift started.

Now, a majority of European countries refuse to consume food and fruits grown using chemicals. In and around us too, organic farming has taken its firm roots, slowly but surely.

Today, a few of our learners visited one such organic fruit farm to understand how they help the entire ecology thrive. The visit showed them how we need biodiversity for our own benefit and well-being, that only one kind of plant can erode the soil of its nutrients and plunge us to hunger and a scorched earth.

Today, we planted the seeds in some young minds. Tomorrow they will do the same with their posterity. Maybe, in future, we’ll eat only organic food. We believe the day is not far.

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