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Eco-Friendly Bricks

There are as many ways to show your love for nature as you can think of --- planting trees, going digital and keeping ACs off.

Another is making eco-friendly bricks. How can bricks be eco-friendly? If they keep your home insulated from heat and cold then your bricks are eco-friendly. If they don’t end up in landfills and don’t choke the earth, they are eco-friendly.

Besides, they need to be economically viable. They should be durable, strong and of course affordable. Expensive bricks wouldn't help you much, would they? So you could use throwaway pet bottles and other plastic items.

To show how to make them, Ms. Lulua Hussain, Green Educator at GGS conducted a workshop online for all. She showed how to mix different bio-degradable materials, put them together as bricks and use them to build the home of your dreams.

If you're not sure, start with a kennel for your dog, or maybe build a house for your kitten. And if you live in a apartment building, and can't build a house for your own pets, make one someone else and give it away. Maybe the countless labourers who sleep by the road will bless you if you give them bricks to build a temporary house. If the idea works, who knows, you could turn out to be a trail blazer.

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