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Eco- friendly Ganpati Sthapna @ GGS

On Ganesh Chaturthi today, Gajera Global School ceremonially set the Vighnaharta idol on the pedestal in keeping with its long-standing custom. This marks the commencement of the ten-day Ganeshutsav, during which we remember the deity's exploits, who is revered throughout India. Legend has it that the boy lord served as the scribe and wrote the Mahabharata while Ved Vyas spoke. The Lord continued writing nonstop until he ran out of ink, at which point he broke the tip of one of his tusks and used it in place of the quill. Also known for his wisdom, Lord Ganesha is said to have beaten his brother Kartikeya in a race around the universe by circling his parents.

The eco-friendly manner in which we have been celebrating Ganesh utsav at the school is a noteworthy aspect of the festival. We make sure that the idol is made without the use of any chemicals or synthetic colours.

This year's idol is entirely made of alum, which dissolves completely in water. We chose this compound for the idol because we want to cause as little residual damage to the environment as possible. Unlike clay idols made of straw and chemical colours, the idol we used will leave no residue in the water body, allowing the water to remain pure. Our efforts to preserve the earth will continue in all aspects of our lives.

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