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Eco-friendly Rangoli Making Competition @GGS

Diwali is on the offing and we are happily waiting to welcome it as it is believed that the light of the festival will banish evil from our lives. Millions of lights will fight the might of the darkness and welcome the goddess of wealth with the demon slayer kali removing all obstacles to our well-being.

Apart from light, vibrant colours also are believed to bring in good fortune and happiness. To welcome them, we had parents our learners join us at school in a rangoli making competition, in which they poured their imagination into eye-catching designs with vibrant colours, symbolizing the spirit of the month and festival.

A hallmark of the competition were the eco-friendly colours use to make the rangolis. Only natural hues made of wheat, flour, rice, turmeric, lentils, flowers and barks of trees were used in the competition. The resultant designs took left everyone wondering how every day ingredients can bring out the colour in those beautiful floral designs.

The happiness and satisfaction of the art work done could be matched only by the vibrancy of the festival that is coming.

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