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Eco-friendly Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami has been observed at GGS in a Eco-friendly way. However, it wasn't your typical celebration, to be sure. Why? The fact that we employed organic material to design the entire stage, the statue, and the other ornamental material used for the celebration is one of the main reasons. Learners said prayers to Lord Krishna before participating in garbha, a traditional Gujarati dancing style.

The festivities were capped off with the delivery of panchamrit, a five-ingredient prasad consisting of milk, curd, sugar, basil leaves, clarified butter, and honey.

One of Gajera Global School's distinct characteristics is its emphasis on traditionalism combined with modernism, all the while maintaining a strong regard for nature and the environment. We've been working hard to incorporate nature and green education into our pedagogy so that our learners can incorporate these components into their daily lives and culture. We incorporate them into all of our behaviours and, as a result, our celebrations.

Some of our initiatives include the butterfly garden and competitions that promote love and respect for nature.

Though these natural practices are new to many, it is past time for us to incorporate them into our everyday lives so that we can leave the environment in the best possible condition for future generations. For far too long, we have taken nature for granted. Nature is now retaliating against us, stating that enough is enough.

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