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Educational Excursion @Sandesh Newspaper Press - House

Did you know that the cost of publishing a newspaper exceeds the cost of its sale? Did you know that multicolor prints and pictures only use four different colours? How can newspapers continue to exist if printing and selling them is unprofitable?

When our learners toured the press where the Gujarati newspaper Sandesh is printed, they received answers to these and many more questions. Learners came to know how the printing process starts with the layout created on the computer.

Mr. Arpan Naik and Mr. Kalpesh gave a detailed briefing of the printing process. They showed how newsprint reels are loaded onto the printer. This is one of the newspaper press's earliest jobs. The paster performs these services. At maximum production speed, pasters mechanically unwind paper reels and switch them out (e.g., 100,000 copies per hour). Pasters are frequently positioned beneath the printing towers. In order to print Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink onto the newsprint, the towers frequently include four printing units. As colour is applied to the newsprint web on both sides of the reel, it moves upward in the printing tower. Typically, there is one separate printing plate for each colour for each page.

The trip was taken as part of the school's initiative to give students hands-on learning opportunities. By actually experiencing the procedure, first-hand experience was a fantastic method to learn it in practice. The trip was offered to students in grades 6 through 8.

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