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Educational Excursion to the Collectorate Office

Going on an excursion has 3 amazing benefits for learners:

1. Being responsible for themselves,

2.Knowing his to communicate effectively with strangers and,

3. Taking notes and reporting. With a view to enhancing these skills, GGS took the learners of grades 8 th through 10 th to the District Collector’s office. The visit gave them a first hand experience of how law and order is maintained, how local self governments function and how administrative and legal work for the entire district gets done. They interacted with Mr Aayush Oak, Collectorate who explained the role and function of the DC in the state administration and the implementation of directives by the government. Learners also had an interaction with Mamladar Mr Pankaj Desai and learnt how the election office functions. Here are a few glimpses.

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