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Educator’s Development Program @GGS

To meet the demand of an hour a shift from “Is teacher training important?” to “Our teachers MUST be trained regularly!" is adapted by Gajera Group of Schools.

A teacher training program not just impacts teachers but also students. A single educator who is upskilled can go on to impact thousands of students. With the new challenges and evolving environment of the educational world, educators must remain up-to-date. And this can only be achieved with the help of an effective and well-planned Educators Training Programs.

After Summer Break, Educators Training and Development Program was scheduled from May 25, 2023 till June 04, 2023. Qualified Trainers were invited to upgrade the subject expertise of the educators in connection with the policy of NEP 2020. Educators were upgraded not only with the subject content but also with the NEP policies. Technical upgradation is must for the 21st Century Educators Keeping that in mind AI training and other technical development trainings were scheduled.

As a team we could achieve our goals easily and efficiently. Many team building activities were arranged by Sports educators to strengthen the bond among the Educators. In our hectic scheduled such recreational activities help to grow together positively.

Making papers by recycling the used papers, Art and Craft activities, Subject integration teaching Competition, Culinary Skills Presentation and Group Songs Competitions had added flavors to the entire development program.

360 degrees development program of an educator not only makes the educator achieve more but also help develop them to build a strong relation with their colleagues and help create a best working place.

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