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Educators Development Programme @GGS

The week beginning from 15 November to 20 November has been very interactive & inspirational. As part of the Educators' Development programme, GGS organised a series of seminars, workshops and field visits in this week. After a long gap of about two years, educators were able to attend the seminars in the offline mode as COVID restrictions have been relaxed due to the fewer incidence of cases.

The first day of training started with mathematics followed by the other subjects. In keeping with the Trust's philosophy, the focus of the sessions was integration of academics with nature. The aim of the integration was to sensitise learners to sustainable development and issues facing the climate and the environment. At present, all our efforts are aimed at creating a generation of environmentally conscious learners.

The sessions were held in different schools under the management of the Trust. The spokespersons belonged to publishers whose books are currently in use at various schools managed by the Trust. Apart from the workshops, a one-day field visit to Auro University was also organised on 17 November. The excursion was aimed at acquainting educators with the best practices and infrastructure in place at the university. The educators interacted with the Dean and learnt about future collaborative interactions.

It is expected that the training programs have oriented the educators on the right direction and help learners excel in academics.

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