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Essential lifestyle changes due to the Pandemic

Pandemic is an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people. Epidemics and pandemics have been threatening the human race time and again. SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and more have shown their teeth in the past, but with each such outbreak; we are learning new ways of fighting and managing such unexpected diseases that can potentially kill millions of people. Every Pandemic leads to certain changes in the life style of people. As the diseases may spread through air, water or soil so, it is advisable for the people to maintain social distancing and follows all the pandemic protocols. The pandemic has triggered a wave of mental health issues, whether it’s managing addiction, depression, social isolation or just the general stress that result from COVID 19. Exposure to epidemics and lockdown the level of stress among the people increases this result in changes in their lifestyles. Changes in life style can be seen as:

1. Use of Technology

Technology will not be able to avoid the onset of a pandemic; nevertheless, it can assist in managing a crisis more effectively but it can make life much easier in this Situation.

Most of the educational institutions have started to offer their courses online to make sure education is not disrupted due to the pandemic. Even for entertainment people began to seek help of technology, Online streaming of live shows and concerts have gained attention across the world. Several film production companies have also been releasing their movies via OTT platforms. Technology has also helped in educating people about the entire situation and reminding them to take the necessary precautions. New Alternatives are being introduced by health and fitness apps to help people remain fit at the comfort of staying indoors due to the pandemic situation. Several fitness and health brands have started conducting live workout sessions on their apps and social media platforms. Working class people began to work from home with the help of technology. Thus, people are learning and using technology for their work.

2. Change in eating habit

The pandemic has isolated families and changed our general eating habits. As, the disease is communicable so, to improve the immune system and to fight against the diseases people are now more concerned about the things they eat. Immunity booster food items demands increases. People are increasingly resorting to nutritious foods as a precaution against viruses. People are aware that a poor diet leads to increased risk of infection. So, to improve immunity, people are taking a step to add supplements along with their diet making way for multivitamins and minerals in all forms. People are also using age-old recipes, immunity-boosting herbs and spices in their meal. A few people have started raising kitchen garden and cultivating micro greens to continue unrestricted food supply during the pandemic.

3. Exercise

Exercise can help ease depression, stress, and anxiety, and aid in the management of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Due to which People have started to practice yoga and other form of exercise at home to improve their immunity and to be fit and healthier.

4. Shopping

A change in trend can be seen for grocery shopping, the online grocery market witnessed tremendous growth during the pandemic due to the soaring demand amongst consumers. Families, particularly with children and older people, preferred to place their grocery orders online. Even people are now trying to use more online services for shopping, for food ordering etc.

5. Seeking Medical help

People are now more concerned about their mental and physical help so; they don’t hesitate to take medical help. Infect people are more aware of the situation and they come forward for testing as well as taking vaccination.

6. Environmental changes

The global reduction in modern human activity, due to lockdown has caused a large drop in air and water pollution. The reduction in carbon emission made the atmospheric air clean, water pollution reduce and we can say the nature is healing itself.

We can say that the pandemic had changed our lifestyle. We can see change in our behavior with a significant improvement in regular meal consumption pattern and healthy eating behavior and reduction in unhealthy food intake as positive indicators and significant reduction in physical activity and increase in sitting time, screen time and stress as negative indicator. But the pandemic taught us to be ready for all the circumstances and change in nature.

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