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Experiential Learning: Visit to Vikram Sarabhai Museum

Learners of GGS went to ISRO, Ahmedabad on a two-day excursion. They stayed at Ahmedabad overnight. On the first day they visited the Centre for Environment Education (CEE). The centre focuses on educating the youth on how to take care of the environment and contribute to the efforts towards climate reversal.

At the centre, learners had a first-hand experience of the concrete steps one may take for the conservation of nature and natural resources. The visit was a part of the school’s focus on green education and its adoption of UNDGs. In line with the United Nations’ goals and vision, Gajera Global School to0 has taken steps to educate the youth about the need to conserve it.

After the visit to the CEE, they visited Sundarban, a mini zoo in which learners learnt about snakes, how to differentiate poisonous form non poisonous ones, and what measures to take after a snakebite. Some common myths were also debunked during the session.

The visit to Sundarban was followed by a trip to Sardar Patel Organic Farm, a home to a ceramic design studio, a shop and a nursery. The biodiversity of the nursery has attracted fifty-six different species of birds that have made it their home. In the design studio, product are made entirely out of organic products cultivated at the farm.

On the second day of the excursion, learners paid a visit to Vikram Sarabhai Institute to have a glimpse of the facilities and the activities done at the museum. Children viewed the development of Indian space programmes at this facility in the city's centre. The entire facility has interesting features like a science playground, labs, a workshop, and even a science shop. This fascinating facility also offers interactive activities for children. Our learners had a first hand experience of all the interactive activities. The centre of attraction was the history of India’s space research.

The mini theatre section was a major attraction where learners saw a short movie on ISRO. It was followed by a session on different launch vehicles like the PSLV and GSLV along with prototypes of satellites and launch vehicles.

After the session in ISRO, learners visited Sabarmati Ashram where learners saw Gandhi’s original charkha and the room in which he spun the wheel. The museum, and the prayer hall at the ashram round off the two-day visit on a spiritual note.

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