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Experiential Learning with Nature

Prep graders of GGS went on an expedition to Kisna Nature Park as part of their monthly school trip. As a way of bonding with animals, the farm allows visitors to pet them, which promotes compassion and empathy for all creatures and species. The goal of the trip was for children to develop a better understanding of birds by viewing them up close and learning to empathize with them, no matter what the species or the size.

Home to 45 different varieties of exotic birds, and 40 distinct species of marine creatures, Kisna Nature Park is a place that can help people rejuvenate themselves by spending time in nature away from the hustle of the city. For our learners, it offered a great bonding opportunity with nature. Seeing colorful birds in their natural habitat has become a rarity with the rise in population and the shrinking of forests. The visit filled this void for the young learners as it develops compassion in them at an early age. Besides, it was an experiential learning opportunity for all of them.

The serene atmosphere at the park filled all the visitors with a certain sense of belonging and peace which showed them firsthand why nature is so crucial for our survival, spiritual health and naturally our physical health. Learners learnt the importance of balance and equilibrium in nature on the visit.

Nowadays, children barely get to see animals in their natural habitat unlike in the old times when every household had a coop full of hens and chickens along with a pair of dogs and a cat. The presence of these animals around taught responsibility also. At an early age, one could behave and act responsibly. Though the petting farm is no replacement for that genuine bond, we hope we have taken the first baby step to teaching empathy, responsibility, and love.

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