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Eye Donation and Awareness Camp @GGS

You may not leave millions but you may still leave something priceless. You may leave something that no money can buy, and put smiles on the lips of millions. You can make them look through your eyes when you’re gone. Let not your body go to waste as you cannot create one. Mr Dineshbhai G. Patel, Vice President, Surat Abhar Eye Care Mission made this appeal to learners and educators at the awareness camp held at the school today. The awareness camp was organised by the Gajera Trust in collaboration with Saksham and Indian Redcross Society.

The camp was organised for the learners of grades 8 th through 10 th and 12 th . He informed how and what kind of people may donate.

He informed learners of the dedicated work the organisation has been doing over the past decades. Body donation, blood donation, and organ donation were the topics he spoke at length. The session sought to allay the fears and doubts surrounding the matter.

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