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Fire Mock Drill Session @GGS

How many of us can safely and correctly use a fire extinguisher? How many of us know what a fire hydrant is? Did you know that there are five different types of fire extinguishers? Well, many of our educators had no clue that different types of fire extinguishers are used depending on the kind of fire we are dealing with. In case of a fire due to a short circuit, water can’t be used. We came to know that CO2 based fire extinguishers must not be used on electrical appliances.

Apart from learning how to use and carry a fire killer correctly, educators also learnt how to respond to an emergency and give first aid to the injured. CPR, and effective ways of carrying the injured were demonstrated in the drill session.

Disasters are something that we can never predict, nor can we be too careful. But knowing what to do when disasters hit, can be life-saving. That is the reason, mock drills like the one done before are essential for businesses and establishments as these places are always crowded. And wherever there are humans, there is a high likelihood that an accident will happen as we use electricity and electronic devices. Drills like this can give us the necessary training and knowledge to cope with danger when necessary.

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