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Firemen: Friends in Need

Fire departments are so essential to our needs that they are legally granted priority over

ambulances and police cars in emergency situations. While we sleep at night or go about our daily lives, these firefighters are working nonstop. When a call comes in, they are ready to assist those who are in need and in danger right away. They provide a service that can inspire young people to think about volunteering and other forms of public service.

The school's prep-grade students were taken on an educational field trip to the fire station in Pal in order to inspire and inform our learners of the fireman important contribution to society and life. They came to understand the crucial role these organisations play in maintaining our constant safety and security. The trip was also planned to help achieve UNSDG target number 16, which calls on countries to establish strong institutions to protect the weak. The emergency services umbrella includes the police, fire department, and health departments, all of which must be strong and autonomous in order to be able to help anyone, regardless of caste, creed, sex, or religion. Our students learned how they may contribute to the revolution in creating

powerful institutions for justice and peace.

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