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Founder's Day Celebration

Gajera Trust Founders' Day is dedicated to celebrate the founders of the Gajera Trust. On this special occasion to honour the Gajera Family who established the trust, laid its foundation, and contributed significantly to its success and growth. A special video was prepared to make young learners aware about the journey of the visionaries. The special assembly was conducted to acknowledge the vision, hard work, and dedication of the founders. Through their speeches, and presentations they expressed their gratitude and recognized the founders' contributions.

As we gathered to commemorate the special occasion, we reflect upon the inspiring journey our trust has undertaken since 1994. We remembered the unwavering determination, tireless efforts, and countless sacrifices made by our founders, whose foresight and resilience have shaped the very essence of Gajera Trust.

Founders Day served as a profound reminder of the values upon which our trust was built. It is a time to embrace the legacy handed down to us and recommit ourselves to the principles that guide our actions. We honour the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and excellence that our founders exemplified, and we strive to embody those qualities in all that we do. Gajera Global School expressed our deepest appreciation for the founders' unwavering belief in their vision. Their courage to venture into uncharted territory, to challenge norms, and to defy the odds continues to inspire us. Their audacity to create something meaningful and impactful serves as a constant reminder that greatness can be achieved through determination and a resolute spirit. As we celebrate 3Oth Founders Day, let us not only remember the founders' accomplishments but also acknowledge the countless lives they have touched. Their vision has sparked a chain reaction, influencing the lives of employees, partners, clients, and the wider community of young minds. Their legacy lives on through the positive changes we continue to make and the positive impact we strive to create. On this auspicious day, we recommit ourselves to the trust's mission and purpose. We embrace the responsibility to carry forward the torch of our founders' vision, nurturing it and ensuring its light shines brightly for generations to come.

Gajera Global School celebrated Trust Founders Day with reverence, appreciation, and a renewed sense of purpose. May we be inspired by our founders' indomitable spirit and carry their legacy forward, forging new paths, and creating a future that honours their vision. The Gajera Trust has made a lasting impression with their dedication and commitments.

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