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French Day

Imagine you're visiting France and you’re able to communicate in the language as fluently as a Frenchman. Then you drive to Portugal and you gave no trouble as you’re fluent in Spanish too. Then you reach Germany and mingle with the locals as effortlessly. Then you fly to Spain and you need to pretend to be Spanish because your life depends on it.

And then you want to keep your brain young and in prime working condition. But how to do it? One way is to play chess and the other is to learn a new language.

Learning a second language makes your brain sharper by improving your memory and cognitive skills. People say it’s only a mode of communication, but to master words that you've never heard before requires some level of intelligence and competence. To build linguistic competence, French has been included as the third language, using which our learners conduct special assemblies from time to time.

Today, on the occasion of Bastille Day, learners of Gajera Global School, conducted a special assembly highlighting the importance of three days. It is marked by celebrations across the world which sing the glory of liberty, equality and universal brotherhood. Through skits and a cultural show, learners extolled the values of democracy.

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