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From the virtual to the real with new normal norms

Motion, progress, advancement, these are the hallmarks of humanity. They have been the reasons we've surmounted countless travails and have arrived at where we are today. We have outlived wars, famines, pestilences that hit humanity with a depressing regularity.

Last year, another health disaster hit us confining is indoors. Schools, businesses, malls, and life as we knew it, came to a standstill. Shaking hands was avoided, wearing masks became compulsory and sanitising hands became a habit. Education too went online, almost overnight, as schools were forced to close. Learning went on as usual, we met via a screen everyday. But that human touch was missing. We pined for normalcy.

Now, proving the prowess of the indomitable human spirit, normal life and school have come back up, standing taller and wiser. With due permission from the government, and with all precautions in place, grades 6th to 12th have started coming to school. Offline classes have started as per schedule with sanitisation and social-distancing internalised through repetition. Now life is almost up and running.

The comeback may look ordinary, but history books will tell a different story. They will tell the story of triumph of humanity for ages to come.

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