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Echo Friendly Ganpati Visarjan @GGS

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Ending the Ganeshotsav, learners of GGS bid goodbye to the boy God and laid him to rest for the year. The celebrations started in the morning and ended within an hour. This year’s idol was made of alum, a naturally occurring compound that dissolves in water without leaving any residue. This compound was used keeping in view the eco-friendly philosophy of the school. We see to it that our actions do not affect the climate and the soil adversely. The visarjan was preceded by the distribution of the customary chappan bhog. Learners contributed their share to the altar which was later distributed as prasad. After the prasad, the idol was taken to the pond with a procession of the devotees with the lasing. The lasing is a traditional instrument used especially at Ganesh Visarjan. With the visarjan over, we will wait for the next year to seek the elephant-god’s blessings.

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